Wotofo Faris BF RDTA RDA collage
Wotofo Faris BF RDTA RDA collage


What Could Be Better

  • RDTA fill port works best with unicorn bottles


  • fantastic flavor and plenty of vapor production
  • very versatile - squonkable RDA or RDTA 
  • great squonker  (bottom feed) functionality in both modes - hard to flood
  • easy to build - postless deck has plenty of space
  • 3ml capacity with RDTA section and deep well in RDA mode 
  • easy to switch between modes
  • really wide wicking channels


Wotofo Faris BF RDA mode
Wotofo Faris Build Deck and Airflow
Wotofo Faris Squonk RDTA RDA disassembled
Wotofo Faris - Dual Coil Build
a shot of the Wotofo Faris BF RDTA/RDA in rtda mod with various vaping accessories

Wotofo Faris RDTA/RDA

The Wotofo Faris is a versatile atomizer as it is both an RDTA and RDA. It has a postless build deck that can use a single coil but has plenty of space to comfortably house two. It can be dripped old school style or can be fed from the side. It can be squonked in both RDTA and RDA modes. There are lots of different ways this little gem can be used that will suit pretty much style of vaper.

Wotofo offers the Faris in a variety of color options, each coming with a matching acrylic 810 drip and an extra delrin 810. In addition, it comes with replacement frosted glass tube, three framed stapled coils, a set of agleted cotton wicks and a coil tool in addition to the various spare parts.

The Faris has a four terminal postless build deck that can handle fairly large coils leads, each secured by hybrid screws that are be tightened using either flat head or Phillips screw drivers.

Building the spacious postless build deck is straight forward, simplified by using the included L-shaped coil rod. The rod will help produce a 3mm diameter coil and the leads can be clipped to the same height as the leg of the rod. This will allow the coil to sit at the right height to be hit by the incoming air from the bottom and side.

There are three decently sized, angled airflow holes on each side of the deck, pointing down towards the bottom of the coils. 

The barrel section locks in place in front of the airflow to allow air to pass through without alignment issues. The top of the barrel section has some decorative cutouts that aren't sharp but seem like they could be. 

Air is easy controlled  by twisting the top cap, shutting off the airflow one port at a time using a cyclops style slit. Rubbing a bit of juice on the o-ring gives the top cap a comfortable amount of tension without becoming loose.

Having the air two-thirds open seems to be the sweet spot for dense vapor production, slightly restricted direct lung draw and plenty of flavor. 

The wicking ports are large enough to stuff a pair of cotton wicks down below the build deck when using a two coil build. Wotofo included two plugs to place into the wicking ports if a larger single coil is desired. 

However, since the a large amound of deck space, it makes more sense to stick with two 3mm diameter coils just to take up more area in the chamber for more flavor and condensed vapor production.

a disassembled view of the Wotofo Faris RDTA/RDA

Wotofo Faris RDTA and RDA sections

Transforming the Faris between RDTA and RDA usage modes is just a matter of unscrewing the RDTA section and screwing on a small plate that acts as the bottom of the RDA. It is really quite simple.

When the RDTA base is attached, the tank capacity is 3ml which seems like a decent amount. Another ml capacity would probably have made the overall size of the unit just a tad too tall.

Filling the tank can be done two ways, right down the wicking ports between the cotton wicks with a glass dripper or using the side juice fill port. The juice port has a one way silicone gasket that allows vape juice to flow in using a unicorn bottle but doesn't allow for the e-liquid to come back out.

Using the Faris as a RDA works as a sort of mini-rdta, similar to the first generation Pharaoh, with the juice well being below the build deck. 

There are two sets of pins for the Faris. One set for standard usage and one set for bottom fed setups with a squonk mod. Each set has one small pin for the deck (RDA) section and a longer pin for the RDTA section. Swapping the pins is straight forward but if any confusion ensues, there is a diagram in the manual.

The Faris really shines in bottom feed setups. When squeezing the squonk bottle, the juice first fills the tank section then starts filling the base of the RDA portion, making it pretty difficult to flood. Bottom fed RDTAs is flavor chasing on easy mode.

With just the RDA section is being used, the Faris is still forgiving of heavy fingers but it may spit back a bit if the juice starts to come up on the build deck.

Wotofo did a good job combining the functionality of both RDA and RDTA without losing any performance or aesthetic appeal. It looks good as a standard RDTA and still looks sharp as an RDA.

Overall, this is a very versatile and convenient atomizer that performs quite admirably in both flavor and vapor production. The Wotofo Faris would be a strong choice for the vaper looking to be able to have a single unit that can do pretty much everything.

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