Nu-X GAIA is a pina colada flavored full spectrum CBD tincture designed for easy dosing for maximum relief.

Nu-X Full Spectrum CBD Tincture - GAIA (Pina Colada)

A Quick Look

Nu-X Full Spectrum CBD tincture - Gaia (pina colada)
Nu-X Full Spectrum CBD tincture - Gaia (pina colada)



  • 1000 mg of CBD per 30ml bottle - at least 33.3 mg per ml 
  • Full Spectrum extract - extra terpenes and cannabinoid extracts from the plant
  • suspended in coconut derived MCT oil (has health benefits as well)
  • graduated dripper

Quick Look at Nu-X GAIA Full Spectrum CBD Tincture (Pina Colada)

Nu-X GAIA is a full spectrum CBD tincture with a classic tropical flavor combination of Coconuts and Pineapples. It has a light, fruity flavor profile, smooth coconut oil texture and a pleasant, easy aroma.


  • classic Coconut and Pineapple flavor combination
  • 1000mg of Full Spectrum CBD suspension in coconut derived MCT oil (lots of reported health benefits)
  • pleasing aroma
  • smooth texture
  • Graduated marking on dripper for more accurate dosing
  • great for sleep disturbance and muscle pain

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