Smok Morph 219 - TF Tank - Sub ohm Starter Kit
Smok Morph 219 - TF Tank - Sub ohm Starter Kit


What Could Be Better

  • vape band is a bit difficult to use (but does protect quite well)
  • fingerprint magnets (but finish looks cool)
  • 510 drip tip only


TF sub ohm tank:

  • lots of vapor, pretty good flavor, slightly restricted lung hit 
  • huge 6ml capacity, easy to use pluggable coils

Smok Morph 219W dual 18650 box mod:

  • Awesome Mod! Very enjoyable to use!
  • Fantastic Squeeze Fire with hollow click
  • Comfortable hand feel, Substantial Weight, cool looking finish
  • new super responsive IQ-S chip 
  • vibrant, responsive color touch screen - simplified menu with good UI
  • fast stealth button, fire locking, pin code and custom fire modes


Smok Morph 219 TF Mesh Sub ohm Starter Kit - Morph Mod and TF subohm vape tank
Smok Morph 219 TF Mesh Sub ohm Starter Kit - disassembled and parts
Smok Morph 219 TF Mesh Sub ohm Starter Kit - silicone tank sleeve
Smok Morph 219 TF Mesh Sub ohm Starter Kit - TF Mesh Sub ohm Tank
Smok Morph 219 TF Mesh Sub ohm Starter Kit - mesh sub ohm coils
Smok Morph 219 TF Mesh Sub ohm Starter Kit - TF Plug subohm coils
Smok Morph 219 TF Mesh Sub ohm Starter Kit - screen off

Smok has released what we think will be the new standard bearer vape starter kit for the Smok brand: the Smok Morph 219W dual 18650 mod with TF Sub Ohm tank.

The flagship tank that will surely be seen on all the Smok kits going forward is the new TF sub ohm tank. It has the same basic look as the older but very popular TFV8 (Baby Beast) and TFV12 sub ohm tanks

Filling the tank is straight forward, press the button at the top and the top swings open to reveal the fill port. Hold the tank at an angle to fill up for proper venting.

One of the frequent complaints about older Smok tanks was the weird, proprietary drip tip size. For the TF, Smok went back to the smaller but standard 510 drip tip instead of the larger 810 and an adapter.

Smok includes a 2ml straight glass as the replacement tank and ships the tank installed with the huge 6ml capacity convex glass. 

A large silicone sleeve is in the package to protect the vulnerable bubble glass. The sleeve is effective at protecting the glass but is difficult to put in place and obscures the juice level.

The biggest change over previous Smok tank incarnations is the new pluggable coil system. Unscrew the bottom and just plug the BF-Mesh coils right in place, couldn't be easier. 

Smok lists the starter kit as coming with one 0.25ohm mesh coil and one .35 ohm coil but the kit reviewed had two 0.25 mesh coils. Looking at the mesh inside the coil, it appears more like the net or honeycomb style mesh than the traditional screen style mesh.

Smok Morph 219W with TF Sub Ohm Tank Vape Starter Kit with touch screen illuminated and convex high capacity glass

Smok Morph 219 TF SubOhm Starter Kit

The Morph 219W dual 18650 box mod is a combination of features from several hit mods from Smok. We were big fans of the Alien 220W and this mod has the same kind of look and feel but has some welcomed improvements.

A huge improvement over the X-Priv and G-Priv touch screen mods is a simplified menu system with a well designed user interface. 

The color touch screen is vibrant and very responsive even for larger fingers.

Right above the fire bar is a small, dual purpose button to drop into stealth mode and unlock the screen for adjustments. 

The kit is available in different colors, most having a very shiny metallic look that seems more like metal plating than paint. However, the metal finish does collect prints.

Here are some other highlights of the mod:

  • is fired by squeezing the closed hand and gives a satisfying hollow click.
  • firm centrally located spring loaded 510 pin that looks great with 26mm tanks
  • the bottom battery door is spring loaded with a latch instead of just sliding into place
  • the screen auto locks after firing
  • new IQ-S chipset is fast firing 
  • more accurate ohm readings 
  • simple TC controls with TCR
  • has some bonus features like PIN code, custom colors and background
  • 4 customizable fire modes (but no firing curves)
  • 3 click firing lock / 5 click on-off, stealth firing, fast single watt adjustments


Performance on the TF tank is pretty good, an overall improvement over previous tanks.

With the 0.25 coil, the TF has pretty good flavor and produces lots of vapor. The tank has smooth, but a tad loud, airflow with a slightly restricted direct lung draw

Best results were achieved at 65W with the airflow a third to half open and using the larger capacity convex glass as these coils are thirsty.

The Morph is a very enjoyable mod to use, perhaps the best mod from Smok in some time. The touch screen is responsive and the simple menu makes it very easy to adjust and customize. The squeeze fire is very satisfying just like the Alien.

The Smok Morph 219 TF sub ohm starter kit is easily one of the best full size kits from Smok in a while and will probably be a best seller in no time. Smok will probably start releasing all sorts of new coils for the TF tank as it becomes more widely used, so expect the Morph kit to get better and better.

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