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Best Vape Mods and Box Mods in 2017

We share our picks for the best vape box mods.  Find the best ecig mod for your rig with the features you want.  More power? Temperature Control? Faster Firing!

Best Vape Mods for Clouds

Cloud Chasing mods for Direct Lung Vapers

Almost everyone likes blowing a huge cloud every now and then (or all of the time).  A lot of recent mods are capable of sub-ohm vaping, which is to say it is capable of handling lower ohm resistance builds.  

When finding the right mod for direct lung vaping, we are looking for a few features in particular:

  • capable of low ohm resistance builds. .1ohm lower bound is now available in wattage modes and .05ohm is common when using Temperature Control (TC) mode
  • capable of higher wattage for fast powering 
  • multiple batteries are a nice feature

To complete your cloud blowing rig, you are going to want to get a vape tank that has good airflow for huge lung draws as well as a high or max VG (vegetable glycerin) e-juice.  The VG is what actually causes the visible cloud in the vapor. 

Smok Alien 220w Mod Rating: 9/10

Smok Alien Mod

This squeeze-fired two-battery mod from SMOK quickly became on of their most popular mods ever for good reason. The Alien has one of the most informative and well designed display screens.


  • Two Battery - 220w device with Ni/Ti/SS TC modes as well as TCR
  • Squeeze Fired instead of button triggered, an enjoyable feature 
  • Most informative, well-layed out display screens we have seen
  • easily upgradeable firmware
  • aesthetically pleasing with different color accents to match your style
  • secure bottom loading battery compartment


bottom battery door can be awkward to open

Best Single Battery Mod

Lower wattage, Mouth to Lung (MTL) vaping and vaping on the GO!

A lot of new vapers and recent ex-smokers are really well served by getting a vape starter kit as it cuts down on the extra pieces like tanks and batteries.

Vapers that already have a good MTL vape tank or other tank in mind however are going to want to look for a few features to make the right selection.  

Features that you want in a mod for quitting smoking, lower wattage (50w and under) and MTL vaping:

  • Small and portable for easy storage as well as possible stealth
  • single 18650 battery (due to size) or perhaps a built-in battery
  • regulated device for safety features such as battery protections
  • on/off capability for safe storage
  • ability to take a common 510 threaded tank capable of mouth to lung hits

Vaporesso Nebula Rating: 8/10

Vaporesso Nebula

The Nebula from Vaporesso is a single battery mod (capable of using either standard 18650 or the wider 26650).   It features the new OMNI board which is capable of a bunch of cool features, such as custom firing curves in both wattage and TC mods, in addition to features that vapers have come to expect.


  • It is small. Particularly for a mod capable of taking a 26650, easily fitting in the hand. 
  • Ergonomic design with comfortable hand feel.  Has a pleasant feeling textured back plate and trigger front firing button.
  • The width of the device is able to take a 25mm tank and still look great
  • Has smart VW for estimating optimal firing based on coil resistance. Helps prevent those overfiring situations when you switch your tanks.
  • Custom firing curves for wattage and TC in addition to TCR modes. Curves mode really lets you get a custom vape tailored to your tastes.
  • The mod is capable of firing up to 100w (80 with 18650) which is more than you would want single battery, just for battery life. This is not a mod for high watt vaping. (comes with a battery adapter for using the 18650 option)
  • Has an extra mode button to stay away from those annoying multiple button press menu design seen on many other mods


  • Surface picks up fingerprints
  • the design aesthetics may not be for everyone
  • very slight firing delay

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Best Vape Tanks for 2017 (Sub-Ohm and RTA)

We are including the best tanks that are primarily RTAs (rebuildable tank atomizers) as well as sub-ohm (replaceable cartridge) tanks for cloud chasers and flavor chasers.

Best Sub-Ohm Tanks for Clouds (Clearomizers)

Tanks or consistent cloud chasing (direct lung vaping)

Sub-Ohm tanks have come to be understood to mean: tank with a prebuilt coil insert that has a low resistance.  

Features that we want to see in a sub-ohm cloud tank:

  • well designed prebuilt coil
  • coils must be widely available and easy to acquire
  • good airflow that is controllable
  • easy to fill
  • good juice flow to prevent dry hits

Smok Tfv8 Big Baby Beast Rating: 9/10

Smok Big Baby Beast Tank
Price: $30

Smok offers the Big Baby Beast which is a 24mm tank that is right between the Baby and the Cloud Beast.  

This tank is hugely popular and is featured in several of the sub-ohm kits currently being offered by Smok.  

It produces huge, dense clouds and pretty good flavor which can all be customized thanks to a huge variety of coil options available in the V8 Baby line of coils.  Low ohm, high ohm, huge airflow, restricted airflow, multiple coils are all available.


This is a high performance, well designed sub-ohm tank that comes with:

  • swivel, top fill cap
  • comes with 2 Baby coils with various resistances (.15 quad and .2 sextuple)
  • replacement coil inserts are widely available 
  • RBA deck (an add-on that comes with tank but has to be purchased separately if the tank is part of a kit)
  • lots of airflow 
  • drip tip adapter


need to switch glass to use the RBA section

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Best General use Sub-ohm Tank

tank for normal vapers that arent looking for just clouds

Aspire Cleito Sub-Ohm Tank Rating: 8/10

Aspire Cleito SubOhm Tank
Price: $25

This is a very simple designed sub-ohm tank that delivers plenty of air flow for good vapor production as well as good flavor.


  • The coil pack / coil heads for this tank are widely available and relatively inexpensive.
  • simple chimney design that provides plenty of airflow and good flavor
  • Affordable!

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Flavor Mouth to Lung Sub-ohm Tank

Aspire Nautilus 2 Rating: 9/10

Aspire Nautilus 2
Price: around $30

The Nautilus 2 from Aspire is an update to the very popular first version.  It uses the same coils (they work well!) and provides the same flavorful mouth to lung (MTL) vape experience that consumers have come to expect from this subohm tank.


  • great flavor mouth to lung subohm tank
  • perfect subohm tank for new vapers, ex-smokers and low wattage MTL vapers
  • comes with  0.7 ohm and 1.8 ohm coils
  • coils are widely available and inexpensive compared with other subohm coils
  • precise airflow control to dial in performance (really tight draw to very restricted lung hit)
  • glass is shrouded to help prevent some accidental breaks
  • comes in a matte finish in black, silver, dark grey and red


  • prepackaged drip tip seems to provide best fit. other 510s may not fit properly

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Best RTA Tank for Clouds

Rebuildable Cloud Tanks

Geekvape Griffin RTA showing the velocity deck

Velocity Deck

When selecting a rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA) for clouds, there are a few primary features that you want:

  • a easy to use build deck (we enjoy building on velocity style decks)
  • a spacious chamber section to house larger coil or more exotic coil builds such as macro coils or clapton builds
  • lots of airflow available to move over the coils 
A good example of a modern RTA tank design is the GeekVape Griffin.  This design has become an 'inspiration' for big section of the vape companies out there.  It has a velocity deck that is super easy to build and get a balanced set of coils on each side.

Notice the air flow ports placed directly underneath where the coils would be placed to get a good mixture of air and vapor on a huge lung hit.  At the bottom of the tank is a really wide air control slot.

Other items that you would want to pair with your cloud chasing rig would be a juice with a higher VG to PG ratio.  Since the vegetable glycerin (VG) is what actually cause the cloud, an 80/20 juice to max VG (just VG no PG other than the additives) would be recommended.

Getting the right mod is also important.  When sub-ohm vaping you need a mod that has lower resistance capability as well as higher wattage capability to achieve faster firing and more rapid heating of the coil. It is always a huge plus to get the safety protections to prevent any catastrophic failures.

Wotofo Troll Rta Rating: 9/10

Wotofo Troll RTA - front and dect
Price: huge value at $35

This RTA from Wotofo is another home run in their current line up to compete in the 24mm market.  Great Flavor and lots of vapor!


  • Innovative Post Design - Stacked T post that has wide milled post holes for complex wire builds with a German-made Peak Insulator 
  • Provides great flavor due to post design, shorter chimney and Kennedy style airflow
  • Lots of vapor production
  • Steel Threaded top cap to prevent stripping
  • Less leakage than we have seen with other tanks


  • (Not much of a Con) - Can't switch drip tips, however built in one is really good
  • posts use philips screws instead of allen key grubs 

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Obs Engine Rating: 9/10

Price: $30

  • innovative, controllable top down airflow and chamber/chimney design that provides dense, flavorful vapor
  • build deck design features the familiar velocity style two post deck but has fast bottom wicking with the deck locking into the chimney.  This provides juice coming around and under the chimney.  This deck inspired the Troll RTA.
  • The juice fill port is located behind a sliding ring at the top of the tank (5+ml capacity)
  • These design elements combined perform admirably and NO LEAKS!  The top down airflow prevents flooding seen on bottom airflow tanks but there is no seepage either.


bottom of tank can heat up if heavily chain vaping due to no bottom air port

Best Flavor Tank

Flavor chasing clearomizers

Flavor chasing tanks have come along in the past year.  There are a few decent options available.

Properties of a really good flavor tank:

  • single coil build deck
  • compact chamber
  • well controlled airflow
  • shorter chimney

Augvape Merlin Rating: 9/10

Price: under $30

  • Great Flavor RTA!
  • easy build velocity deck 
  • single coil but can hold two micro coils if built that way
  • bottom airflow with 2 settings
  • Provides restricted lung hits (along with some dense clouds) and mouth to lung (bottom airflow reducer) 
  • provides the perfect lower wattage vape (at around 20w and a high mah battery can vape all day)
  • Top fill


  • juice flow control could be more independant
  • fit against base can make airflow adjustment tight

Use Coupon Code: DNA10

Wotofo Serpent Mini Rating: 9/10

  • fantastic flavor tank
  • makes a great travel tank and looks good
  • constuction quality is high
  • small tank
  • build deck seems to laid out for coils wrapped by a lefty

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Best Vaping Starter Kits for 2017

What is a vape starter kit? Kits include a mod and tank.  Often the best way to quit smoking, introduce a new vaper, or get a new rig is to get an e-cig starter kit. Typically most budget friendly way to vape.

Best E-Cigarette Starter Kit for Beginners

Kits are the way to go for new vapers

E-Cigarette Starter kits are the most beginner and budget friendly way to get in to vaping. Most beginners and ex-smokers (including myself) got in vaping with a starter kit.  

The most familiar type of kit that current smokers or non-vapers are familiar with are the cigalikes.  This would be a little kit that looks like a cig but is similar to larger kits.  We have used these in the early days but think pretty much all of these are trash.  The vape experience provided by cigalikes are very poor and turn off new vapers or force an upgrade pretty quickly.  That is just a waste of money and bad for the community in our opinion.

To get started with vaping you need  several items:

  • an atomizer (tank) and mouth piece (drip tip)
  • mod (device providing the power mechanism to heat the coil in the atomizer)
  • battery and charger
  • e-liquid

Unless you buy a vape starter kit these are all sold separately; with a kit you can get most of these in one package and with cost savings.

Different Styles of Vape Kits

Box Mod and Tube Mod

display comparing box mod and tube style vape starter kits

Box Mod vs Tube Vape Kits

As you can see from the comparison photo, the box mod and the tube style mods are quite different in appearance.  Looking at the box mod style kit you can tell that it has a screen which indicates that it has adjustable settings and more advanced options.  

Box Mod Style Kits

The box mods typically come with variable voltage and wattage but temperature control (TC) is also a common option.  Tanks that come with the kit, such as the pictured Eleaf Pico Mini, are often able to utilize different resistance and TC cartridges.  

The mod is pretty much always to be able to handle tanks other than the one that it came with in the kit.  

Keep in mind box mod kits don't have built in batteries which makes the start up cost slightly higher.

If you are looking to stick with vaping and upgrade some of the parts individually go with the box mod style kit.

Eleaf Pico Starter Kit Rating: 9/10

Price: a absolute steal at around $45

  • Perfect size for traveling, on the go vaping
  • good hand feel
  • familiar styling and interface
  • excellent tank pairing, capable of mouth to lung and direct lung 
  • good choice for new vapers


front button can be a little awkward for larger hands

tank only holds 2ml of liquid 


  • Spring Loaded 510 Connection
  • 75W
  • Upgradeable Firmware
  • Full Temperature Control Output
  • Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, Stainless Steel
  • Three Memory TCR Mode
  • 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit Range

Smok Alien - Baby Beast Kit Rating: 9/10

Smok Alien Kit

This kit includes the highly regarded Smok Alien mod and a TFV8 Baby Beast sub-ohm tank for huge clouds and lots of features / options at a great price!


Smok Alien 220w mod with:

  • an amazing display with a lot of information
  •  easily upgradable firmware
  •  Ni/Ti/SS TC modes
  •  TCR mode

Baby Beast Tank which is a fantastic little sub-ohm tank with great vapor production, swivel top-fill and V8  baby coil heads. This is a scaled down version of the TFV8 Cloud Beast.


Tube Style Kits

The tube style mods on the other hand are more simplistic in design going after the assemble and fire type of vaper.  

The voltage/wattage are set in stone as well as the tank that comes with the kit is usually only able to handle the cartridge designed to go with the tank.

If you are going to stick with vaping for a while and are a more adventurous spirit go with a box mod style kit as you can upgrade as you go.  

Unlike the box mod kits, tube style kits come with a built in battery and charging capability.

If you are looking for a ready to go, easy to use and understand kit, go with the tube style.

Innokin Endura T18 Rating: 9/10

  • Perfect for a new vaper or ex-smoker. It makes a great gift!
  • Fantastic assortment of tip styles included. Something for everybody!
  • easy filling and charging
  • sturdy design
  • cartridge can seem to get a bit stuck when replacing it

Fantastic mouth to lung draw for smokers (ex-smokers) and those wishing to quit or switch to vaping.

Smok V8 Stick Tube Mod Kit Rating: 9/10

Smok V8 Stick
Price: $45

This tube mod kit from Smok is a fantastic on the go cloud kit that features the Big Baby Beast tank as the topper.


Comes with the TFV8 Big Baby Beast!

  • 5ml capacity
  • 2 subohm TFV8 baby coils (.15 and .2)
  • Swivel Top Fill 

The Regulated Tube Mod:

  • the mod comes with a 3000 mah built in battery
  • Smart Mechanical style output that depends on current battery life
  • full safety protections that are expected on modern regulated mods (8 sec/ low resistance / low voltage / short circuit)
  • Intelligent battery life indicator ring around button


can't adjust settings (like essentially all other regulated tube mods)

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Best RDAs and RDTAs in 2017

RDAs (rebuildable dripper atomizer) and RDTAs (rebuildable drip tank atomizers) are for the hobbiest vaper who loves rebuilding and getting a tasty, warm, more customized vape.

Why get an RDA or RDTA?

RDA or rebuildable drip atomizer is more simple style of top for your vape rig, that were far more common back in the day when there were only unregulated mech mods around.  The drip style of vaping had some big benefits so it is still popular with a segment of vapers.

An RDTA or rebuildable drip tank atomizer is a hybrid of traditional RDA features combined with a tank underneath the deck for rewicking your coils.  This design takes out the actual drip step while keeping the performance characteristics.

We would recommend getting an RDA/RDTA for the following type of vaper:

  • adventurous spirit 
  • vape connoisseur 
  • hobbiest (likes building coils and experimenting with different setups)
  • budget vaper (huge savings from building your own coils)
  • someone looking for an at home vaping rig
  • person who likes warm vapor, great flavor from their e-liquid
  • vaper tired of replacing broken tank glass

Best RDA for Flavor Chasing

Flavor is King!

Since RDAs can do both flavor and clouds obviously some are better than others for flavor but most can do both to a degree.

When we are getting a flavor RDA how we set it can be just as important as the design. As far the design goes, it should have:

  • a good build deck - for flavor, a single coil on a two post deck is class but you can just single coil a velocity deck
  • a more compact design - 22mm 
  • easily restrictable airflow - (airflow goes down, flavor goes up)
  • replaceable drip tip or drip tip adaptor for using delrin style tips - (the super wide tips are more for clouds and airflow)
  • deep juice well is a plus but not necessary

Goon Rda Rating: 10/10

Goon RDA with Deck
Price: varies around $60

528 customs brings the Goon RDA which has quickly become on of the most favored RDAs on the market thanks to great flavor and a clamp style build deck.


  • Short Chamber that delivers amazing flavor!
  • Clamp Style build deck making exotic coil builds easier to accomplish
  • great, smooth, controllable airflow for dual or single coil builds
  • Flat top cap to limit spit back
  • 24mm


  • Slight Con - brass top clamps are prone to slight bending on thicker coil builds. Flip top plate over on next build to restraighten.
  • Different build versions are slightly different prices, black or brass a bit more than the copper and stainless steel versions

Wotofo Lush Plus Rating: 9/10

Wotofo Lush Plus RDA

The completely redesigned Lush Plus from Wotofo is their new flavor chasing RDA and it is a big hit.  The Lush is a 24mm topper that is designed to be super simple to use and be ready to go right out of the box. The kennedy-style airflow utilizes two bottom airflow channels on each side.  The posts now feature a y-shaped two post deck that makes building pretty easy even with more exotic coils.


  • huge flavor at a great price!
  • all airflow is set - no more trying to find the sweet spot
  • easy to build, even when using wider builds such as fused claptons
  • offset, wide post holes - the phillips top screws work well here
  • chimney is shaped for easy removal for adding more juice


  • wide bore drip tip is a proprietary size
  • bottom airflow takes space that would normally be used for juice

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Best RDA for Cloud Chasing

Clouds, Bro

A well designed RDA for cloud chasing would have:

  • a build deck for two coils - velocity for normal coil builds or clamp for exotic coils
  • lots of airflow is necessary to get a huge cloud
  • chuff style or competition tip (wide bore) - these are optional on a lot of RDAs
  • bigger chamber is a plus - there are 24mm RDAs/RDTAs on the market
  • deep juice well - more juice equals more vapor

Wotofo Troll V2 Rating: 8/10


  • Huge Vapor Production for dense clouds
  • great airflow and air control options
  • easy to control airflow for good flavor
  • deep juice well
  • easy to build and use


o-rings and fit can be tight (can counter by lubing with a bit of juice)

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Best Vape Juices, E-Juice and E-Liquids 2017

Vape juice (e-liquid) is the vaper's most difficult and expensive (over time) choice. No sense in vaping garbage or wasting your money on junk.

Best Vape Juice (E-Juice) Flavor

Classes of Flavor Types

One of the best parts about switching from cigarettes to vaping is all the variety of flavors you will now have at your disposal. I myself liked the tobacco taste so for the first few months I was vaping tobacco flavors. If you smoked menthols there is also a wide variety for you also. Everyone has their own taste buds so opinions will vary but most people like the fruity flavors, bakery style, or dessert E-Liquids.

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