We are including the best tanks, RTAs (rebuildable tank atomizers) as well as sub-ohm (replaceable cartridge) tanks, for cloud chasers and flavor chasers alike. Find the tank that suits you best.

Best Vape Tanks 2018 (Sub-Ohm and RTA)

Keep in mind that new tanks are coming out on a daily basis and this guide will be updated regularly. 

Best Vape Tanks to Help Switch from Smoking

Tanks for Mouth to lung vaping (MTL)

If you are going to replace your cigs with an ecig, you want to get a tank with a few features and combine that with a plan for nicotine step down or just plain nic replacement.  

The most important feature to shoot for is the ability for a mouth to lung (MTL) draw which simulates taking a drag off a cigarette.  This can be accomplished by restricting the airflow on the tank or just getting a tank that is designed for MTL.  

Best Mouth to Lung Sub-Ohm Tank

Perfect for New Vapers, Ex-Smokers and Low Wattage (MTL) Flavor Chasers

Aspire Nautilus 2 Rating: 9/10

Aspire Nautilus 2

The Nautilus 2 from Aspire is an update to the very popular first version.  It uses the same coils (they work well!) and provides the same flavorful mouth to lung (MTL) vape experience that consumers have come to expect from this subohm tank.


  • great flavor mouth to lung subohm tank
  • perfect subohm tank for new vapers, ex-smokers and low wattage MTL vapers
  • comes with  0.7 ohm and 1.8 ohm coils
  • coils are widely available and inexpensive compared with other subohm coils
  • precise airflow control to dial in performance (really tight draw to very restricted lung hit)
  • glass is shrouded to help prevent some accidental breaks
  • comes in a matte finish in black, silver, dark grey and red


  • prepackaged drip tip seems to provide best fit. other 510s may not fit properly

Price: around $30

Best Sub-Ohm Tank for Clouds

Tanks with prebuilt coil inserts

First off, the term sub-ohm (sub-ohming and sub-ohm vaping) used to refer to having a coil resistance under 1 ohm.  Vaping over 1 ohm is more for flavor and MTL style. Vaping with lower resistance for direct lung vaping (clouds!). 

However, the term 'Sub-Ohm Tank' is now understood to mean a tank that has a pre-built coil insert that has a low resistance, regardless of the type of wire (kanthal, titanium or otherwise).

When you are looking for a good sub-ohm tank, you pretty much want an easy to use, pre-built coil that can really bring huge cloud production.  

There are a ton of people in the market looking to buy just that.  There are no shortage of manufacturers out there offering their version of the pre-built cloud tank.  

Features that we want to see in a sub-ohm cloud tank:

  • well designed pre-built coil insert
  • good juice flow to prevent dry hits
  • coils must be widely available and easy to acquire
  • good airflow that is controllable
  • easy to fill

Often times, tanks that are designed for coil inserts will often come with a build deck that can be inserted instead of the manufactured coil.  These insertable decks are often called RBA decks. 

Smok Tfv8 Cloud Beast Rating: 8/10

TFV8 Cloud Beast with Coils

The TFV8 Cloud Beast is a Sub-Ohm tank that is designed specifically for huge clouds.  The Beast is a large tank (24.5mm) that takes large coil packs or can use the included velocity style RBA deck.


  • Definitely a cloud chaser tank - Huge Clouds and lots of airflow
  • designed for really dense vapor making the flavor decent for a cloud focused tank
  • Top fill (swivel top) with 6ml capacity
  • comes with an octuple coil, quadruple coil and a velocity style RBA take for using your own coils
  • Air flow holes on the RBA deck are huge letting you get just as good of performance on your own build as with the coil packs, easy build and cotton tucks in similar to the Herakles
  • Coil heads can take higher wattages without feeling like it, TFV8 performs best at over 90 watts!


  • thirsty!
  • can get a little whistley when the air is shut down 

Best Everyday Sub-ohm Tank

Best of Both Worlds - Flavor AND Clouds

Sub-ohm tanks have a wide variety of designs and a lot of vapers just want a simple design that provides:

  • good vapor production
  • good flavor
  • smooth airflow
  • readily available coil-packs

Uwell Valyrian Rating: 9/10

Uwell Valyrian Collage

The Uwell Valyrian is the new sub-ohm tank from Uwell that takes several design cues from its sister tank, the enormously popular Uwell Crown line. 

Uwell designers tried to up the ante when they decided to add some extra features and a new quad coil system to make this a high quality sub-ohm tank with high performance.

One of the major pluses of this tank is the push button flip top. Filling is made fast, easy and convenient with its hinged design. The top is lined so leaking isn't a worry, however the hinge feels a little loose but doesn't effect the utility of this design.

The Valyrian features a new 0.15ohm quad coil design with the coils attached with the standard style threading.

Having quad coils packed into a wide housing really boosts flavor and vapor production. With lots of surface area on the coils to breath and come into contact with the wicking, ramp up time is very low and the vapor is thick and flavorful. 

The coils also features wide wicking ports which help for those rapid succession chain hits we all love.The draw back to fast wicking, thick vapor production and high power is the Valyrian is a bit of a thirsty beast.

In addition to the new coils, Uwell also features a new design element: swappable shaped airflow pins. There are two pins included, in addition to the default pin. These shaped pins are actually the contact with your mod and extend into the chimney opening in the coil. 

By default, the normal pin is installed, which doesn't extend. This one can be replaced with a spiral shaped pin to swirl the air giving it a kind of vortex or a wave pin which takes up some extra space boosting the flavor by condensing the air. Pretty cool little customization feature for sub-ohm vapers.

Overall, Uwell has released a high quality, high powered sub-ohm tank that really provides a very enjoyable experience with lots of flavor and vapor production.


  • hinged push button release top fill cap (Very Nice!)
  • very good, easily controllable triple airflow
  • lots of vapor production from the wide sub-ohm quad coils
  • fast coil break-in period on the coils
  • widely available coils


  • thirsty

Uwell Crown 3 Rating: 9/10

Version 2 wasn't as well received as the original but now the Uwell Crown 3 has been released and has brought a lot of attention. Everyone is talking about how the new version has brought back the glory to the Crown sub-ohm tanks and this may be the best version yet.

This tank is a real beast. Amazing flavor, great airflow, lots of vapor. 

The Crown 3 is a 24.5mm wide vape tank that can hold up to 5ml of juice.  It features an anti-leak top fill system that has two 3mm by 6.5mm fill ports.  

The  "precision adjustable triple airflow system" that has three 11mm x 2mm bottom airflow slots which provide all the air needed for any vaper. 

The Crown 3 coils use the new "plug and pull" system that has no threads!  Just unscrew the bottom of the tank, pull the coil, plug in the replacement and that's it. Super easy!

Uwell has included 2 stainless steel (sus316) coils one .25ohm (80-90W) and one .5ohm (70-80W) which are parallel vertical coils with 3 juice channels for fast, even wicking.  

Another feature is a two piece locking system, which consists of a locking nut and key, that keeps the tank from coming apart when unscrewing the top or bottom.  Interesting but if you don't like using it, you can just remove it as it is not necessary.

Overall, this a very good sub-ohm tank (under 100w) that goes well with two battery mod.


  • Great Flavor! 
  • Lots of vapor production!
  • coils are super easy to replace and have a very short break in period
  • The build quality of this tank is high. It has a really well thought out design and excellent machining.
  • has a minimum juice indicator on the side of the chimney / coil housing that helps prevent those dry hits
  • comes with 2 SS (SUS316) coils (.25ohm and .5 ohm), a nice 510 but is easily replaceable, one replacement quartz glass, a uwell crown key (a tool for locking the tank to prevent disassembly) and the usual spare parts


  • The top fill system always seems to have a bit of juice on it but not a big deal.
  • The coils may be slightly underrated. They seem to perform best at the upper end of the recommended wattage range.

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Smok TFV8 Big Baby Beast Subohm tank collage

Smok offers the Big Baby Beast which is a 24mm tank that is right between the Baby and the Cloud Beast.  

This tank is hugely popular and is featured in several of the sub-ohm vape kits currently being offered by Smok.  Thanks to its wide usage by vapers, coils are fairly cheap and can be found in pretty much every vape shop or store on the planet.

It produces huge, dense clouds and pretty good flavor which can all be customized thanks to a huge variety of coil options available in the V8 Baby line of coils.  Low ohm, high ohm, huge airflow, restricted airflow, multiple coils are all available.

This tank is has a simple and effective design, with easy swap coils, swivel top with wide juice port, lots of airflow and a large included Delrin drip tip.


This is a high performance, well designed sub-ohm tank that comes with:

  • swivel, top fill cap
  • comes with 2 Baby coils with various resistances (.15 quad and .2 sextuple)
  • replacement coil inserts are widely available 
  • RBA deck (an add-on that comes with tank but has to be purchased separately if the tank is part of a kit)
  • lots of airflow 
  • drip tip adapter


need to switch glass to use the RBA section

Price: $30

Best Flavor Sub-Ohm Tank

Aspire Cleito Exo Rating: 9/10

Aspire Cleito EXO - collage

The Cleito EXO is the update to widely popular Cleito sub-ohm tank.  Some big changes have been made but this tank still delivers amazing flavor at an amazing price.  

The design for the Cleito was very straight forward, as well as traditional, and delivered great results.  The EXO got rid of some standard features such as bottom controlled airflow along with the glass tank in favor of top down airflow built right into the PCTG barrel that is impact and chemical resistant.  No more breakage and it is also designed to prevent leakage. The new airflow design provides a non-adjustable restricted lung hit that is a similar draw to the Augvape Merlin.

The design of the tank is based around the coil, which uses it as the entire chimney. Aspire altered classic Aspire Cleito coils, which it is still able to use and even comes with one, to have a wider chimney housing.    It still contains the same clapton wire but now has a lower resistance and has an extra wicking port. 

However when the EXO coil is in place the tank capacity drops from 3.5 ml with the classic coil down to 2 ml making this tank TPD complaint for the U.K.  Both coil types perform well, but I prefer the .4 ohm classic coil.

At under $20 for the tank and the coils are widely available thanks to backwards compatability, picking up one of these toppers is an easy choice.


  • huge flavor! The clapton wire inside the coil insert really shines.
  • smooth draw with a restricted lung hit. A very enjoyable vape.
  • comes with a .16 ohm EXO coil and a .4 ohm classic Cleito coil
  • no glass to break! This feature is quite nice for the more accident prone among us, believe me.

  • uses a delrin sleeve instead of an actual drip tip 
  • if you are looking for controllable airflow and/or glass check out the classic Aspire Cleito!

Price: very affordable - under $20!

Aspire Cleito Sub-Ohm Tank Rating: 9/10

Aspire Cleito SubOhm Tank

This is a very simple designed sub-ohm tank that delivers plenty of air flow for good vapor production but was designed for max flavor.

The coil uses a vertical spaced clapton coil and acts as the chimney also making the flavor go right off the chart. Coils come in two resistances and are very common, available at pretty much every vape shop.

If you are looking for an affordable, straight forward, direct lung flavor chasing sub-ohm with controllable bottom airflow, this is the tank for you.


  • designed give the most flavor!
  • The coil pack / coil heads for this tank are widely available and relatively inexpensive.
  • simple chimney design that provides plenty of airflow 
  • Affordable!


  • since the coil and chimney are connected right to the top cap, the top can heat up but Aspire included a heat sleeve to prevent discomfort.

Price: under $20

RTAs (Rebuildable Tank Atomizers)

Building your own coils for fun and profit! (savings actually)

huge clouds!

Look for a rebuildable tank? There are plenty of tanks out there for every type of vaper and most vapers love the clouds, but choosing the right tank is only part of equation to get clouds and good flavor.

What type of coil is best for vaping?

Each coil build depends on application, tank (deck) selection and vape style of course. 

For most builds, it all comes down to surface area of the coil.  Just think about it, the more coil that is in contact with the wick the more juice will be vaporized.

One of the easiest coil builds for beginners is just a simple single spaced coil, like a 2.5 mm 22 gauge wrap.  Twisted coils are exotic and also fairly easy to accomplish. Coils get more complicated from there with various styles of clapton coils.  

Clapton coils are great for flavor and cloud chasing since the way they are built, the coil themselves actually hold liquid.  This helps limit dry hits on consistent pulls but also more liquid is in contact with the heated coil.

Best RTA Tanks for Clouds

Vape Tanks for consistent cloud chasing (direct lung vaping)

We also need plenty of airflow and we need the air fast to mix with the vapor.  The tank also needs to be able to supply juice to our wicks even while we are taking a drag to prevent dry hits at the end and on successive hits.  

Other factors for huge clouds don't have to do with the tank as with other elements such as:

  • coil with a lot of surface area for the most contact between wick a coil
  • higher VG juice - at least 80/20 but max VG or just VG for clouds. Remember PG is the flavor carrier. 
  • the right mod - a higher wattage mod with good batteries to heat the coils fast
  • technique - deep direct lung hit with a slower exhale, practice makes perfect

The tank that we are going to pick for clouds need several important factors:

  • easy to use build deck
  • chamber that can hold bigger coils
  • lots of airflow
  • good juice flow for faster wicking

Ijoy Captain Rta Rating: 9/10

IJoy Captain RTA Collage

The IJoy Captain RTA seems to be inspired by other postless build deck RTAs like the Vandy Vape Kylin RTA, but offers some improvements without losing any performance.

The deck that comes with the RTA has a floating type design. It is attached to the post and plugs into the airflow control portion of the atomizer. The chimney and tank section then screw into the airflow control section. This design enables a more stable juice flow control without accidentally unscrewing the the parts. If you can imagine, the tank rotates around the post and deck.

The build deck is a gold-plated and postless. It is designed for two coil builds as it has four smaller wicking channels instead of two large wicking channels as seen with other postless designs.

This deck features coil holes which are shaped more like slots, perfect for flat clapton wires.  This deck is fairly easy to build on once the builder is able to correctly size the length of the coil leads, which doesn't take long at all. Get one lead to the right length, then match all of the others. Having two large diameter flat clapton coils on the deck really fills the empty space inside the chamber, boosting the flavor.

There are four decent sized air ports built into the deck, making for good airflow. There are two bottom ports and two elevated, angled bottom-side air ports. This forces the air hit the coils at the correct angle and move right up the chimney for dense, flavorful vapor.

The Captain can also chuck some clouds with the two long air slots at wide open. For the perfect mix of clouds and flavor, half open seems to get the job done.

The Captain RTA comes with a really good 7mm ULTEM drip tip and also includes a 510 drip tip adapter for those that like to use their older style tips. The tip isn't 810 but it is compatable with Smok TFV8 tips if you want to mix and match.


  • Excellent Flavor profile and vapor production
  • easy to use slide top juice fill system with wide juice port
  • straight forward postless build deck that is well suited to handle flat clapton wire
  • excellent for two coil builds but possible to handle a large single coil
  • four wicking ports


only 3.8 ml of juice capacity

Wotofo Troll Rta Rating: 9/10

Wotofo Troll RTA - front and dect

This RTA from Wotofo is another home run in their current line up to compete in the 24mm market.  Great Flavor and lots of vapor!


  • Innovative Post Design - Stacked T post that has wide milled post holes for complex wire builds with a German-made Peak Insulator 
  • Provides great flavor due to post design, shorter chimney and Kennedy style airflow
  • Lots of vapor production
  • Steel Threaded top cap to prevent stripping
  • Less leakage than we have seen with other tanks


  • (Not much of a Con) - Can't switch drip tips, however built in one is really good
  • posts use philips screws instead of allen key grubs 

Price: huge value at $35

Obs Engine Rating: 9/10

This is probably one of most well regarded tanks of the past year.  It features top down airflow, top fill and a familiar two post velocity deck with innovative bottom wicking.  Huge bonus: No bottom juice seepage!


  • innovative, controllable top down airflow and chamber/chimney design that provides dense, flavorful vapor
  • build deck design features the familiar velocity style two post deck but has fast bottom wicking with the deck locking into the chimney.  This provides juice coming around and under the chimney.  This deck inspired the Troll RTA.
  • The juice fill port is located behind a sliding ring at the top of the tank (5+ml capacity)
  • These design elements combined perform admirably and NO LEAKS!  The top down airflow prevents flooding seen on bottom airflow tanks but there is no seepage either.


bottom of tank can heat up if heavily chain vaping due to no bottom air port

Price: $30

Best Mouth-to-Lung Tank (MTL RTA)

Flavor Chasing RTA with a Tight Draw

A good mouth to lung tank can be hard to find, much less one that is also rebuildable. 

What makes a good mouth to lung (mtl) RTA:

  • tight draw 
  • able to take a ergonomic lip or cigarette holder style tip
  • single coil
  • excellent flavor
  • fits on single battery mods

Vandy Vape Berserker Collage

The Vandy Vape Berserker is a real home run for mouth to lung vapers and flavor chasers out there who are looking for a good RTA.  

With a tight draw and a restricted chamber, the Berserker can really produce some outstanding flavor. Couple that with a deck that takes simple, higher ohm, single coil builds, low wattage all day flavor chasing is made easy with this tank.

The deck is a simple two screw, where the screws act like a hook and post, that reminds one of the Wotofo Serpent build deck. To build the deck: place a single coil right over the air hole, with the leads hooked under the screws. 

Instead of the over hand, clockwise or right handed wrap, just wrap the coils left or counter-clockwise.

Vandy Vape decided to make this RTA capable of two configurations, a smaller capacity (2ml) and a larger 4.5ml capacity, certainly thanks to EU regulations. The smaller version comes with a shorter chimney and an ULTEM glass section. 

The smaller chimney produces warmer vapor in my opinion and since it is a MTL RTA, the capacity isn't a problem. With the taller chimney, the vape is a little cooler and still has outstanding flavor, but doesn't have to be refilled for what seems like more than a day.

Filling this tank is a simple operation. Screw off the top and fill through one of the large kidney shaped ports. The knurling can be a little slick if you have some juice on your fingers.

While this tank has dual airflow, it isn't the normal wide slot style. It has a series of 5 holes on each side, which you can select from, ranging from small (0.8mm) to twice the size of the smallest (1.6mm). I wish there was one more hole just to get a little closer to restricted lung hit but that would defeat the purpose of the tank.

At the largest airflow setting, the Berserker provides a tight draw, that is very close to a cigarette. Paired with a good tobacco flavored juice, this tank would be a good choice for a vaper looking for a close simulation. 

Personally, I like this tank with dessert and fruit flavored juices. The flavors really pop in a way that direct lung vapes just can't provide.

  • True RTA MTL (rebuildable tank w/ mouth to lung draw)
  • excellent flavor production paired with enjoyable draw
  • draw is reminiscent of smoking
  • high build quality
  • easy small builds
  • higher ohm / low wattage builds for all day single battery flavor chasing
  • several airflow settings
  • screw top for filling can be slick to grip
  • one slightly larger airport above current max might make this tank able to prove some restricted lung hits 

Best Tank for Flavor

RTAs for flavor and taste

Getting good flavor is of prime concern to a lot of vapers out there.  Instead of constant huge clouds and a bigger rig, you might simply want to taste some apple pie, coffee or whatever. 

Flavor tanks are also really nice for travel vapes when your are out and about or at work as they are normally not very big and don't require a larger mod to fire. 

Conventional wisdom is pretty straight forward here and it isn't quite the complete opposite as cloud chasing tanks.  

Features we want in a good flavor tank:

  • A flavor tank needs a smaller chamber and a shorter chimney instead of a bigger chamber for clouds.  
  • smooth airflow but we want better airflow control to dial in the kind of drag the tank gives.  
  • a good build deck; preferrably designed around single coil or have the option for single coil.

When you are selecting your juice, keep in mind that the propelyne glycol (PG) is the flavor carrier in the liquid so you probably won't get amazing flavor from max VG.  PG does increase the throat hit so you don't want just PG. 

Some flavor chasers go with 50/50, which is not very thick and gives a hell of a throat hit, but personally when I make juice for flavor, I just go with 70/30 to 80/20 depending on results.  

Vandy Vape Kylin RTA - Collage

The Kylin RTA from Vandy Vape is a fantastic flavor chasing tank that has several really stand out features that make this a pretty solid pick for a lot of vapers out there.  

This tank comes with two assembly modes. One shorter, smaller capacity 2ml mode and one larger, taller 6ml mode. The 2ml mode puts out more flavor but the 6ml has more convenience. The tank comes with two chimneys and two glass sections.

The Kylin RTA has a screw on top fill system with wide kidney shaped fill ports. The top is secured with a knurled cap. Included with the tank are several drip tips of varying sizes to suit any vaper. All of the tips were good to use.

It has a very good gold plated build deck. The deck is postless meaning the coils stand vertically out of the deck instead of jutting horizontally. This has the benefit of allowing the coils to be packed inside the chimney in a way that cuts down on empty space, increasing the flavor thanks to more dense vapor. 

This deck is perfect for two clapton coils but is more thank capable of taking a single larger diameter coil if desired.

Build into the side of the deck are two very wide wicking channels. This design assists in single coils builds but really aids in the cotton wicking very fast due to the fact that so much surface area is exposed to the juice in the tank. Dry hits are going to be pretty rare on this tank (unless the tank doesn't get filled)!

The deck has built in bottom and bottom side airflow ports that really makes the flavor pop thanks to the air hitting the coils from all sides.  

The vapor production is pretty good on this RTA thanks to dual air slots. There is a clicky bottom airflow control ring. The airflow is pretty smooth and there isn't any whistling when the air is shutdown.


  • great flavor and smooth airflow
  • The deck is great to look at but provides an innovative air flow design (bottom and under-side) for great flavor
  • takes claptons well in single or dual coil builds. (Single builds will require larger diameter coils to have enough cotton to fill wicking channel)
  • very big kidney shaped top fill ports w/ large notch styled knurling along the top
  • multiple RDA style wide bore drips which are all pretty good
  • 510 adapter included in case you have a favorite tip
  • doesn't whistle 
  • some people reported leaks on the first version of these tanks which has been remedied according to the manufacturer.  I haven't experienced leaking this issue with the new version. 


  • as the deck is postless and vertical, you may have to clip the leads on the coils a couple of times before get the right distance
  • recommend the stainless version as paint can chip from colored versions

Geekvape Ammit 25 Rating: 9/10

GeekVape Ammit 25 - collage

The Ammit 25 is an update to its well received RTA line of flavor chasing tanks. It features a new two-post single coil deck system and airflow design. 

The tank is a 25mm tank as the name suggests.  A chimney piece and larger glass are including to transform the tank from 2ml to 5ml just like we have seen with the VandyVape Kylin.

This RTA pairs well with fused klapton wire builds.

  • Great flavor! There isn't much extra space in the chimney leading to a tasty vape experience.
  • Smooth airflow overall. Bottom and side airflow hit the coil directly but all those channels restrict the air a bit.
  • The build style is easy and similar to other single coil rtas (the posts just have built in airflow ports). Slide one lead in one post to position then swing the other lead into the other post, clip.
  • wide wicking slots for preventing dry hits
  • large kidney shaped top fill juice slots
  • high build quality as always from GeekVape
  • includes a 510 drip but can take an 810 (goon style) by switching to included 810 sized top cap
  • doesn't come with an 810 even though it includes a different top cap which is strange
  • Not much forgiveness in the spacing between the deck and chimney as the wires have to be clipped very close to post screws to prevent a short

Flavor Tanks with Restricted Lung Hit

Get some nice flavor and a dense cloud

There are a few pretty nice restricted lung hitters currently out there. 

These are tanks that are single coil RTAs that have a restricted airflow to provide a mix between pure flavor chasing and cloud chasing.  

These tanks have a restricted airflow draw so you do have to pull a bit harder to get a lung full but the reward is some pretty good smooth flavor that you might not see from a huge airflow dual deck.

Wotofo Serpent Smm Rating: 9/10

wotofo serpent suck my mod (SMM) flavor rta

The Wotofo Serpent x Suck My Mod (SMM) RTA is a 24mm, single coil flavor tank that is the result of a collaboration between Wotofo and vape celeb Suck My Mod (SMM).

At first glance, the design is reminiscent of the highly regarded dual coil flavor rta,  The Troll RTA.  It has the same basic shape and look as the Troll but there are several differences including the drip tip no longer being part of the top cap. 

Far and away the most exciting thing about the RTA besides the performance is the build deck.  The deck is a two post, single coil build deck that has the side airflow ports milled right into the posts. Each post has a slot on each side for securing a coil lead with top mounted phillips screws and is able to take coils regardless on the direction the coil is wrapped.


  • designed for flavor
  • high build quality and innovative single coil build deck
  • very straightforward to build as the deck can take coils wrapped in either direction 
  • top fill tank with two large kidney shaped fill ports (slots)
  • includes a tapered 12mm ULTEM drip tip and is 510 drip tip compatible
  • comes with 2 spare glass tanks pieces, japanese cotton, 3 prebuilt clapton coils and some spare parts


  • Not a fan of the included prebuilt claptons that were included as they have a flat wire core and wrapping wire is really tight.


Augvape Merlin Rating: 9/10

The Augvape Merlin is a single coil, bottom airflow, top-fill flavor RTA that provides a restricted lung hit, smooth draw and dense, delicious flavorful clouds.


  • Great Flavor RTA!
  • easy build velocity deck 
  • single coil but can hold two micro coils if built that way
  • bottom airflow with 2 settings
  • Provides restricted lung hits (along with some dense clouds) and mouth to lung (bottom airflow reducer) 
  • provides the perfect lower wattage vape (at around 20w and a high mah battery can vape all day)
  • Top fill


  • juice flow control could be more independant
  • fit against base can make airflow adjustment tight

Price: under $30

Best Value RTA

Budget Vaping

Vaping on a budget is a goal for a lot of us out here. Plus, maximizing value per dollar always feels nice.  You can either wait for the price to drop, get a sweet vape deal or get a clearance tank. 

When getting vape gear for a the best price you do have to make some concessions.  Such as the instance when there is a tank that has some pretty nice features and an awesome price ($20 or less) if it isn't on clearance it probably has a few drawbacks.  

For instance, one of my favorite 25mm tanks is the Tobeco Super RTA


.  It has a lot of nice features but the machining could be a little more accurate on the velocity deck and the tip is also the juice cap so it can't be switched out.  The price was awesome, it has a good design and it performs well.

The other way to get a tank on a budget is to just get the best tank for the money during a vape deal, sale or clearance.  Some of the bigger online vape shops will usually have a clearance section to clear out surplus inventory and sometimes will have a holiday sale.

Toboeco 25mm Super Rta Rating: 8/10

This large RTA (25mm) offering from Tobeco brings the features of more popular RTAs like the Griffin at a great price; under 20 bucks!

  • Budget Vaping Friendly! Great price for the features and performance
  • easy build
  • clouds and flavor
  • stuck with tip that doubles as the tank cap
  • some drilled holes aren't centered but doesn't impact function
Use Coupon Code: DNA10

Common Questions

What is a Clearomizer?

diagram showing the way cig-a-likes works

how ecigs work

 Let's get some quick terminology out of the way.  At the very basic level a vaporizer of any type is simply a power source like a battery and some sort of heating element that that converts a liquid or oil into a vapor.  

This process is called atomization, there fore we call the heating element unit an atomizer.  

Any type of tank, clearomizer, rda is an atomizer an most even have the word atomizer in their name, such as RTA  (rebuildable tank atomizer).  As e-cigarette technology evolved,  we started using the very common and familiar cig-a-like tech. 

Cigalike devices, commonly purchased from ebay, gas stations and smoke shops, utilized a very simplistic atomizer, called a cartomizer.  The were usually prefilled cartridges with an atomizer element build in, hence cartomizer.  

The diagram above shows the generation after cigalikes with the first model of clearomizer and more modern style mod.  

various group of clearomizer and mod configurations

various clearomizer / mod combos

When the e-cig was invented, it had the type of look as the cig-a-like.  As someone who bought one of these first gen e-cigs, if you didn't know, they really sucked!  

Adopting these devices led to a simply incredible explosion in variety of devices and designs.  The design no matter how cool still comes down to the basics of battery, atomizer and juice.

Modern day clearomizers still have the same kind of mechanics behind them. Instead of questionable plastics, we have stainless steel and pyrex. Instead of a teeny tiny juice tank filled with horrible tasting nicotine juice, we have a tanks that can hold 2 ml and tanks that can hold 6 ml or more of delicious made in the USA juice.  

There are two types of modern clearomizers.  Ones that have a built in deck and you supply your own coil (heating element for vaporizing the goods) or ones that you just insert a new coil in cartridge form.  Often tanks will come as kind of a hybrid, such as the Mutank, and offer coil pack inserts or a build deck that you can put in and build your own coil.

Common sizes for tanks is 22 mm which refers to the width of the tank but there are also larger tanks that are 25 mm or bigger.   As with most things in life, size does matter.  The size of the tank is determined by the function of the tank.  Smaller tanks can be used more readily when traveling and smaller tanks (with smaller chambers and chimneys) usually provide better flavor as with the Wotofo Serpent Mini.

When choosing a tank also look at the airflow design.  If you are looking for a mouth to lung draw on your vape, which is similar to an analog cigarette, you want a tank where you can restrict the airflow.  Direct lung vaping needs a more airy draw and if you are looking for clouds, the more air the better.

Uwell Valyrian (Sub-Ohm Tank)

The Uwell Valyrian is a new evolution in sub-ohm tanks. The Valyrian is a 25mm, 5 mil tank with quad-coils and triple airflow ports (with coil pins for custom airflow).  This tank requires high power but provides lots of flavorful vape and customized performance.

Vandy Vape Berserker (MTL RTA)

Vandy Vape introduces the Berserker, their first mouth to lung rebuildable tank. It features adjustable, single port, tight draw airflow and a strait forward single coil build deck. This is a strong option for low power, flavor chasing, MTL vapers.

IJoy Captain (RTA)

The IJoy Captain is an RTA that combines some great features into a 25mm package. It has a postless build deck, juice flow control, smooth adjustable bottom airflow, a slide top juice fill port and an 810 ultem drip tip.

Uwell Crown 3 (Sub-Ohm Tank)

The Uwell Crown 3 is the latest update to the popular line of sub-ohm tanks.  The new version has a very simple plug-in style coil system, triple airflow and produces a flavorful, full cloud of vapor.

VandyVape Kylin RTA v2 (Flavor)

The newest version of the Vandy Vape Kylin RTA is better than ever! Flavor chasing, single or two coil builds, custom tank sizes and awesome bottom airflow make this tank a classic.

Smok TFV8 Big Baby Beast

The Big Baby Beast is probably one of the most prolific Smok tanks around. Its strong flavor profile and huge cloud production have lead to its wide use in the vaping community.

Augvape Merlin

The Augvape Merlin is a single coil, bottom airflow, top-fill flavor RTA that provides a restricted lung hit, smooth draw and dense, delicious flavorful clouds.

OBS Engine

This is probably one of most well regarded tanks of the past year.  It features top down airflow, top fill and a familiar two post velocity deck with innovative bottom wicking.  Huge bonus: No bottom juice seepage!

Wotofo Serpent Mini

Wotofo continues to release great products with the Serpent Mini.  This is a small tank that packs a huge punch with amazing flavor and airflow. This is definitely a flavor RTA that you can use on the go.

Tobeco 25mm Super RTA

This large RTA (25mm) offering from Tobeco brings the features of more popular RTAs like the Griffin at a great price; under 20 bucks!

Eleaf MELO III Mini Sub-Ohm Tank

This tank makes a great addition to the vaping kit for when you are out or vaping at work. It features an interesting air flow design and is easy to find replacement or rebuildable heads.

Sigelei Moonshot 22/24mm

This Moonshot is an interest little RTA fron Sigelei that definitely is targeting the flavor chasers out there who aren't looking for a dripper but a top fill tank.

GeekVape Griffin

The Griffin by GeekVape has one of the biggest build decks on a RTA out there. Along with the great airflow get ready huge clouds and lots of flavor.