What Could Be Better

  • minor seepage using push to fill
  • non-standard mouth piece


  • gives a Great Vape!
  • amazing air flow control for fine tuning draw - MTL and DL possible 
  • Mesh pods for regular juices and CCELL for salts
  • fast and fantastic AXON chip - intelligent adjustments, protections and features like dry hit and juice level warnings
  • very high build quality


two versions of the Vaporesso Degree vape pod system

Vaporesso Degree Vape Pod

The Vaporesso Degree is a high build quality vape pod device aimed at vapers looking for a portable vape that offers more adjustability than the standard single setting push to fire device.

The device has a heavy frame, in terms of structure but not weight, with a matching, no play, magnetic door that secures the pods. The opposing side has a stylized design to match the tip. 

One of the best features of the device is the quite excellent airflow control ring at the top of the pod. The ring is able to provide enough control to give a mouth to lung draw all the way to a loose restricted direct lung draw. 

The drip tip is a non-standard size (not 510 compatible) designed to work with the AFC ring.

On the face is a large firing button for a vape pod, an easy to read screen, up and down buttons, plus the 2A usb charging port.

Inside the device is a 950mAh built in battery and the very powerful AXON chip. We have enjoyed this feature packed chip on full size kits such as the Vaporesso GEN and the Vaporesso Swag II.

The AXON gives the device lots of awesome features that work quite well on this device including:

  • pulse firing mode that gives steady firing for enhanced vape
  • dry hit protection and low juice level warning (saves your pod from nasty mistakes!)
  • smart adjustments and settings based on detected pod and safe wattage limits preventing over powering
  • very fast firing 

The Pods

Included with the Degree are two pods, one mesh and one CCELL. 

The mesh works best at 16-22W and the Degree automatically adjusts to 20W, which is a good middle setting. This pod works best with 6mg vape juice.

The CCELL, a ceramic wicking coil, has a suggested setting of 7-12.5W and works well around 10W with a reduced airflow. This is the best pod for using with nic salts e-liquids.

Each pod pops right into device and has a tight fit. Make sure the ribbon is behind the pod before placing the device. 

At the top of each pod is a push to fill port that is accessible though the top of the device with the pods installed. 


Filling the pod through the top of the device can cause a bit of seepage that collects around the top of pod. Each pod has a snug fit in the device. 

With mega wide bottles you may have to pull off the mouth piece to get a good connection. A 10ml juice bottle is included with the kit for better portability.

Both pods perform quite well. The device has a fairly good battery life even with the mesh pod at higher wattage. The CCELL provides the longest vape time. Charging the device is pretty quick at around an hour most of the time.

The mesh pod provides a killer vape with a surprising amount of vapor production with the airflow wide open and an enjoyable restricted direct lung draw. 

A very good mouth to lung draw is possible with the mesh pod that gives a warm, very bright flavor chasing experience. 

With the CCELL pod, reducing the airflow to give a mouth to lung draw provides the best flavor with nic salts.

Overall, the Vaporesso Degree is a well built vape pod with lots of safeties and features offered by the cutting edge AXON chipset.  

This high build quality device provides a custom draw, from mouth to lung all the way to direct lung, with a fantastic flavor chasing vape experience on both types of pod.

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