Wotofo Profile 1.5 Mesh RDA - Collage
Wotofo Profile 1.5 Mesh RDA - Collage


What Could Be Better

  • a bit too much airflow at fully wide open (close off top row for best results)


  • Awesome flavor production with thick clouds!
  • Looks cool
  • Fast, easy builds 
  • Makes for a great squonk RDA 
  • Two 810 drip tips included (one standard pre-installed and one low profile)
  • lots of extras - three strip types, build tools, three pieces of agleted cotton


Wotofo Profile 1.5 Mesh RDA - Deck
Wotofo Profile 1.5 Mesh RDA - Build / wick
Wotofo Profile 1.5 Mesh RDA - Build
Wotofo Profile 1.5 Mesh RDA - accessories
wotofo profile 1.5 RDA on a squonk mod

Wotofo Profile 1.5 RDA - Squonk READY!

The original Wotofo Profile was hands down the best mesh rda around. It had awesome flavor and it didn't seem like it could get better but somehow Wotofo has made it happen.

At first glance the new Profile 1.5 looks quite similar to the original with the same appearance and body lines but there have been some changes.

On the side, the biggest change is the simplified airflow system, going from three small rows of airholes to two rows of airholes on each side. 

The 810 drip tip has a larger diameter and there is also an included low profile tip.

One weird choice on the original profile RDA was the 22mm build deck but a 2mm thick barrel. The new barrel is 24mm but now is far thinner and the deck now has more space.

Everything on the deck is bigger even if slightly including the clamps and ceramic wick support. The wicking support has a stiffer spring for better pressure against the coil and a channeled design for better vape juice distribution.

Wotofo always includes lots of extras and this time is no different. Along with the regular stuff, build tools, three agleted (shoelace) cottons, you the all three of the new nexMesh strips.

The new build deck is bigger with wider clamps and the new strips are also bigger, which in this is better. The larger strips have 40% more surface area which means more contact with cotton, thus more vapor production and better flavor. Big improvement.

There are three types of strips:

  • chill - 0.15ohm @ 60-80W - loose honey comb patter
  • turbo - 0.13 @ 60-80 - a medium density grid
  • extreme - 0.16 @ 60-80w - tight mesh for max vaporization

The new deck can also use the original width strips from Wotofo and nexMesh. It can still use standard coils.

Wotofo has the squonk pin pre-installed but a standard 510 pin and hex tool is included in the package.

Build Tips

Building the Profile series decks on the RDAs and the awesome RTA is fast and easy using the mesh shaping tool and agleted cotton strips.

  • After securing the clamps, make sure the mesh strip is level horizontally and not leaning to one side. An uneven strip means uneven pressure against the cotton which will have bad results. 
  • Apply downward pressure on cotton when pulling the cotton through to avoid misshaping the strip
  • Cut the cotton to length and then cut a small angle on the ends so fibers on top are shorter than the bottom.
  • If squonking, soak the coils by giving several slow squeezes until the juice starts coming out of the top of the mesh. Then soak the sides of the cotton thoroughly with your vape juice bottle.
  • Lube up the o-rings with juice before reassembly.

The build deck is also capable of using a single traditional coil. We recommend using a flat clapton coil and make sure the coil is placed even with the air holes.

Performance and Thoughts

You can use this RDA regular drip style but it really works best with a good squonk mod such as the Wotofo Dyadic

All three of the new nexMesh strips work quite well. 

  • Chill has a loose honey comb shaped mesh and probably provides the coolest temperature of the vapes. The performance is reminiscent of the also awesome Wotofo nexMesh subohm tank.
  • Turbo has a more traditional strip style grid and is provides a nice middle ground between chill and extreme.
  • Extreme has a tight weave pattern that gives a very dense, saturated vape and warm profile. This strip is also able to take far more wattage than the other two strip, even over 80W.

The new airflow system isn't quite as good as the original. The top row of air holes adds too much air in to mix and mutes the flavor. 

For best results, cut down the top row off completely for incredible flavor, dense vapor production and a slightly restrictive draw. Open up one top airflow hole for looser draw.

The Wotofo Profile 1.5 RDA gives a great vape experience, particularly when squonking. It is simple to build and use. Who doesn't like incredible flavor and super saturated clouds?