Jackly JK6089-A - front
Jackly JK6089-A - front


What Could Be Better

Unsure about how the tips handle extreme abuse


  • Great for rebuilding decks but can be used for laptops/pc or other jobs that need specialized drivers, particularly small tips. 
  • Amazing price for the value


This screwdriver set gets the job done

Save time and no more hunting for the right driver
45 piece magnetic screwdriver set

All the tips needed

This screwdriver set is great for rebuilding decks, particularly since the screws aren't consistent even within the same manufacturer sometimes.

I have also used this driver set for laptops, pcs and other jobs that needed specialized drivers, particularly small tips.  I have even used it on my car to remove a door panel.

For the price and its ability to get the job done that other drivers/tips weren't able to handle. It has easily paid for itself with all the tasks I have used it on. 

This set provides torx heads all the way down to T3. If you have ever gone to the hardware store to a torx set, you know that sizes that small aren't always sold at the store.  

The convenience of having all these small tips is almost enough of a reason to pick up this set.

How does it handle?

(I couldn't resist)
JK6089-A screwdriver shaft

The Driver 

The screwdriver shaft has a comfortable, ergonomic shaft that is very easy to use.  

The plastic cap (that is seen on the back of the driver portion) rotates making it easy to apply pressure to it and rotate the driver with your fingers, instead of applying some uneven pressure using a wrist rotating motion that can sometimes lead to stripping. 

With a magnet in the tip holder, the various heads that come with the kit drop right into place and stay put.  Only problem that I have had is sometimes the magnetic pull can make the tip difficult to remove the tip if your fingers are slick from juice.

Would I get it again?

At this price? Most certainly

This set is less that 10 bucks and has saved me so much time and aggravation, I would probably pay more than is being asked.