Augvape Narada - Vape Pod / AIO
Augvape Narada - Vape Pod / AIO


What Could Be Better

  • RBA sold separately 
  • no wattage adjustments but power supplied is based on resistance is satisfactory


  • Good flavor and easy adjustable draw
  • Simple to use vape system w/ 2.8ml capacity pods and pluggable coils
  • Rebuildable (RBA) deck add-on available - Works great with 26g-28g 2mm micro coils
  • Fantastic Airflow control system -- very innovative
  • high quality build and well though out design
  • Big **clicky** Fire Button, 510 drip tip and Thick Zinc Allow frame
  • 1100mAh battery w/ 2.4A (USB-C) charging - 25mins to charge - LED indiator
  • one charge can use 4.3ml of juice which is significant with MTL vape and a higher nic juice
  • Lanyard is actually a cool USB-C cable


Augvape Narada - Vape Pod and Accessories
Augvape Narada - Mesh Pod Vape - AIO
Augvape Narada - Vape Pod System
Augvape Narada - Pod vape and battery door

The Augvape Narada is a complete all in one (AIO) pod vape system that is designed specifically for fast charging and easy use.

This vape pod clearly taking its design cues from the elegant Augvape Druga dual 18650 regulated mod, which is a well designed device. The Narada has the same thick body, curved corners, flat face, large **clicky** fire button and classy color scheme.

Augvape designed this AIO to be simple to use and as such, the wattage is not adjustable but instead supplies a satisfactory amount of power based on the resistance of the coil.

Charging the built in 1100mAh battery is super fast -- just 25 mins using the included USB-C cable that doubles as the lanyard.

On the front side, the majority of the pod is visible for fast juice checks. The window also enables the pods to be swapped or removed easily and they never get stuck.

To refill the pods simply flip the device over and pop off the tight fitting magnetic door. The pod uses a plug of the side of the pod, so it is best to lay the device flat on the table for a maximum top off. 

One incredible innovation with this pod is the easy to adjust airflow system. The large airflow intake port is just to the side of the swappable 510 mouth piece. 

This intake feeds air directly to the pod which can be adjusted using the small gold plated lever on the pod face. Direct lung all the way down to super tight mouth to lung draws are possible thanks to this clever design.

Included with the device are two subohm coils -- one 0.3ohm mesh coil and one 0.6ohm SS316 wire coil. A very cool little RBA section is available as a separate purchase.

Each coil performs well in terms of flavor and vapor production. 

The mesh coil is more for a direct lung draw with the airflow set at half to full open. We recommend a 0-6mg vape juice with this coil.

Using the SS316, we found the draw is more suited to a more restricted airflow or mouth to lung type of draw with the airflow set at less than half closed. This coil is good with a 6-12mg vape juice.

RBA Section and Pod for Single Coil MTL

Augvape Narada - mesh pod vape / RBA
Augvape Narada - building the RBA
Augvape Narada Pod - rebuildable base

There is a pretty cool little RBA, a rebuildable atomizer section, available as a separate purchase that is well worth it for rebuilders and MTL vapers in particular. 

Included with the RBA section is a spare pod, the RBA itself, a 510 pin attachment for building and a pack of 20 coils. If you wish to use your own wire, 26g-28g kanthal wire works well. The included screwdriver can double as a 2mm coil rod.

Now the base section is small as it is going into a pod and it has a classic bottom airflow, single coil design that is very common on RTAs.

Building is straight forward with a few things to look out for.

How to build the RBA:

  • Remove the RBA from the included pod (which may be tight) and unscrew the top section to reveal the build deck.
  • Fit the build deck into the 510 section and turn into place to secure. Place this on your ohm meter or a mod with ohm display.
  • Place your coil under the post screws, ensuring central placement of the coil and then secure. 
  • Make sure the leads are cut as close as possible to the screw to prevent any shorts that might occur from the lead touching the rba cap. If the coil is sitting to high from the deck it can short from the coil hitting the top of the cap. 
  • Put on cap and test ohm reading
  • Once your get a good reading, install in your cotton, trim the wicks and completely soak the wick by applying some juice. Place in the wicking channels before re-securing the top. 
  • Check your ohms again then install in the pod for use!

This RBA section performs quite well as a MTL vape with a high nicotine juice. We recommend a 6mg, 12mg or 18mg of your best vape juice or possibly a 25mg nic salt e-liquid.  With the airflow at slightly open, this pod vape makes for a pretty good portable flavor chaser.

Final Thoughts on the Augvape Narada AIO Pod Vape Kit