Vapor4Life disposable vape pens look and feel like the real deal but this time with peppermint!

Vapor4Life Disposable Vape - Peppermint

A Quick Look

Vapor4Life Disposable Vapes - Peppermint
Vapor4Life Disposable Vapes - Peppermint


Quick Look at Vapor4Life Disposable Vape - Peppermint

This disposable vape looks and performs like the real deal but with the flavor just like the candy but with a strong throat hit.


  • Peppermint is just like a super menthol flavor but with a sweet edge and candy aftertaste
  • cooling menthol mouth feel and strong throat hit
  • accurate mouth to lung draw - looks and feels like a real smoke
  • 3.6% strength (free base nicotine)

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