Vandy Vape Pyro 24mm Collage
Vandy Vape Pyro 24mm Collage


What Could Be Better

  • top knurling could be more pronounced and middle section can be awkward to grip for removal


  • Strong flavor profile
  • enjoyable vape experience
  • very similar build deck to the well received Vandy Vape Kylin RTA
  • single or dual coil builds 
  • gold plated philips and allen (grub) screws included
  • very wide wicking ports help prevent dry hits
  • well controlled side airflow
  • 810 Drip tip default (1 ultem and 1 delrin included)
  • 510 adapter included


Vandy Vape has released a really great rdta in the Pyro. This is hands down one of the best RDTAs to come out recently as far as performance goes. The Pyro has some of the best, yet simple, elements combined to make a fantastic rdta that provides a really enjoyable vape experience.

The Pyro is a 24mm RDTA with wide wicking channels and 4mm juice ports. It comes in black, rainbow or stainless steel.

Vandy Vape Pyro - Ultem
Vandy Vape Pyro - Delrin and Glass
Vandy Vape Pyro - top middle and deck
Vandy Vape Pyro - disassembled
Vandy Vape Pyro - Dual coil build
Vandy Vape Pyro - dual coil build wicked

The build quality of the Pyro is definitely high. There are no sharp edges any where and all the parts have a tight fit.  It is readily apparent that the design of this tank was pretty well thought out. It takes some classic RDTA features and combines them with a few new innovations that improve the overall useability.

The Pyro has a similar build deck and the wide wicking ports that was used on the hit Kylin RTA (minus the bottom airflow). The deck is postless, making the coils stand vertically close to each other rather than stick out horizontally far away from each other. Having the coils configured this way enables to larger coils to take up more space in the chamber which seems to be a boon for the flavor.

At first this type of postless build deck can be a bit odd to build as the coils are initially too long or frustratingly too short.  

There is a trick to building this type of deck. The intuitive way would be to try to clip both leads and then check coil height. Instead, clip one of the leads and place it into one of the holes with the rest of the coil hanging off the side of the deck and check the height. When the coil is the right height just clip the other lead to match. Replace the coil on your jig next to the second, unclipped coil and match the lead length with the finished one.

single and dual coil clapton wire builds on the vandy vape pyro rdta

single and dual coil builds

This deck is capable of both single and dual coil builds. In dual coil mode, you just place two regular size coils next to each other and wick as normal. 

In single coil mode, the coil needs to be larger. The one in the photo is 3.5mm but a 4mm would probably be better choice. There needs to be enough diameter to situate enough cotton to fill the very wide wicking ports but also to take up more space in the chamber.  With too much open space in the chamber, the flavor will get washed out by too much air.

When placing the single coil, instead of using two holes next to each other, place one lead on one side and the other in the diagonal opposite hole.

On most RDAs and RDTAs the airflow is just a simple side airflow slot. Vandy Vape has changed the shape of the slots on this one to have an extra little circular shape cut out of the middle of the slot, giving the airflow a little boost of air that will hit the coils from a different angle. Having the coils a little taller will let the air hit the coils from the bottom and the side at the same time, giving off a bit more flavor.

Adjusting the airflow is just a twist operation like most tanks.  There is knurling at the top to help but the fit between the two top parts is fairly tight. Placing one hand on the bottom section will help prevent the tank from simply unscrewing instead of adjusting the airflow. 

I found that shutting the airflow a little more than halfway, with some of the bottom cutout still open to be the sweet spot for my liking.

Refilling the tank now is as simple as on most tanks and RDAs; pull the top, squeeze and recap. On most RDTAs, there is an extra little piece that needs to be open or unplugged to enable filling. On the Pyro, the plugs are part of the top cap design. When the cap is removed the plugs are open. 

Fair warning: don't tilt the tank to fill it as juice will pour out the other side. If you were wondering, yes it happened to me, haha.

The juice ports are 4mm wide, which is enough space to comfortably use the biggest glass stems or unicorn bottles. 

The tank has a 4ml capacity but comes with a spacer that cuts the capacity down to 2ml for U.K. compliance. This spacer can just be chucked when you disassemble the tank to give is a quick wash before using it.

Included with the Pyro are two different 810 drip tips; one Ultem the other traditional black Delrin.  The Ultem is far superior to the Delrin in this case. First the Ultem looks better to me personally, but the Delrin has some cross hatching cut into the outside edge. The hatching is heavily textured and gives the tip a very strange mouth feel that I found unpleasant. A 510 adapter is included if using the included 810 isn't desired.

Would I Buy the Vandy Vape Pyro RDTA Again?

Most definitely! I love the performance of the Pyro RDTA, particularly in standard two coil setup. It produces lots of flavor with enough air to produce dense vapor clouds.

The deck pairs well with clapton wires and loose cotton such as Cotton Bacon.

At around $35 or less, this RDTA is a great value particularly for the outstanding vape experience it provides and its ease of use. 

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