IJoy Combo RDA Collage
IJoy Combo RDA Collage


What Could Be Better
  • the air flow slots at the base should have the corners rounded 
  • pressing the post without the included post compression tool can be difficult
  • easy to use, spring loaded (screw-less) two post build deck
  • deep juice well
  • good flavor 
  • great airflow that hits the coils from the bottom-side direction and is easily controllable
  • great price
  • comes with a great wide bore ULTEM 810 drip tip
Quick Look at IJoy Combo RDA

The IJOY Combo RDA is a well rounded performing RDA that has some classic features mixed with a new screwless, spring-loaded two post deck. It produces a very respectable amount of vapor with really good flavor. 

By twisting the top of the RDA, the side airflow is easily controlled. However, instead of the air slots at the same height as the coils, forcing the air to hit the coils right at the side, the combo has a new system that works pretty well. 

The airflow is notched into the side of the base at an angle. This allows the air to hit the coil bottom and side at an angle, letting more surface area of the coil be hit by the air intake, boosting the flavor. 

When machining the air flow slots, the corners weren't rounded off. It isn't sharp but it isn't pleasant to press against this area either. It isn't a reason to ignore this RDA but it is something to be aware of when building.

While the deck doesn't have two holes on each post like most people are used to, having one hole per post was very common a few years ago. Thankfully, since the posts accommodate a spring and cap system, the posts are surprisingly wide, allowing the use of a set of fairly large coils. 

Flat claptons are a good pick for using in this deck since the coil leads can stack on each other an still get enough pressure to not slide.

To insert the coils, just press down on the post tops using the included compression tool, to open both post holes. The tool is a shaped piece of thick plastic that allows even distribution of force on both posts.  With both holes open, slide the coils in one at a time, then push on each coil simultaneously with your thumb and index finger to get them positioned. This procedure is a little awkward the first time, but it is fairly easy once you figure out the trick.

Cotton wicking can be left fairly long if desired to take up more space in the pretty deep juice well. 

Another plus for this RDA is you can drip right through the top, thanks to the wide, goon style, 810 ULTEM drip tip. 

Combine the overall performance with an 810 drip tip and easy building to get a really good all around RDA which would be good for a vaper looking for an RDA that gives a good experience without breaking the bank.

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