Smok GX 2/4 - two / four battery APV box mod
Smok GX 2/4 - two / four battery APV box mod


What Could Be Better

  • fire bar is slightly offset in two battery mode and perfectly centered when in four battery mode (may be a con to some)


  • squeeze fired with a slim profile front fire bar (feels natural)
  • two battery (220W) and four battery configurations (350W) with four battery door included
  • very well designed, sleek and stylish looking , high build quality
  • upgraded paint (very smooth like a waxed car) in a variety of colors
  • can take 25mm tanks without overhang 
  • comfortable in the hand
  • spring loaded 510 pin

Quick Look at Smok GX 2/4 APV Box Mod

The Smok GX 2/4 APV (advanced personal vaporizer) box mod seems to be the spiritual successor to the Alien 220W.  It is stylish, well designed, and powerful.

It has one of the smallest and slimmest profiles of any two battery mod in the industry. This is the perfect size for almost any hand from small lady hands, all the way to large meaty man hands.

When the Alien was first released it was received extremely well. It was the everyday workhorse mod for a large number of vapers including myself.  This mod has become started to take over that spot.

It has the ability to fire up to 350W when using four batteries and 220W in two battery mode.  The mod features a slim profile squeeze or front firing bar that is natural feeling to depress.

Smok bills the GX2/4 as the smallest two battery mods on the market and when in 4 battery mode it isn't much bigger than some three battery mods.

If you are looking for a powerful mod that is also easy to use and also looks attractive, this may be the mod for you.

This mod is also featured as part of the Smok GX 2/4 Big Baby Beast vape starter kit.

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