Vevor 3L Ultrasonic Cleaner w Heating Element
Vevor 3L Ultrasonic Cleaner w Heating Element


What Could Be Better

  • lots of noise since that is how it actually cleans - UNAVOIDABLE


  • cleans items well
  • large capacity
  • has built in 30 minute digital timer
  • built in heating element capable of reaching 80 celcius (176 fahrenheit)
  • makes for a perfect quick steeping unit for vape juice
  • sturdy build quality with stainless steel housing
  • wire basket with rubber tipped feet


Ultrasonic Cleaner -1
Ultrasonic cleaner top
Ultrasonic Cleaner Rear with Power Supply
Ultrasonic Cleaner basket

The Vevor Commercial Ultrasonic cleaner is sold on Amazon under many different brand names. It seems that one manufacturer in China makes these units and they are distributed by several companies. 

Coming in at under $100 for a 3L unit, it is a pretty good deal. Most cleaners, such as the home versions, come in plastic housing and are still around eighty bucks. 

This cleaner is housed in stainless steel which is nice as you don't have to worry about any thing melting from the internal heating element. 

The internal heating element is 100w and heats the water pretty rapidly. It is able to go up to 80 degrees Celsius, which is about 176 degree Fahrenheit. 

Ultrasonic cleaning is the main feature and this unit is able to put out quite a bit of vibration with its 120w ultrasonic generator. 

A stainless steel wire basket comes with the unit and has rubber tipped feet to prevent damage to the well portion of the cleaner. 

The well and basket is capable of cleaning several tanks and rdas at the same time which is great. 

I usually disassemble and clean every new tank (RTA and sub-ohm tanks) and RDAs, regardless of appearance, along with all the tanks I have been using over the past month and give them a quick clean.  I also usually drop in several strips of clapton wire that I plan to build with to make sure there isn't any machine oil or dust in the grooves for peace of mind.

I usually just fill the unit above about halfway to three quarters full with warm water and some liquid dish soap. After the cleaning cycle, just rinse everything in the basket off under the kitchen sink.

The timer maxes out at thirty minutes, which seems standard across units. This seems to be the right amount of time to get everything clean.

Since this unit has a build in timer and heating element, this device is perfect for quick steeping vape juice. The ultrasonic vibrations continuously agitate the vape juice and the heating element set at 60 degrees celcius makes steeping quick and easy. 

You just have to turn the unit back on a few times since the timer shuts off the unit after 30 minutes. 

The only problem with ultrasonic cleaners is the racket. Normally I try to isolate the unit in a closet that has an outlet and tuck a towel under the door to drown out some of the excess sound.