Ziip Pods - Grape (JUUL Compatible)
Ziip Pods - Grape (JUUL Compatible)



  • Lightly sweetened, candy style Grape flavor
  • tastes like a big chewy piece of grape gum
  • aroma is very similar to the most popular Grape juice at the supermarket
  • soft throat hit
  • 1ml capacity - 1.8 | 3.0% | 5.0% Strengths (Nicotine Salts Based)

Quick Look at Grape - Ziip Pods (Juul Compatible)

Ziip Pods Grape flavor has a more candy style take on grape -- big chewy grape gum flavor and an aroma like your favorite grape juice.

It has a grape candy type of flavor while not being too sweet and keeping that juicy, fruit flavor you have come to expect from Ziip.

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