Vaporesso Click - Vape Pod
Vaporesso Click - Vape Pod


What Could Be Better

  • You may find yourself opening and closing the top unconciously!


  • Perfect pocket carry pod system!
  • Great flavor and pleasant mouth to lung draw
  • Comfortable, contoured built in drip tip
  • low juice level protection - very cool
  • You can finally use your zippo tricks again (if your hands are big enough)
  • Press to fill port on top (a small bottle is included for glass dripper based juice)
  • 45 min to full charge from drained


Vaporess Click (Vape Pod) - wind proof lighter style pocket carry pod
Vaporess Click (Vape Pod) - open zippo style door and contoured mtl mouth piece
Vaporess Click (Vape Pod) - refillable vape pod with contoured mouth piece
Vaporess Click (Vape Pod) - zippo style door and mtl mouth piece

The Vaporesso Click, formerly known as the Aurora Play, is inspired by the world famous windproof lighter, replicating the look (and sound) down to the *clicky* door mechanism. 

This may be the perfect pocket vape

Having the pod securely covered keeps the mouth piece lint free and the auto draw firing mechanism keeps things pocket friendly. The stylized zinc metal alloy construction and compact view window surrounding the PCTG pod makes the kit pretty durable.

The hinged top gives that familiar hollow, metallic clink when being opened and snapped shut. When shaking the pod with the top open, it has a loose rattle. When closed the top has very limited play and the top stays shut unless whipped to open the top like you could do with the original lighters.

The device features the OMNI mini chipset, which is a good chipset that is used on several Vaporesso vape pod starter kits. It is a temperature control chipset that's well suited for these small CCell pod devices that has a lot of different safety protections and can even prevent dry hits by not firing when the pod has low juice levels

The Click can be fired at three power levels:  low (red), medium (blue), high (green). The slightly pronounced selection button is on the side, next to the USB charging slot and doubles as the 5-click on/off switch. With a 650mAh built in battery, the device will last most of the day if not the whole day particularly when running on the lowest firing mode. If you do happen to run out of power, the 1A charging will take the battery from drained to full in about 45 minutes.

The pod system is CCell (ceramic) coil based vape that is specifically designed for use with your favorite nic salts based vape juices

Filling is super simple thanks to the spring loaded push to fill mechanism located right next to the mouth piece. Using a standard 30ml bottle works and Vaporesso included a slim 10ml juice bottle for use when you are out and about or have a juice that comes with a glass dripper.

The flavor produced by the pod is has a very crisp, clean flavor profile once the pod properly broken in which takes about one half pod (around 1ml). The vapor production is warm and average volume for a low wattage CCell pod vape. 

For the best results take a small primer puff first, which should warm the coil a bit and boost the vapor production for your second, longer drag. 

Vaporesso built the contoured mouth piece into the pod which is fairly comfortable and suitable to the draw required to activate the device. The draw style is a mid range mouth to lung that is closer to tight than loose. 

Overall, this device is a great vape pod kit for nic salts and is perfect for the person that needs a durable pocket vape.

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