Vaporesso Target PM80 - Vape Pod / AIO
Vaporesso Target PM80 - Vape Pod / AIO


What Could Be Better

  • bottom fonts are small - might be difficult to read for some users


  • Awesome flavor! Nice restricted direct lung draw!
  • Great mesh coil system - new GTX coils  - Two included
  • High build quality - Looks cool with several color options
  • Nice trigger style fire button
  • Killer AXON chipset - smart recommendations, super fast firing and tons of cool features including no sag PULSE mode and safeties/preventions
  • 4ml capacity pods - strong magnetic hold with bottom gasket fill (2 pods included)
  • bright color screen with a equalizer style graphic


Vaporesso Target PM80 - subohm vape pod / AIO - screen and pod
Vaporesso Target PM80 - subohm vape pod / AIO - subohm pod vaping
Vaporesso Target PM80 - subohm vape pod / AIO - pluggable mesh coils
Vaporesso Target PM80 - subohm vape pod / AIO - tank and coils
Vaporesso PM80 Pod mod AIO

Vaporesso Target PM80 Pod Mod

Vaporesso has been releasing quite a few devices lately, some full size, some pod type and all of them have been quite good. Most of their pod systems have had built in coil pods, such as Vaporesso Degree pod vape system, however the Vaporesso PM80 is a pod mod that features a replaceable mesh coil system

The Vaporesso Target PM80 is a compact, pod mod, all in one (AIO) device with a striking appearance from angled lines, sweeping curves and textured back. 

Starting up top with the actual pod, the first thing you notice is sloped, conical shaped, fixed mouth piece, which has a comfortable feel. 

The sides of the pod are clear all the way around the pod, which lets you see exactly how much juice is left. When the level gets to about the same level as the slotted airflow holes on the mod, it is time to refill.

Flipping the 4ml capacity pod over, filling is done by releasing the thick, snug, traditional style silicone plug. The fill port is big enough for even the biggest glass dripper. 

The device comes with two of Vaporesso's new GTX mesh coil line -- one 0.3ohm (32-45W) and one 0.2ohm (45-60W) which plug right into the bottom of pod with the airflow automatically lining up.

Each subohm coil is mesh and has several large juice ports which enable chain vaping. The coils, including the mesh pattern, don't seem visibly different other than the markings.

The performance on each coil is quite excellent in terms of flavor with the higher powered coil producing a warmer, thicker cloud. The 0.3ohm coil gives a cooler vape without sacrificing any flavor.

We extensively tested this device and experienced zero seepage from the bottom of the pod. We recommend using 0mg - 6mg of your favorite vape juice and try to use 70/30 or thicker. 

The PM80 features a fixed airflow system that feeds from the sides of the mod portion and provides a pleasant, smooth, restricted direct lung draw. 

The display is a bright, TFT color screen with customizable (green, blue or pink) accent color and equalizer style graphic. While the wattage is clearly readable, some of the smaller text at the bottom is in a small font that may be difficult to read for some.

The clicky, trigger style firing button has an ergonomic shape that locks the device when pressed three times. Pressing the up and down buttons together drops you in to the simplified menu system.

Built in the device is a 2000mah battery, which is a similar capacity to a single common 18650 battery. On the side is a 2A usb charge port with pass through charging -- meaning you can use the device while it is plugged in.

The brains of the operation is the killer AXON chipset, which we have enjoyed on several devices from dual 18650 mods all the way down to vape pods such as this one.

With the AXON, you get super fast firing, consistent power, smart settings and safeties such as max wattage that prevent the dreaded mega wattage, coil destroying, dry hit.

Final Thoughts and Performance

Each of the included GTX mesh coils are quite excellent with clean, crisp flavor with a smooth restricted direct lung draw. Chain vaping is possible with this device but a single long drag seems more enjoyable with this type of draw.

The provided coils have different power requirements, one low and one higher wattage. To get maximum usage in terms of battery life, use the .3ohm coil at around 30W. At this setting you should be able to get through a whole day with out recharging.

Vaporesso features the bad ass AXON chipset on this mod, which is fast firing, easy to use with tons of features and safeties. 

The PM80 is good for all vapers, including new vapers, looking for a high quality portable vape.

Overall, the Vaporesso Target PM80 pod mod AIO is an excellent device and gives a tasty, enjoyable, restricted direct lung vape with plenty of clouds.

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