Uwell Crown 3 - Sub Ohm Tank - Collage
Uwell Crown 3 - Sub Ohm Tank - Collage


What Could Be Better

  • The top fill system always seems to have a bit of juice on it but not a big deal.
  • The coils may be slightly underrated. They seem to perform best at the upper end of the recommended wattage range.


  • Great Flavor! 
  • Lots of vapor production!
  • coils are super easy to replace and have a very short break in period
  • The build quality of this tank is high. It has a really well thought out design and excellent machining.
  • has a minimum juice indicator on the side of the chimney / coil housing that helps prevent those dry hits
  • comes with 2 SS (SUS316) coils (.25ohm and .5 ohm), a nice 510 but is easily replaceable, one replacement quartz glass, a uwell crown key (a tool for locking the tank to prevent disassembly) and the usual spare parts


Uwell Crown 3 - Sub-Ohm Tank - On the Smok GX 2/4 Mod
Uwell Crown 3 - Sub-Ohm - Packaging
Uwell Crown 3 - Sub-Ohm Tank - Packaging 2
Uwell Crown 3 - Sub-Ohm Tank - Assembled Tank and Coil Insert
Uwell Crown 3 - Sub-Ohm Tank - 510 drip tip
Uwell Crown 3 - Sub-Ohm Tank - Top fill and locking nut
Uwell Crown 3 - Sub-Ohm Tank - Triple Adjustable Airflow 2
Uwell Crown 3 - Sub-Ohm Tank - Triple Adjustable Airflow
Uwell Crown 3 - Sub-Ohm Tank - Pluggable Subohm Coils
Uwell Crown 3 - Sub-Ohm Tank - Pluggable Subohm Coils 2
Uwell Crown 3 - Sub-Ohm Tank - locking nut
Uwell Crown 3 - Sub-Ohm Tank - disassembled tank and parts

Version 2 wasn't as well received as the original but now the Uwell Crown 3 has been released and has brought a lot of attention.  

Everyone is talking about how the new version has brought back the glory to the Crown sub-ohm tanks and this may be the best version yet with its new design elements and new parallel coil system.

Overall Design of the Crown 3

assembled uwell crown 3 and extra coil

Uwell Crown 3

The design of the Uwell Crown 3 seems to be very well thought out, user friendly and easy to use. Overall this is a very good sub-ohm tank that will serve the needs of most vapers. This tank has plenty of flavor with lots of vapor production thanks to a good airflow system and its parallel vertical coils.

Uwell updated the design of this tank around the new "plug and pull" coil system that has no threads.  Most sub-ohm tanks are designed to have the coil screw into the chimney and then the deck to keep the tank together. 

With the Crown 3, replacing the coils is super easy. Just unscrew the airflow section, pull out the old coil and plug in the new one.

Uwell has included 2 stainless steel (sus316) coils one .25ohm (80-90W) and one .5ohm (70-80W) which are parallel vertical coils with 3 juice channels for even wicking.  The wicking channels are wide and well placed making wicking pretty fast, which should make the chain vapers happy. 

While the coils are sus316, they are designed for direct wattage vaping and not temperature control mode.

There is an included locking nut at the top of the chimney, underneath the fill ports, that keep the upper part of the tank from separating when the coil needs to be replaced.  

It is a nice feature but the the locking nut can be left out during assembly without effecting the functioning of the tank. There is a key included as an accessory but a wide flat head screwdriver can be used to lock and unlock the nut when disassembly is required.

The Crown 3 is a 24.5mm wide vape tank that can hold up to 5ml of juice.  That is a respectable amount of juice and the size of the tank is perfectly suited to fit on a two battery mod.  

Two batteries are required to have enough amperage for safe firing of the tank as the lowest wattage requires 70W. For more information on safe mod usage, check out the vaping battery safety guide.

This particular tank comes in variety of colors: stainless steel, black, sapphire blue (featured), rainbow and purple. On the sapphire blue tank, the color is even for the most part but there do seem to be a few lighter areas upon close inspection. 

uwell crown 3 fill ports and locking mechanism

two fill ports and a locking mechanism

The tank features an anti-leak top fill system that has two 3mm by 6.5mm fill ports.  These ports are pretty wide and are easy to fill with a glass dripper as well as unicorn bottles. To fill the tank, the top cap does have to be unscrewed. In future models, the design could be improved to have a slide or swivel top cap.

While the fill system is designed against leaks, which works, there is usually some juice that collects on the top of the fill ports.

Uwell included a 510 drip tip that matches they color of the tank, but for some reason it has an odd mouth feel due to the material choice. It seems to be made of a few different materials to have the ability for the factory to change the color of the tip to match the different tanks. 

I don't like the drip tip but thankfully it is easily swapped for another 510. A 510 ultem tip goes well with this tank and even enhances the looks. In the future, perhaps Uwell will just go with an ultem instead of the current tip design.

Airflow on the Crown 3 is plentiful with its "precision adjustable triple airflow system". This system is a smooth adjustable bottom ring with three 11mm x 2mm bottom airflow slots.


This tank is definitely a beast.  The combination of the coils and airflow provide an enjoyable vape experience. 

The sus316 parallel coil system does require a higher amount of wattage and therefore drains batteries a bit faster. Personally, I thought the .25ohm coil at 90W was the best. If anything the recommended range may have been a little low.

Breaking in the coils didn't seem to tank very long. While it wasn't immediate, it wasn't the majority of a tank like some other coil systems.

The flavor produced by these coils tasted pretty clean and true.  Wicking on the coils is pretty fast. Chain vaping is an option but since the tank is using high wattage, it can heat the tank up pretty fast.

There is plenty of air available to the tank with the three airflow slots.  With the slots at wide open the airflow feels like it is swirling when drawn. While there is some noise on inhale, it doesn't start to get a whistle until the airflow is almost shut off.

As a whole, this tank has really good flavor and puts out the clouds.

Would I buy this tank again?


For sure! 

This tank is very easy to use with the plug-in coil system and provides a very good vape experience.  The Uwell Crown 3 is a real beast at around 80W that provides amazing flavor, plenty of airflow with adjustable triple air intakes and it looks good.

The price of the tank is in line with other sub-ohm tanks. Upkeep costs on the coils is slightly higher than some other common tanks but the performance and ease of use more than makes up for the price difference.

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