Ziip Pods - Pineapple (JUUL Compatible)
Ziip Pods - Pineapple (JUUL Compatible)



  • Tastes similar to Gold Pineapples (sweet but not tart)
  • Slightly sweet, accurate pineapple flavor
  • Pleasant tropical candy aroma
  • Soft throat hit 
  • 1ml capacity - 1.8 | 3.0% | 5.0% Strengths (Nicotine Salts Based)

Quick Look at Pineapple - Ziip Pods (Juul Compatible)

Pineapple fans have a hard time finding a good pineapple flavor. Ziip delivers with a slightly sweet, tropical pineapple flavor that has a "Gold" style pineapple taste and a candy style aroma.

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