We share our picks for the best vape box mods.  Find the best ecig mod for your rig with the features you want.  More power? Temperature Control? Faster Firing!

Best Vape Mods 2019 (Box Mods)

Keep in mind that new devices are coming out on a daily basis and this guide will be updated regularly. This best of list will cover all sorts of box mods from mods for clouds, mods to help quit smoking, as well as compact and stealth mods.

Best Vaping Mod for Clouds

Cloud Chasing mods for Direct Lung Vapers

photo of huge cloud in the sky

clouds bro

If you are wanting to blow huge clouds there are tons of choices out there that will satisfy. Most modern mods will be able to give a nice plume of vapor to one degree or another.  There are a few features that we want to find in the mod if we are just looking for huge clouds.

Features we want in a mod for blowing clouds:

  • low ohm resistance capability to handle builds designed for clouds
  • fast powering, fast firing -- capable of higher wattages
  • multiple batteries 
  • temperature control isn't as important but some people like tc builds

We want to pair our cloud mod with a vape tank with good airflow for taking deep direct lung hits, a lower ohm, high surface area coil build and a high vg juice.

Two Battery Mods

Two battery mods are the most common out there and are probably the best pick for most people. Having two batteries allow for decent battery life and moderately high wattages. 

Augvape Druga (Regulated VV/VW Box Mod)
Augvape Druga (Regulated VV/VW Box Mod)


The Augvape Druga Foxy is very sleek dual 18650 regulated box mod that  combines an attractive design with ease of use. Augvape aimed for a classy looking mod with classic features and hit the mark with the Druga Foxy.

The mod is variable voltage and variable wattage (VV/VW) only, the firing mode which is preferred by the wide majority of vapers, particularly the sub-ohm crowd.  

It is fast firing and automatically turns on after a battery swap.

In a time when the trend is bigger screens, Augvape goes back to a simplified display, which shines through a tinted window on the face panel.

With the controls hidden behind a glossy magnetized panel, there are no more accidental setting adjustments, the mod is basically set and forget.

On the side panels is a faint geometric design along with the Druga logo, which is reminiscent of designer sunglasses. Alternative side panels are available for a more custom look.

Swapping atomizers is fast and easy thanks to an innovative quick release button that allows the tank to just pop out of the 510 connection. No more annoying struggles with RDAs that won't disengage! 

Overall, the Druga Foxy is a very attractive vv/vw box mod, with a straight forward feature set and quick release, that is perfect for vapers that appreciate form AND function.


  • Fast firing! 
  • Looks Great! Sleek design with hidden controls and changeable panels
  • Auto start after battery swap
  • simple to use 
  • Quick release for easy tank swaps
  • heavy, sturdy, comfortable hand feel

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VooPoo Drag 157W Box Mod collage
VooPoo Drag 157W Box Mod collage


The VOOPOO DRAG 157W TC box mod features the GENE chip and is a absolute beast. The Drag, a dual 18650 box mod, hits like a champ and has a sleek, classic box mod look with all the most up to date features and safety protections.

The GENE chip has received accolades from vapers every where and for good reason. This chip is state of the art for vape mod technology. 

Not only can it do everything a high end chip such as the DNA chip found on super expensive mods can do but it is one of the fastest firing and most powerful chips around. 

The Drag is highly power efficient with a chip efficiency rating of 95% which translates into accurate and reliable power output regardless of whether the mod is in wattage or temperature control mode.

This mod has a smart VW (variable wattage) that can recommend the ideal output for the attached atomizer and can easily adjust. It even has a SUPER mode that activates between 130W and 157W for high wattage vapers.

Complimenting its slim, classic two battery design, the Drag also features a simplified display. This simplification makes the menu navigation take a little more effort than mods that feature displays on the mod face making this mod a bit difficult for new vapers but if you have been around mods a little bit you will fall in love.

Voopoo really went all out on the build quality of this mod. It is made from what seems like a solid piece of high quality stainless steel which give the mod a bit of heft and sturdy feel. The sides of the mod features on one side stylized laser etched DRAG and the other is a carbon fiber panel.

With a atomizer resistance range of 0.05 ohm to 3.0 ohm, high power output and a full featured and accurate temperature control and very fast firing this mod is a good fit for the vaper looking for strong performance.


  • uses the badass GENE chip
  • extremely fast firing and very powerful
  • looks great with sleek design, laser etching and carbon fiber
  • very high build quality
  • has a smart variable wattage that can automatically adjust and recommend ideal output based on resistance
  • has a SUPER mode for high wattage vaper
  • Temperature Control supports -  SS316, Ti, Ni200 and TCR
  • can fire down to 0.05ohm - even in TC mode
  • simplified display
  • strong battery door magnets
  • firmware upgradeable

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GeekVape Blade 235W two battery mod collage
GeekVape Blade 235W two battery mod collage


The GeekVape Blade vape is a quality two battery box mod kit that features the versatile and fast firing AS chipset.

The body of the Blade is made from an aircraft grade polymer (PPS), giving the mod durability, a lighter weight and an interesting tactile sensation that isn't slippery.

The 510 platform has a 25mm diameter and the pin is spring loaded. The mod has rounded edges with a curved top and bottom on the front. This curve gives it the mod an interesting look but limits the diameter of atomizer to 25mm without overhang.

On the back side, the battery door has prominent, stylized venting and is secured by four strong magnets with no rattle or looseness. 

This mod is able to use 3 types of batteries for lots of choice on power: 18650, 20700 and 21700. The sled is prefit for 20700/21700 with a secure fit on both. To use 18650s, GeekVape includes a tray that adapts the battery sled to size.

Overall, the GeekVape Blade is comfortable, performant mod that is fast firing and easy to use with a slew of battery options. 

  • mod has a comfortable hand feel and button position
  • AS chipset is fast firing, accurate and powerful
  • battery sled handles 20700, 21700 batteries by default (18650 with tray insert)
  • using 21700 batteries will give long lasting performance
  • the screen displays all the desirable information is a clean arrangement
  • the mod made from a durable, lightweight aircraft grade polymer (PPS)
  • comes in a bright color blend but also available in standard matte black and a blue
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Smoant Cylon 218W Box Mod collage
Smoant Cylon 218W Box Mod collage


The Smoant Cylon is a dual 18650 218W box mod that is fast firing with strong performance from the Ant218 v2 chipset, is easy to use and comfortable to hold as well as fire.

On the top of the mod, the spring loaded 510 is firm and well secured by a perfectly flush, wide, surrounding top plate.

The central placement of the 510 pin is fantastic and enables the use of very wide diameter tanks, up to 30mm with no overhang or aesthetic issues!

The 18650 batteries are bottom loading and the battery door is utilizes a slide and lock system, which is easy to secure but may be a little on the loose side.

The color screen is large and bright. This mod has a very easy to use menu system with a lot of options.  During regular usage mode, the display has multiple layouts including a simple display with a changeable wallpaper and a second display with a speedometer design that looks cool and is fun.

This mod has a comfortable hand feel and a large fire button on the side of the device for index finger firing.

Overall, the Smoant Cylon is a comfortable, two battery mod with great performance, particularly for variable wattage vapers.


  • fast firing, accurate and high powered
  • large tanks are no problem thanks to central placement of the 510 pin (even 30mm looks good!)
  • large well placed button for easy firing (on the side for index finger triggering)
  • comfortable hand feel
  • huge color screen with cool firing display 
  • easy to use menu system
  • batteries are bottom loading and secured with a slide and lock system
  • able to set your own wattage curves

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Augvape V200 Box Mod Collage
Augvape V200 Box Mod Collage


Inspired by a powerful car engine, the Augvape V200 is a dual 18650 200W box mod that has a different style than other mods out there. 

It has a tough looking design and features a prominent, knotched button offset on the top right of the device. It is rotatable to scroll up and down in the settings and wattage (one watt increments! nice!). 

There is no menu to navigate which keeps things easy, just different modes and wattage is adjustable.

The fire button is actually the top of screen believe it or not and it works pretty well for a click thumb fire.

This mod has three modes:

  • a normal variable wattage mode
  • V mode - a faster ramp up setting that provides stable power at higher wattages (most users will be happy with this mode)
  • BYPASS mode for classic mechanical style usage (advanced user mode - don't recommend this mode for new vapers)

There is no temperature control on this device which keeps things simple, particularly for vapers that don't use TC anyway!

The slide and lock bottom battery door is quite secure and isn't loose which has been a problem for these type of doors in the past. Battery orientation is clearly marked, which is a nice thing to see. For people worried about the lack of visible battery venting, the gap around the door acts as venting.

On the top of the mod, the platform surrounding the centrally located 510 is slightly raised, fitting 24mm and 25mm tanks perfectly but larger diameter atomizers will experience a slight gap.

Overall, the V200 is a strong performing variable wattage device for vapers that are looking to keep things simple, yet not sacrifice any power.


  • Fires right away
  • simple and straight forward to use!
  • top of the screen is a clicky thumb fired button that feels natural
  • wattage adjusts in one watt increments
  • centrally located 510 pin
  • secure slide and lock bottom battery door which is clearly marked
  • interesting fire mechanism and rotating adjustment buttons
  • bright, clean display and dimmable screen
  • comes in matte black, red and white
  • the included micro USB is pretty nice and is wrapped with a red nylon fiber

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Smoant Charon 218w Tc Rating: 9/10

smoant charon 218w mod

The Smoant Charon 218w TC box mod is a very strong performing dual 18650 device.  Shaped in a familiar kind of configuration for a two battery device, it comes in gold black, stainless and bronze and has lots of wraps that you can put on the battery door to make it more customized.

Using the Ant218 chipset, this device is able to fire down to 0.1ohm and can handle Ni200, titanium (Ti), stainless steel 316 (Sus316) and nichrome (NCR), as well as TCRs and custom temperature curves (supported through use of software).

Similar to the Battlestar in many ways, the Charon is very fast firing with no real discernible delay between pressing the fire button and getting action.  

The menu system is super easy to use and switching modes is a snap. 

Overall this is a very good device selection for any vaper looking for a versatile yet easy to use mod.


  • very fast firing like the Battlestar with lots of protections built in
  • fires down to 0.05ohm and features automatic resistance lock
  • solid feeling device with no battery or button rattle (high build quality)
  • clicky fire button
  • very easy to use menu system and mode switching
  • will handle up to 25mm tanks without overhang
  • temperature control capable (Ni, Ti, SS) with TCRs for custom temperature control
  • firmware upgradeable 
  • a good (and more affordable) alternative to DNA based devices
  • battery venting is fairly prominent 
  • well fitting, easy to remove battery door with a enjoyable feeling leather wrap
  • spring loaded 510


  • Smoant products while very good, aren't available at most retailers.
  • custom temperature curves are controlled with software instead of on device, but not many people actually mess with curves

Smoant Battlestar Collage
Smoant Battlestar Collage


The Smoant Battlestar was first released back in the second half of 2016 and has been one of the vape community's favorite two battery mods ever since.  It is powerful, feels good in the hand and is good looking.

Able to handle down to 0.1ohms, this mod is fast firing and is able to handle pretty much any build.  The Battlestar with go up to 200w in wattage mode but can also handle nichrome, titanium and three types of stainless steel in temperature control mode. It even has TCR for a more custom TC experience. 

It was the first two battery mod to feature the faux triangle shape that has become something of a trend. This shape gives it a comfortable hand feel and is easy to fire with the finger or thumb depending on positioning.


  • powerful device, fires down to .1 ohms at wattage up to 200w and supports temperature control for Ni, Ti, three types of stainless steel and has TCR for customization
  • ergonomic shape that feels good in the hand and can be fired with index finger or thumb based on your hand position
  • recessed area around spring loaded 510 pin for handling seepage
  • strong build quality and no more button rattle (Thanks Smoant for listening to customers)
  • magnetic secured battery door
  • usb charging and firmware upgradeable
  • reverse battery, low resistance, low input voltage, short circuit, overheating protection

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Asmodus Minikin V2 Rating: 8/10

Asmodus Minikin V2

The Minikin V2 is a good two battery touch screen mod that has a great hand feel and a large fire button.


  • touch screen
  • great ergonomics w/ big fire button
  • can handle larger diameter tanks and still look good
  • VW (180w) / TC (Ni/Ti/SS) device with upgradable firmware
  • easily becomes go-to two battery mod


premium priced

Price: $90
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Smok Alien 220 - collage
Smok Alien 220 - collage


This squeeze-fired two-battery mod from SMOK, quickly became one of their most popular mods ever for good reason. This mod has inspired many of their more recently released devices, making this mod a classic. It is featured in one of the best selling two battery mod vape starter kits of all time.

The Alien has one of the most informative and well designed display screens. This mod utilizes a familiar button click pattern for powering on and off as well as adjusting the settings in the menu system.

It is a 220w, firmware upgradeable, high functionality vape mod that is easy to use and is very comfortable to fire. The Alien 220w has one of the best squeeze fire bars on the market, which has been imitated many times but never quite replicated.

Swapping batteries is fast with a quick release bottom battery door, saving precious time when you need to get some fresh power and get back to what you were doing.


  • Two Battery - 220w device with Ni/Ti/SS TC modes as well as TCR
  • Squeeze Fired instead of button triggered, an enjoyable feature and welcomed change from just seeing front fire mods
  • Most informative and well-layed out display screens we have seen
  • easily upgradeable firmware
  • aesthetically pleasing with different color accents to match your style
  • looks good with 24s and 25s
  • secure bottom loading battery compartment

Two (or More) Battery Mods

Mods that can convert or come with more than two batteries

Mods that have more than two batteries a lot of the time have similar control boards are some of the two battery mods but have longer life and actually enables safe usage of full wattage. 

Smok Gx 2/4 Apv Box Mod Rating: 9/10

Smok GX 2/4 - two / four battery APV box mod

The Smok GX 2/4 APV (advanced personal vaporizer) box mod seems to be the spiritual successor to the Alien 220W.  It is stylish, well designed, and powerful.

When the Alien was first released it was received extremely well. It was the everyday workhorse mod for a large number of vapers including myself.  This mod has become started to take over that spot.

It has the ability to fire up to 350W when using four batteries and 220W in two battery mode.  The mod features a slim profile squeeze or front firing bar that is natural feeling to depress.

Smok bills the GX2/4 as the smallest two battery mods on the market and when in 4 battery mode it isn't much bigger than some three battery mods.

If you are looking for a powerful mod that is also easy to use and also looks attractive, this may be the mod for you.


  • squeeze fired with a slim profile front fire bar (feels natural)
  • two battery (220W) and four battery configurations (350W) with four battery door included
  • very well designed, sleek and stylish looking , high build quality
  • upgraded paint (very smooth like a waxed car) in a variety of colors
  • can take 25mm tanks without overhang 
  • comfortable in the hand
  • spring loaded 510 pin


  • fire bar is slightly offset in two battery mode and perfectly centered when in four battery mode (may be a con to some)

Best Single Battery Mod

26650 and 18650 battery capable

GeekVape Aegis - 26650 single battery mod - collage
GeekVape Aegis - 26650 single battery mod - collage


Got fumble fingers or like the great outdoors? The GeekVape Aegis is a very sturdy mod that is shockproof, waterproof and dust proof.  This is the perfect device for the vaper who wants a durable, quality mod.


  • Shockproof (drop resistant), Waterproof and Dust proof! This is the perfect outside vape mod. The Aegis has a very high build quality.
  • Very durable, sturdy feeling mod with a bit of weight to it
  • extremely fast firing! (the fastest we have tested). Firing seems near instantaneous and GeekVape claims 0.015 seconds.
  • will fire down to 0.05 ohms 
  • large, ergonomic front firing button
  • the Aegis is a single battery mod
  • perfect fit for the 26650 battery size as well as the 18650 with the included battery adapter
  • can handle all the temperature control wires, plus has TCRs and variable power curves
  • Features a well laid out display screen with easily adjustable screen brightness.

Vaporesso Nebula Rating: 8/10

Vaporesso Nebula

The Nebula from Vaporesso is a single battery mod (capable of using either standard 18650 or the wider 26650).   It features the new OMNI board which is capable of a bunch of cool features, such as custom firing curves in both wattage and TC mods, in addition to features that vapers have come to expect.


  • It is small. Particularly for a mod capable of taking a 26650, easily fitting in the hand. 
  • Ergonomic design with comfortable hand feel.  Has a pleasant feeling textured back plate and trigger front firing button.
  • The width of the device is able to take a 25mm tank and still look great
  • Has smart VW for estimating optimal firing based on coil resistance. Helps prevent those overfiring situations when you switch your tanks.
  • Custom firing curves for wattage and TC in addition to TCR modes. Curves mode really lets you get a custom vape tailored to your tastes.
  • The mod is capable of firing up to 100w (80 with 18650) which is more than you would want single battery, just for battery life. This is not a mod for high watt vaping. (comes with a battery adapter for using the 18650 option)
  • Has an extra mode button to stay away from those annoying multiple button press menu design seen on many other mods


  • Surface picks up fingerprints
  • the design aesthetics may not be for everyone
  • very slight firing delay

Best Squonk Box Mods (Bottom Feed)

Feed the Juice Right to Your RDA with a Squeeze Bottle Built into the Mod!

Wotofo Recurve Squonk Box Mod - collage
Wotofo Recurve Squonk Box Mod - collage


The Recurve Squonk Box Mod is a straight forward, unregulated (direct power) single battery device with a PCB that provides all the safety features anyone could want. Mech style vaping and the peace of mind of regulated box mods.

This squonk box has a reassuring heft and has a rubberized surface and a highly ergonomic form factor that provides an excellent hand feel.

With a large, clicky fire button and ample, easy squeeze bottle, using an RDA is made convenient.


  • unregulated power output based on battery life and has safety protections
  • mechanical style with modern safety features
  • will fire 0.08ohm builds and will shutoff at 3.2v
  • LARGE 8ml capacity with very functional bottom feed system and easy access panel 
  • ergonomic shape for max comfort
  • sturdy and enjoyable hand feel 
  • large *clicky* fire button
  • LED light indicator hidden behind squonk bottle (illuminates bottle from behind)
  • 2A USB charging port
  • can take single 18650/20650/20700/21700 batteries - battery adapters included
  • no battery rattle and clear battery placment direction indicators
  • up to 26mm diameter RDAs have no overhang

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Vaping Mods for Beginners

Mod Basics Guide

innokin coolfire IV in hand

smaller mod in hand

When you are quitting smoking with an ecig the mod you want to get is probably different than the mod you want for giant plumes of vapor.  New vapers are typically current smokers or recent ex-smokers are looking to fill the role that traditional cigarettes left behind.  The feeling of warm vaper being pulled into your mouth before inhaling, tickling the back of the throat.  This is known as mouth to lung (MTL) vaping.

New vapers are usually well suited to get a mod that fits with a tank that ends up performing similar to a cig, even if you don't get the tobacco flavor or lingering smoke smell!  The type mod that we would recommend to beginners and ex-smokers would have a few features in common.

We would like the mod to be small and portable for a few reasons.  It is probably going to be an accessory that is going to go everywhere; car, work, restaurant patio, etc.  Being small it would be easy to be more stealthy or fit mostly in your hand.  Since size is important it probably will only take a single battery or have a built in battery as we would see in a vape starter kit.

It should also have some built in safety features like battery or firing protections as well as power on/off that isn't easy to trigger accidentally.  For example the innokin coolfire pictured above has an actual on / off switch at the base but most modern mods have a button sequence built in for turning it on and off.

Mods for quitting smoking are best with a vape tank with controllable airflow for mouth to lung style hits and a higher PG juice, (70/30 PG/VG) to get that familiar throat hit.  The nicotine level is probably going to need to be higher for recent ex-smokers to be comparable to cigs and can be dropped from there.

What is a mod?

(Vape Mods, Ecig Mods, Box Mods, Mech Mods ...)

A mod, at is basic level,  is a device that supplies power from batteries to an atomizer in an effort to vaporizer the juice.  When e-cigarettes first came on to the market they were simply a battery and a fire button.  

comparison of unregulated tube mech mod vs a modern regulated box mod

mech mod vs modern box mod

Mech mods are still a battery holder (often just a metal tube) and some way to complete the circuit to heat the element. These mods are pretty out dated and just supply raw power to your atomizer; giving you no control.  

These mech mods are so simple they are actually safety free.  There are no protections provided by the device as seen on newer consumer minded devices.  More modern devices are considered to be regulated devices.

Modern vaping now uses similar devices as the old ones but now have integrated circuitry to provide the vaper with a lot more control over the experience with control over not only the power supplied (as voltage) but wattage and now temperature control.

Regulated mods provide a far superior vape experience since the control over the coil is available. These regulated mods are far safer to use as well since there are built in protections for common hazards such as atomizer short circuits.

Read our Vaping 101: Battery Safety guide to get more details on battery safety with unregulated and regulated mods as well as preventing shorts.

Mod Usage Modes

Variable Wattage (vw) / Variable Voltage (VV) and Temp Control Vaping

Most modern devices have most of these options built in and are selectable from the control menu on your mod.  As each device is different consult the user manual for directions on how to adjust the settings.

Variable wattage (vw) and variable voltage (vv) modes are primarily used when the coil is comprised of kanthal wire builds.  Kanthal wire builds and variable wattage mode is the tried and true setup for most hobbiest vapers. 

While there are a few more simple regulated mods that are just one setting, supplying a constant voltage, essentially all devices on the market that have a display screen have modes to control at least wattage and voltage levels.  These two modes work in concert.  

photo of a vape deck with a twisted wire kanthal coil build on a ohm meter

twisted coil build on ohm meter

The vaper can adjust one of the settings, usually the wattage to control how much power is supplied to the atomizer.  Most experienced vapers adjust the wattage based on the resistance (ohms) of the wire used in the atomizer.  

The higher the resistance the lower the wattage required and higher wattage required for lower ohms.

Temperature control (TC) is a little more complex than simple wattage/voltage adjustments.  When using temperature control, the vaper is looking to control how hot the wire actually gets when being fired.  This can help prevent situations where the juice gets too hot and starts to taste different, burned or giving dry hits.

This feature however requires certain types of wire to be used.  When TC is used, the temp control mode being used has to match the type of wire used in the coil.  

Common wire types for TC builds are nickel, titanium, stainless steel and even traditional kanthal wire.  Always make sure your device can handle the material you are using for your coil and you are using the correct mode!

What is Sub-Ohm Vaping?

where it is at for cloud chasing

Sub-ohm vaping is really another phrase in my mind for cloud chasing.  Everyone likes huge clouds and getting huge clouds has more to do with your atomizer than your mod except that your mod has to be capable of firing a lower resistance build.

When people say sub-ohm what they really are referring to is lower ohm resistance on their coil build.  Under 1 ohm traditionally but .15-.30 ohm builds are quite common.  A number of mods can handle all the way down to .05 ohms when in temperature control mode.  

Be aware that 'sub-ohm tanks' are now understood to mean tanks that have low-ohm coil insert packs.

Keep in mind that ohms measures electronic resistance in the wire; meaning the lower the rating the more electrons can move through the wire at the same time.  This translates directly into build heating up faster.  Some common builds that take advantage of lower ohm resistances can range from:

  • lower gauge (thicker) wire to 
  • exotic builds like fused clapton 
  • twisted wire builds 
  • (builds that use more than one wire and sometimes wires of different gauges)

Essentially all recent manufacture regulated devices are capable of sub-ohm vaping to one degree or another.  When selecting your mod keep in mind that you want to be able to actually use the build you are going for with your atomizer. 

Full Reviews

Augvape Druga Foxy (Two Battery Box Mod)

The Augvape Druga Fox is a very sleek, high quality, easy to use two battery variable wattage 150W box mod, great for vapers in search of an attractive, performant mod.

Wotofo x MikeVapes Recurve Squonk Box Mod (80W)

Wotofo has paired up with MikeVapes to release the Recurve Squonk mod; a very comfortable and easy to use unregulated single battery device with modern safety features.

GeekVape Aegis Legend Mod (Sturdy Durable Dual 18650)

The GeekVape Aegis Legend is the long awaited two battery mod (military grade shock proof, waterproof and dust proof) that is high performance in addition to being very durable.

Smoant Cylon 218W TC Box Mod (Dual 18650)

The Cylon is a two battery mod built around the Ant218 chip is a fast firing mod that supports all the standard temperature control including TCR, has lots of power, a large color screen and a big firing button.

GeekVape Blade 235W (18650 20700 21700 Two Battery Mod)

The GeekVape Blade is a fast firing, lightweight, durable, 235W two battery mod that uses the AS chip and is built from an aircraft grade polymer.

VooPoo Drag 157W TC Box Mod (Gene Chip)

The VOOPOO DRAG 157W TC box mod features the GENE chip and is a absolute beast. The Drag looks great and performs just as good as it looks. It is a fast firing, hard hitting, high powered mod for variable wattage and TC modes.

Augvape V200 200W Box Mod

The Augvape v200 is a dual 18650 200W device that has three modes: bypass, wattage mode and V (stable power output) mode.

Smoant Charon 218w TS (Touch Screen)

Smoant released the new Charon 218w TS (touch screen edition) to it's killer line of two battery mods.  In addition to sleek looks, the mod has an easy to use menu system, lots of options and plenty of power. This is a must have device.

Geekvape Aegis

Got fumble fingers or like the great outdoors? The GeekVape Aegis is a very sturdy mod that is shockproof, waterproof and dust proof.  This is the perfect device for the vaper who wants a durable, quality mod.

Smok GX 2/4 APV Box Mod

The Smok GX 2/4 is a transformer of sorts; able to switch from two batteries to four batteries by swapping an included battery door and adding in the extra batteries.

Smok Alien 220w Mod

The Smok Alien 220w is a revolutionary two battery mod and is the centerpiece of one of the best selling vape kits of all time!

Smoant Battlestar 200W

The Battlestar was the first breakthrough mod for Smoant in to the wider vaping market and found lots of success. The Battlestar has remained a huge hit with vapers thanks to its fast firing, easy use and unique shape.

Eleaf iStick TC200w

The Eleaf iStick TC200w is a fantastic addition to the istick line of products that features three batteries and can fire up to 200w with options for all current temperature control options.

Wismec Reuleaux RX200

The Wismec Reuleaux RX200 is a full featured, three battery 200w device that is cleverly designed to provide consistent firing while the batteries drain.

Koopor Plus / mini

The Koopor Plus and the mini are very similar, great mods with lots of features. The plus being the larger (200w) two battery version, the mini (60w) featuring one battery.

Pioneer4You IPV D2

The IPV D2 and its updates make for an amazing single 18650 full featured 75w mod that can also do nickel temperature control at an awesome price.

Eleaf iStick 50w

The Eleaf iStick 50w is an easy to use mod that provides built in 4400mah battery capacity with pass through charging. This mod targets newer vapers or those that don't want to fuss with batteries.