What Could Be Better

  • high wattage impacts battery life


  • Excellent Subohm Tank - Great flavor and Cloud production from QF coils
  • QF Coils are Leak Proof and No Spitback design
  • Flax fiber and cotton wicking with large ports - great for chain vaping
  • Sleek, cool looking mod design with central 510 pin
  • Large clicky firing button
  • Large color screen with touch buttons w/ haptic feedback
  • Fast charging built in battery


Vaporesso Luxe Nano - Vape starter kit with SKRR Mini Tank
Vaporesso Luxe Nano - SKRR mini subohm tank
Vaporesso Luxe Nano - Built in battery vape mod - color screen
Vaporesso Luxe Nano - Vape starter kit with SKRR mini tank

About the SKRR-S Mini Tank

The SKRR-S mini is the little brother to the much larger SKRR-S mesh subohm tank and is of a more suitable stature for this mod.

At the heart is Vaporesso's new QF coil line which are designed to be leak free with no spit back. These coils completely avoid that drainage and seepage that pretty much all previous designs suffer from. 

Included with the tank are two mesh QF coils, one strip mesh design and one traditional mesh strip design. Each provide excellent flavor, lots of vapor production with fast wicking for chain vaping thanks to the flax fiber cotton blend and wide ports.

This tank is also compatible with the long running Vaporesso GT Core coils which also have excellent performance and several options including mesh and CCELL. 

Find out more about on the Vaporesso SKRR-S (mini) mesh subohm tank. 

About the Luxe Nano Mod

The Vaporesso Luxe Nano is the little brother to the Vaporesso LUXE mod. Instead for two 18650s the Nano has a built in 2500mAh battery with 2A charging, which takes about an hour to charge.

The Luxe Nano has a more compact stature but retains the sleek, high end technological design cues and appeal. It has a curved front and back and rounded corners to match its smart phone style interface. The back of the device has a cool design that functions to break up any finger prints and the front has a consistent black tint.

Paired with the bright TFT screen is a three button interface, which is how touch should work on vape mods. Instead of having a full touch screen, the three buttons work as normal but instead of a click, the mod provides an effective haptic feedback (vibration) similar to pressing the home button on your phone.

This touch interface design works very well with the device and keeps the face of the device smooth which enhances the overall looks.

The menu is simplified and easy to navigate. Essentially every setting can be changed, including screen dimming and timeouts as well as the digital clock. 

Vaporesso chose the powerful OMNI chipset as with this device as with the full size model. The Nano is fully capable of all types of vaping, from regular variable wattage (up to 80W) all the way to custom TCR curves for temperature control.  The OMNI is very responsive and fast firing.

On the side is the large, rounded rectangular firing button. It has an interesting engraved textured surface and a very satisfying deep **clicky** press which is a joy to fire.

Overall Thoughts

The tank is pretty excellent thanks to its high performance, leak free QF coil in addition to the very wide list of compatible coils such as the GT core coils, also from Vaporesso. 

The Luxe Nano mod is a very sleek, high quality, compact built-in battery mod that looks great, has good performance thanks to the OMNI board and features a top notch firing button. However, the  required wattage for the coils does impact the battery life. 

Overall, the Vaporesso Luxe Nano is an attractive vape starter kit with a tank that has killer coil line, a sleek and easy to use mod with a fantastic fire button.

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