Ziip Pods - Mango (JUUL Compatible)
Ziip Pods - Mango (JUUL Compatible)


  • Lightly sweet, almost candied, Mango (tropical) flavor
  • Arguably better than comparable JUUL Pod
  • Soft throat hit 
  • 1ml capacity - 1.8 | 3.0% | 5.0% Strengths (Nicotine Salts Based)
Quick Look at Mango - Ziip Pods (Juul Compatible)

Ziip Pods delivers bright, lightly sweet tropical candy flavor with the Mango pods.

This pod compares closely to JUUL mango flavor but Ziip has more nicotine level choices, better price and arguably better flavor.

Featuring 1ml of slightly sweet mango flavor with a soft throat hit and the right amount of nicotine salt for you. 

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