What Could Be Better

  • Heavy frame could impact portability


  • Great flavor and huge cloud production 
  • High capacity tank with top fill
  • Leak Proof QF coils - includes 2 QF (tea fiber mesh) coils but also GT core coil compatible
  • Very high build quality with sleek aesthetic appeal
  • Large color screen with touch buttons and haptic feedback
  • Enjoyable Giant **clicky** fire button
  • Lots of color options


Vaporesso Luxe S - Vape starter kit with SKRR-S tank - battery sled
Vaporesso Luxe S - Vape starter kit with SKRR-S tank - color screen
Vaporesso Luxe S - Vape starter kit with SKRR-S tank
Vaporesso SKRR-S vape tank with GT core coil and QF coil

About the SKRR-S Tank

the Vaporesso QF mesh subohm coils

Vaporesso QF coil heads

The Vaporesso SKRR-S is a great vape tank to have included with the LUXE S mod vape starter kit in addition to it looking good as a pair. 

The SKRR-S is a threaded top fill, high capacity (8ml) mesh subohm tank that has some of the best coils around, the QF coil heads. 

These coils, two included, have amazing flavor, huge cloud production and on top of that they are designed to be LEAK FREE.

These coils have a strange look to them but the design is quite innovative. The airflow, supplied by the gold post, is altered to prevent any draining that every subohm vaper has experienced but not loose any flavor. 

Vaporesso also changed the wicking material to a flax fiber cotton blend and expanded the juice flow ports. The flax fiber has a cleaner flavor profile than standard organic cotton and these coils can keep up with the biggest chain vaper.

The overall coil size is a bit larger than the fantastic GT core coil heads, which are compatible with this tank. The SKRR-S can also tank any coil that fits in the Smok Baby Beast including the Hellbeast Supermesh coil heads. However, if you want to experience the QF you need the SKRR-S!

For a more complete picture, check out our full review of the Vaporesso SKRR-S and SKRR-S Mini vape tanks.

The Vaporesso LUXE Mod

The LUXE mod is a very sleek, high tech inspired dual 18650 vape mod that has a lot going for it besides just looking good. 

Right out of the box, the first thing that you notice is the weight of the frame. This mod is thick and has a very beefy frame that has a real sturdy, hefty feeling too it. The face and door are high gloss, which looks great but also picks up prints.

The battery sled has stiff spring loaded contacts to prevent any rattle and are secured by a well fitting, no play magnetic door. This mod does have 2A pass through charging if you don't have a standalone battery charger.

One thing that makes a versatile mod is a centrally located 510 pin. The LUXE looks great with pretty much any common tank from 24 - 28mm. 

A number of design cues were clearly inspired from the smart phone world -- from the curved lines and edges to the large, bright, dimmable, color TFT screen and touch button interface. 

Most touch vape mods have a complete touch screen interactivity, which is just too much. The LUXE has an excellent touch system.

The LUXE has a three touch button row at the bottom of the screen. Each button press gives some haptic feedback (vibration) to the user. As with every other setting, this feedback feature can be disabled, but it works quite well.

The menu system is easy to navigate and can be quite detailed in places. 

On the home screen is a cool dial style firing indicator, all the relevant information like wattage and ohms as well as a dual battery indicator and surprisingly useful digital clock.

After firing the device, the interface locks, preventing any disastrous accidental changes such as maxing the wattage.

We are big fans of the Vaporesso chips. This mod is powered by the very fast, very responsive OMNI board, which can handle pretty much every vape scenario, from the most common variable wattage vaping all the way to custom temperature control. It even has smart settings for automatically suggesting a wattage.

The Luxe has an absolutely fantastic firing button. It is a large, rounded edge, **click** semi-rocker style button that is a joy to use.

Final Thoughts

The tank is great and so is the mod. The flavor is top notch, huge clouds and no leaks. The mod is very slick looking, powerful and is fun to fire.

The Vaporesso Luxe S vape starter kit is a very good dual 18650 kit that is great for vapers that like excellent flavor, huge clouds, high capacity tanks and high powered mods with aesthetic appeal.

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