IJoy Captain RTA Collage
IJoy Captain RTA Collage


What Could Be Better

only 3.8 ml of juice capacity


  • Excellent Flavor profile and vapor production
  • easy to use slide top juice fill system with wide juice port
  • straight forward postless build deck that is well suited to handle flat clapton wire
  • excellent for two coil builds but possible to handle a large single coil
  • four wicking ports

Quick Look at Ijoy Captain RTA

The IJoy Captain RTA seems to be inspired by other postless build deck RTAs like the Vandy Vape Kylin RTA, but offers some improvements without losing any performance.

The deck that comes with the RTA has a floating type design. It is attached to the post and plugs into the airflow control portion of the atomizer. The chimney and tank section then screw into the airflow control section. This design enables a more stable juice flow control without accidentally unscrewing the the parts. If you can imagine, the tank rotates around the post and deck.

The build deck is a gold-plated and postless. It is designed for two coil builds as it has four smaller wicking channels instead of two large wicking channels as seen with other postless designs.

This deck features coil holes which are shaped more like slots, perfect for flat clapton wires.  This deck is fairly easy to build on once the builder is able to correctly size the length of the coil leads, which doesn't take long at all. Get one lead to the right length, then match all of the others. Having two large diameter flat clapton coils on the deck really fills the empty space inside the chamber, boosting the flavor.

There are four decent sized air ports built into the deck, making for good airflow. There are two bottom ports and two elevated, angled bottom-side air ports. This forces the air hit the coils at the correct angle and move right up the chimney for dense, flavorful vapor.

The Captain can also chuck some clouds with the two long air slots at wide open. For the perfect mix of clouds and flavor, half open seems to get the job done.

The Captain RTA comes with a really good 7mm ULTEM drip tip and also includes a 510 drip tip adapter for those that like to use their older style tips. The tip isn't 810 but it is compatable with Smok TFV8 tips if you want to mix and match.

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