Wotofo Profile Mesh RDA Collage
Wotofo Profile Mesh RDA Collage


What Could Be Better

  • this RDA begs to be used with a squonk mod for the best vape experience but can be used with a regular mod by installing standard 510 pin (included)
  • o-rings are very tight when dry


  • really great flavor!
  • super easy mesh building
  • doubles as a fantastic clamp style single coil RDA
  • good airflow thanks to honeycomb ports and step down top cap
  • high build quality and a very well thought design
  • lots of extras including strips, organic cotton ready for mesh builds, a single frame stapled coil, complete toolset for this RDA, plus all the normal o-rings, screws etc.
  • included build tool that gives the perfect curve for your mesh coil or 3.5mm single coil builds
  • pre-configured (and designed) for use with squonk mods (bottom feed) 
  • center piece presses cotton against coil to prevent hot spots AND keep cotton saturated where it counts


Wotofo has teamed up with MrJustRight1 to release the Profile Mesh bottom feed RDA. 

The Profile is a mesh RDA done right thanks to high build quality and an excellent design that is particularly well suited for use with a squonk mod.

Take a quick look at the manual after you pick up one of these RDAs for a few quick tips on making the most out of this innovative mesh RDA.

About the Wotofo Profile RDA Design

Little Extras that are Really Well Designed
a view of the wotofo profile rda after it has been disassemble to various sections

Wotofo Profile RDA - disassembled

The Profile RDA has a bunch of little small design features that really add up to more than the sum of the parts. The more I use it the more I appreciate the effort that went into the design.

This RDA, when looking at it seems like it is the regular 24mm diameter, but the deck is only 20mm with a beefy 2mm thick barrel section. 

Smaller RDAs aren't all that common these days and newer vapers don't remember the old days when everything was under 22mm. That thick barrel makes up everything match up size wise with the current mod shapes and sizes. 

Why the small deck? Flavor! 

Having a compact chamber and rounded bell shaped on the under side of the top cap boosts flavor. 

Add in the honey comb airflow and step down style fins, not unlike the Digiflavor Drop, to control the air and you have yourself quite the flavor chaser with a high degree for air flow control. 

Direct lung, restricted lung hits or even tighter draws are possible.

Adjusting the air flow, removing the top cap and the removing barrel is a bit difficult when the o-rings are dry. Make sure that you rub a bit a juice around the surface of the o-rings before using the RDA (but after cleaning!) for an appropriate amount of tension.

wotofo profile rda with clamp style build deck for mesh

Profile RDA - clamp style build deck

The barrel has two small tabs on the interior side that lock into corresponding cutouts on the outer rim of the deck, which may sound not like much but they are a very nice little feature to have. That little pair of notches in the deck aligns the airflow with the coil, helps you unscrew the RDA and it lets you have better access to the clamp screws.

A huge problem with the early mesh RDAs, was having hot spots on the mesh strips because the soaked cotton wasn't in even contact with the surface of the mesh strip. Hotspots aren't such a problem on this RDA thanks to that little spring loaded white ceramic piece surrounding the squonk pin.

This genius little piece makes the mesh strips work properly. It applies just enough support to the cotton that it gets even contact with the mesh and it doubles as the perfect juice supply when squonking. When you give the squonk bottle a big squeeze, the juice goes exactly where it is needed; the center of the wick next to the mesh!

Wotofo included a lot of little extras in addition to the regulars like o-rings and screws. Also included is a stapled fused clapton coil and two specially designed Wotofo A1 kanthal mesh sheets and a very thick piece of organic cotton. 

Also included are three tools for complete usage of the RDA: an allen key, philips screw driver and a simple yet very needed coil tool. There is a thin part to the coil rod for building standard 3.5 diameter coils and the thicker edge, that could be considered the handle, is needed to give the mesh strip the perfect shape.

wotofo profile RDA with mesh strips and organic cotton

Mesh build with organic cotton

After pressing the kanthal strip to match the contour of the coil rod handle, it has the perfect shape to slide right into place between the clamps. 

Make sure the strips are perfectly in line with the clamps for a perfectly horizontal, not lopsided looking, strip placement when securing the clamps. The coil tool can be used as an assistant if you have heavy hands to prevent any excess pressure from bending the center of the strip.

The strips are a stamped instead of traditional design, just like what in the sub-ohm coils used on the really good Wotofo Flux / Flow Pro starter kit. There is a little bit of an edge left that allows for solid contact with the clamps. 

The organic cotton strips are very thick, a surprising amount is required to fill the space, and have a shoelace style tip (aglet) that allows for very simple wicking. 

Wotofo sells both the kanthal strips and organic cotton as extras if you enjoy using the included samples that come with the RDA. 

When using mesh on a RDA keep in mind, you have to keep the cotton consistently saturated as mesh isn't as forgiving as regular coils. If the surface starts getting dry, the coils start getting little hot spots.

This is why using this as a bottom feed RDA makes so much sense. Mesh RDAs need the constant supply of juice that is made convenient by a squonk mod, such as the Wotofo Recurve squonk box mod.

The drawback is that not everyone has a squonk mod or even know much about how they work. A newbie may accidentally flood their mod if they don't know to switch the pin to the regular one for use on  a standard regulated vape box mod.

Traditional Single Coil Mode Works Well

Take out the ceramic piece and the spring!
the wotofo profile RDA with a single coil stapled flat clapton installed in clamp style build deck

Wotofo Profile RDA - Single Coil Build

The Wotofo Profile build deck clamps can also take single coils in addition to mesh strips. Since the clamps are primarily designed for the flat strips, this RDA can't take the widest builds in the world but normal width flat claptons work quite well.

As you can see, the spring loaded ceramic center piece has been removed for the single coil build. Why remove it? Well, it is completely unnecessary when it is not supporting the wicks in mesh mode. 

If that spring loaded piece were stainless steel I might have just left it installed, but I am not all that familiar with the properties of heating ceramic. 

Taking it out is a simple procedure that takes about 30 seconds and it just looks better afterwards regardless. Just unscrew the pin at the center of the piece, slide off the spring and the center piece, then reinstall the pin.

The squonk pin is still elevated from the base of the 4mm deep juice well but that has the side bonus of allowing some hefty squeezes on the squonk bottle without juice being sucked back down.

The performance of the RDA with this type of build is pretty darn good. Which is pretty much expected for single coil build in an RDA with this compact chamber design and airflow properties. 

The Profile is a pretty good single coil flavor chasing RDA in addition to mesh.

Overall Thoughts

MrJustRight1 and Wotofo really did a good job with this mesh RDA. Mesh is notoriously hard to deal with outside of a sub-ohm tank but they really thought this RDA design through to counteract any mesh shortfalls and the result is top notch flavor chasing

Even if you don't want to build mesh all the time, you still have a bad ass little single coil RDA with a clamp style build deck!

This RDA works really well with a squonk mod, so consider using one of those with this RDA. While it still works without one, using it with a squonker is so much more convenient.

The Wotofo Profile is a high quality, very well thought out mesh and single coil RDA. The Profile has killer flavor, the airflow is very controllable, and easy to build.

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