Wotofo takes sub-ohm vaping to the next level with the nexMesh tank featuring a new conical mesh coil design for dense clouds with huge flavor.

Wotofo Nexmesh - Next Level Mesh Sub-ohm Vape Tank [Review]

Wotofo Nexmesh Subohm Tank - collage
Wotofo Nexmesh Subohm Tank - collage


Wotofo Nexmesh Subohm Tank Specifications

  • 28mm diameter
  • 810 drip tips
  • 3.5ml capacity and 5ml with Bubble Glass
  • German PEEK


  • High quality NexMesh coils (pluggable)
  • Slide top filling with gasketed fill port

What comes with the Wotofo Nexmesh Subohm Tank

  • one Wotofo Nexmesh Subohm Tank
  • two Wotofo Nexmesh Coils - one K-A1 and one SS316 


Tank Design

gold colored Wotofo Nexmesh sub-ohm Vape Tank

Wotofo NexMesh Sub-ohm Tank

After taking the tank out of the package, disassembling the tank and reassembling after a quick bath in the sonic cleaner, one thing is apparent -- this tank is designed very well and has a build quality to match.

The nexMesh has really good design lines and looks cool with either the 3.5ml straight glass or the higher capacity glass. Wotofo makes the nexMesh available in all the classic vape colors: black (ofcourse), different shades of grey including a stainless option, annealed steel rainbow, a cool blue and the gold. 

Each tank comes with a matching acrylic 810 drip tip that works pretty well. These tips come with a small o-ring for increased retention, they almost snap into place. Using an alternate 810 is possible but may not work as well.

Filling with a good vape juice is fast using the vented top fill port using a unicorn bottle and also can handle big glass droppers. 

Sliding the top fill back reveals a gasket that prevents leaks and spills and don't worry about the top sliding out of place on accident as it if quite firm. This system prevents leaks and works quite well but pouring liquid out is a bit more of a chore.

Gripping the well placed, subtle knurling will allow for easy removal and replacement of the coil (or full disassembly) even with slick fingers.

It's All About the Coils

The nexMesh uses a pluggable coil system (easy mode) and Wotofo includes two nexMesh coils: 

  • one Kanthal A1 coil - 0.2ohm - rated at 75-85W
  • one SS316 coil - 0.15ohm 55-75W

Each coil has a double layer of organic cotton and very wide wicking ports for fast.

OFRF, who were made famous with their mesh strips for the Wotofo Profile flavor chasing RDA and later the bar setting Wotofo Profile mesh RTA, designed these coils. They must have some crazy vape genius over there.

These coils have a net shaped mesh and a game changing conical shape, wider at the bottom and narrow at the top. More vapor is produced at the bottom that is compressed as it moves up the coil to deliver an intense flavor profile

This is a very effective and clever sub-ohm coil design. Good job OFRF and Wotofo!


The coil rating for best wattage seems a bit high. The best flavor and a cooler vape was found on the K-A1 coil around 65W and at the lower end of the range on the SS316 coil.

This tank has a triple airflow system that provides lots of air for huge vapor production. Cloud chasers will be quite happy. The double wicking system will keep chain vapers more than happy with constantly saturated coils.

On some tanks cutting the air down boosts flavor but with this tank wide open AFC is better. Way better. The flavor production is very good -- bright, saturated and leaves a pleasant aftertaste.  

Final Thoughts

This subohm tank is outstanding. Thanks to an ingenious coil design, the Wotofo nexMesh delivers saturated flavor and dense clouds.

This tank is awesome for subohm vapers that like huge clouds, chain vaping and don't want to sacrifice flavor or convenience.

The Wotofo nexMesh looks cool, has high build quality, has a lot of subtle features and the performance to take your vape to the next level.

What Could Be Better

  • Gasket prevents leaks when filling but also prevents pouring out juice from the top


  • Awesome performance! 
  • Delicious Flavor and Thick Vapor
  • nexMesh coil system is fantastic - Conical mesh design compresses vapor as it moves upward
  • Double wicking (Twin Absorbtion System) for reliable wicking for cloud chasers and chain vapers
  • 2 coils included - Kanthal-A1 and SS316 coils included
  • Sliding top fill system with leak prevent gasket - works great
  • High build quality and Excellent performance driven design
  • Peak aesthetics - Looks good  - Available in all the colors

Get direct from Wotofo (in California)