Vaporesso Solo 22 MTL AIO Vape Pen Collage
Vaporesso Solo 22 MTL AIO Vape Pen Collage


What Could Be Better

  • Fixed airflow - Default is enjoyable but can be further restricted by putting thumb over some air holes (or tape)


  • Awesome Flavor
  • Enjoyable draw - on the looser side of MTL and restricted DL possible
  • Compatible with the new pluggable EUC coil family - one mesh and once CCell included
  • Easy to use - device automatically adjusts to the installed coil
  • Built in charging 
  • 510 drip tip compatible


The Vaporesso VM Solo 22 is an easy to use MTL all-in-one (AIO) vape kit that provides some serious all day flavor chasing that is perfect for home and portable usage. 

Integrated into the device is the tank section that works just like you might expect. At the top is a decent, standard 510 drip tip on the cap that twists off for filling the 2ml capacity tank section. 

The fixed airflow ring is build right into the stick mod portion that provides a loose mouth to lung draw or tight restricted direct lung draw. This is an enjoyable draw but if you want the draw tighter you can cover some of the air holes with either your thumb or some trimmed down electrical tape for a more permanent solution.

The stick mod and tank separate from each other, with the coil plugging into the stick section.

The Vaporesso VM Solo 22 provides a more versatile vape experience than you can get from a simple vape pod or smaller vape pen device thanks to the pluggable EUC coils from Vaporesso. 

Included with the kit are two coils: one EUC mesh with tea fiber wicking and one CCELL coil. Tea fiber provides a more even and fast soak as well as providing more consistent vapor production with clean flavor. We recommend 6mg of your favorite vape juice for the best results with the mesh coil.

The CCELL coil is designed for use with nic salts vape juice and require less power, extending your battery life. We recommend using a 25mg nic salt e-liquid.

Vaporesso's OMNI mini chip is smart enough to adjust itself to the coil you select to use.

With an internal 2000mah battery, the device has plenty of life to last more than all day and with 1A charging you can be back at full power in 90 minutes. There is an LED battery indicator ring around the fire button that provides a rough idea of how much charge is left.

Overall, this AIO provides some serious flavor and surprising vapor production with a very enjoyable, loose mouth to lung draw. This kit is perfect for the vaper looking for a device that provides more than a simple vape pod or vape pen.

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