Augvape BTFC RDA collage
Augvape BTFC RDA collage


What Could Be Better

  • can develop a slight whistle when the airflow gets real tight (most won't experience)
  • no 510 adapter - the smaller included 810 has the same mouth feel as a regular 510 but doesn't look as good as a wide 810


  • lots of flavor
  • dense clouds
  • top AND bottom airflow
  • DEEP juice well
  • high build quality and well designed
  • great squonker with easy to install bottom feed pin
  • easy to use 4 post build deck with a sloped, slotted terminals
  • pre-built clapton coils work quite well with wide terminals
  • smooth, simple to tune airflow controls for a personalized vape
  • comes in black, stainless, metallic gray, metallic rainbow
  • two 810 drips included but will take other 810s


Augvape BTFC RDA - full view
Augvape BTFC RDA - with slim acrylic 810 drip tip
Augvape BTFC - build deck
Augvape BTFC - build deck alternate view
the Augvape BTFC RDA disassembled showing a dual coil build with top and bottom airflow slots for huge flavor and clouds

Augvape BTFC RDA 

Augvape and VapnFagn have released a collaboration RDA called the BTFC, which stands for Bottom Airflow, Top Airflow, Flavor Chasing, Cloud Chasing, an acronym that states this RDAs goals.

The BTFC is a 25mm diameter, squonk (bottom feed) capable, RDA with an innovative build deck that supplies a customizable mix of bottom and top airflow for the flavor and cloud performance you are wanting in your vape experience. 

Included with the RDA are two 810 drips, one wide (standard sized) Delrin and a slim acrylic 810 drip tip. The packaging is mislabeled, saying one 810 and a 510 adapter but there is no adapter included. 

The slimmer, acrylic one has the standard 510 mouth feel but doesn't lend the best aesthetics to the RDA but it works well when flavor chasing.

Adjusting the airflow is smooth for both the top and bottom thanks to the o-rings providing the right amount of tension to keep things secure but not locking everything in place.

Spinning or even removing the top section is surprisingly easy even without the standard knurling.  When replacing the entire chimney section, the top needs to be pressed a bit to be in full alignment with the bottom airflow.

When looking at the twin top airflow slots, it can be a bit hard to tell how much the airflow is open due to the the dark color so it best to take off the top section, then align the airflow slots.

The wide bottom airflow slots feed the dual airflow directly beneath the coils and is adjusted by turning the barrel clockwise. Turning counter clockwise will easily unscrew the RDA from the mod.

Want a restricted hit? Cut both top and bottom down half way. Want max flavor? Shut off the top airflow and reduce the wattage a bit. 

With everything wide open the flavor is still good with lots of vapor production.

There are lots of airflow options here and the overall experience can be fine tuned to suit the preference of any vaper.

Augvape BTFC - single coil installed
Augvape BTFC - dual coils
Augvape BTFC - Cotton Wicking
Augvape BTFC - tucked wicks

The deck is really easy to build with long, sloped, diagonal slots built into the post section for fast building. This deck can take larger single coils but really performs best with two 3mm diameter coils.

The build deck has a great design for dual coils builds. The bottom airflow slots are milled right into the deck to be situated right beneath each coil enabling maximum surface area exposure which translates into huge flavor.

Installing coils is super easy on this deck. Prebuilt flat claptons work quite well thanks to the 3mm wide terminals. 

The terminals have sloped slots, which allows for the leads to be left quite long, around 6mm, without needing to be clipped once secured. If any excess needs to be removed, it is fairly easy to accomplish without leaving enough excess to cause any problems. 

Slotted terminals are quite the quality of life improvement.

When building the deck, slip in both coils, then elevate and secure each coil individually. If one coil is secured before putting in the opposing coil, there can be a bit of struggle with larger coils.

With an 11mm deep juice well and elevated bottom airflow, the BTFC can take a large amount of juice before experiencing any overflows. 

The included squonk (bottom feed) pin is simple to install and begin using. There are slotted cut out on each side of the juice well which will allow even distribution of juice to both sides of the juice well when squonking. 

Thanks to the deep juice well and elevated bottom airflow slots, this RDA can take a hefty squeeze of your favorite vape juice without getting any overflow. 

When dripping, I found that dripping right into the center of the two coils works like normal but putting juice into the outside edge of one or both of the juice wells, between the wicks also works thanks to the slotted center that connects the well together.

Build quality is quite high and the design is well thought out. There aren't any sharp edges and everything was pretty clean right out of the package. (A good wash in warm soapy water is still recommended).

Augvape placed the terminals and bottom airflow opening in the top half of the barrel, right beneath the top cap, which was really smart. Any vapor being produced is in a compact space leading to well saturated, dense flavorful clouds. 

The top airflow can really cool down the vape and add some volume without washing out the flavor.

Hats off to Augvape and VapnFagn for the BTFC.

Overall, this RDA is very well rounded. It has really great flavor and clouds thanks to the dual airflow system, has an easy to use build deck, and makes a great squonker

This RDA can grow with you and is a strong pick for beginners as well as advanced RDA users.

The BTFC is a versatile, fantastic performing RDA that is a great choice for the vaper looking for a easy build and a well-tuned vape experience. 

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