Wotofo Nudge 24mm RDA
Wotofo Nudge 24mm RDA


What Could Be Better

  • the deck can be awkward (possibly frustrating) to build at first (not beginner friendly)
  • easy to short on this build deck so build on a regulated mod or ohm meter (consider using a regulated squonk box mod)


  • outstanding flavor with huge vapor production
  • high build quality at a really good price point
  • looks cool and comes with a color matching 810 drip tip
  • squonking on this RDA is really good with the included squonk pin
  • squonk pin evenly distributes juice on both sides of the deck
  • center rail for even distribution of juice when dripping
  • interesting build deck
  • adjustable side airflow which hits to coils at an angle and then goes up
  • deep juice well
  • quality philips screws

Quick Look at Wotofo Nudge 24mm RDA

The Wotofo Nudge 24mm RDA is the result of between Wotofo and youtuber SuckMyMod.  Just by looking at it you can tell a lot of time when into designing this RDA.

The Nudge RDA has a pretty good build quality for an excellent price. Overall, the design is aesthetically pleasing, coming in several colors. There is a huge variety of colors outside of the normal black, stainless steel, gold and each RDA comes with a matching resin 810 drip tip. The engraving was all done after the barrel received the color coating, which is a nice touch.

The slight concave indention on the top (barrel section), instead of traditional knurling, makes it very easy to pull the top or adjust the airflow. 

The build deck is very unique and takes a little getting used to building on, so this RDA may not be beginner friendly.

The deck design makes it a little weird to build due with the way the coils need to be slid into notches on the side of the posts instead of just inserted into the posts as with most build decks. 

The posts take up space inside the RDA which in itself has pluses and minuses. The space restriction inside of the RDA will boost the flavor but the the coils being used will not be able to be huge. 

3mm flat or stapled claptons seem to be what the designers were expecting to be used in the RDA but standard wire will still work. 2.5mm coils might even be a better choice seeing as the deck space is limited.

When the coils are inserted they are aligned parallel to the center ramp of the deck. Placing the coils like this will expose the coil to the side airflow at an angle, which makes the air to hit the coil and swirl around the RDA before heading up the top.

The main benefit of the unique design to me seems to be that the RDA has a really nice center ramp that will aid in evenly distributing your juice. This little center ramp area also covers the PEEK insulator and 510 pin. 

Squonking with this RDA is pretty great thanks to the squonk pin included with the RDA. The squonking pin, once installed and used with a squonk box, will let juice out on both sides, again for even distribution of the juice.

Some people are the in the habit of over filling with some squonking RDAs, but with this one you really only need to squeeze once, wait a beat and then give one more easy squeeze. 

This a pretty good RDA that provides great flavor and lots of vapor production with fantastic squonking capability but would generally only recommend this for experienced RDA users.

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