Often the most effective and budget friendly way to switch from smoking, introduce a new vaper, or get a new rig is to get an e-cig starter kit.  Find the right kit for your situation and vape style.

Best Vaping Starter Kits 2019 (Box Mod / Vape Pen)

Keep in mind that new starter kits are coming out on a daily basis and this guide will be updated regularly. 

Break the Habit with Vape Starter Kits

Vaping as an Alternative to Smoking

Innokin Endura T18 kit on white background

MTL vape pen starter kit

Every smoker knows there are a few positives to smoking and lots of drawbacks.  The positives are all side effects of using nicotine such as increased focus or anxiety reduction.  The healthiest thing you can do is to just quit smoking but everyone who has been addicted knows that is easier said than done.

How exactly does one go about quitting smoking?  Some go cold turkey with mixed results; others just try to replace their nicotine then ween themselves off slowly overtime.  Patches, gum, or pills?  All of these methods don't replace the hand to mouth, oral fixation habits of smoking.

The simplest, most effective alternative to smoking in my opinion is to get nicotine from from vaping.  You get the nicotine your body requires plus the oral aspect of smoking with out the unhealthy combustion of plant materials.

A study from the U.K., studying data from the U.S. has found the same thing:

A report published by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) claims that e-cigarette users are more likely than non-users to successfully quit smoking - for at least three months. E-cigarette users were also much more likely than non-[e-cig]users to try to quit smoking in the first place. The report, which surveyed 161,054 people in the US across almost 15 years, also found that substantially more people in the States are using e-cigarettes, and that this was linked to a "statistically significant increase in the smoking cessation rate at the population level".
Sian Bradley, writing for Wired UK

Here is the article from Wired UK and here is the study from the British Medical Journal (BMJ). 

Another BMJ study concerning the safety of vaping  with regard to carcinogens, assuming safe operating conditions, concluded:

The aerosols form a spectrum of cancer potencies spanning five orders of magnitude from uncontaminated air to tobacco smoke. E-cigarette emissions span most of this range with the preponderance of products having potencies <1% of tobacco smoke and falling within two orders of magnitude of a medicinal nicotine inhaler;
William E. Stephens, author of study

Vape Starter Kits

The Best Way to Get Started Vaping

For a new vaper, with no supplies at all, getting started can be a bit intimidating.  To get started with vaping you need  several items:

  • an atomizer (tank) and mouth piece (drip tip)
  • vape mod (device providing the power mechanism to heat the coil in the atomizer)
  • battery and charger
  • e-liquid

Unless you buy a vape starter kit these are all sold separately; with a kit you can get most of these in one package and with cost savings.  Buying a vape starter kit is definitely the most budget friendly option for new vapers.

Some of the starter kits aren't as forgiving when it comes to upgrading as others.  Knowing the reasons for getting a kit will help you decide which style to buy.

The Best Starter Kit as an Alternative to Smoking

We aren't allowed to say Quitting!

The best e-cig kits for new vapers and vapers on the go looking for a simple device that just plain works are well served by vape pen style starter kits.  

These are easy to assemble, don't have many parts, only have one setting (on or off) and are fill and fire ready.  

These are really great for several situations:

  • a travel vape for taking in the car or using at work
  • someone giving a vaping a test run to figure out if they like vaping
  • a gift for a current smoker
  • lower starting cost

These pen style mods are pretty nice for a few reasons.  They usually come with built in battery and charging capabilities which will help save on the startup cost.  

It is assemble and fire ready.  You don't have to fuss with any settings or figure out what setting is right for the coil, everything is pre-configured.  Since there is only one voltage setting there is usually only one type of coil available for the tank, which can be pretty great since you can just pop in a new coil when the old one burns out.

Best Vape Pen Starter Kits

Round Batteries Included (eGo) type

Some new vapers go right to direct lung but for the most part current or ex-smokers really need to have a mouth to lung vape pen with a higher nicotine level e-juice to be able to switch easily from analog cigs to an e-cig. 

The sub-ohm mouth-to-lung vape pen kits are definitely the way to go for most new vapers, ex-smokers and current smokers looking to get a similar experience to smoking.

Best Mouth to Lung (MTL) Sub-ohm Vape Pen Kit

Great All-in-one Starter Kits for Current or Recent Smokers

Augvape AIO E-Cig Kit
Augvape AIO E-Cig Kit


The Augvape AIO (all-in-one) kit is a sturdy vape pen style starter kit that utilizes mesh coils and top down airflow for plenty of flavor production and surprising airflow options. This all-in-one is capable of restricted lung hits all the way down to a comfortable mouth to lung draw.


  • great flavor!
  • surprising top down airflow (comfortable mouth to lung draw to a restricted lung hit)
  • uses mesh coils
  • feels very sturdy and has comfortable hand feel
  • available in white, slate grey or deep red
  • strong all-in-one choice for new vapers / ex-smokers or an on the go vape

Joyetech eGo AIO Eco kit collage
Joyetech eGo AIO Eco kit collage


The Joyetech eGo AIO ECO is the latest in the very successful eGo series of starter kits.

The eGo AIO ECO is a kit with a simple, straight forward design that is perfect for people looking to switch off cigs to vaping. 

Filling the tank is easy. The mouth piece acts as a complete top which screws on to the coil with stainless steel threading. Juice capacity on the ECO is 1.2ml, held by the glass tank that seals around the top of the battery and silicon gasket around the top. 

Airflow on this device is fixed with air coming in the top, traveling down the coil and back up the chimney. 

This kind of design provides a restricted mouth to lung draw that is very similar to a cigarette, good flavor production and won't leak.

The fire button has a rubberized silicone type of feel and is prominently featured on the device. It is placed for comfortable firing with either the thumb or fore finger.

Charging is simple with the side micro usb port. Pressing the fire button will blink the internal LED light indicating the current charge. While the LED is color is able to be changed to a lot of different colors, the LED color does not indicate charge like other devices.

The size of the device is fairly small compared to other AIO devices, making this a travel friendly device that can be thrown in a pocket or bag. Turn it on and off with the regular five clicks for safe travel.

The size, draw, and ability of the ECO to use high nic and even nicotine salt vape juice makes this kit great for smokers looking to switch to vaping.


  • great for switch off cigs! perfect device for new vapers and ex-smokers
  • this kit is designed for higher nicotine mouth to lung vaping
  • very affordable kit and a the replacement coils are inexpensive compared to other coils
  • simple design 
  • easy to use top fill - top screws onto coil with stainless steel threads
  • comes in a wide array of colors

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Innokin Endura T20S collage
Innokin Endura T20S collage


The Innokin Endura T20S is a fantastic, highly portable vape starter kit that provides a very enjoyable vape experience.

It is very simply to use with its single fire button, twist off top fill and straight forward design. 

To replace the coils, the bottom of the tank unscrews and the new coil inserts like pretty much any other sub-ohm tank.

The kit uses a built in 1500mah battery, which is plenty for all day vaping, and can be charged using the included usb cable. The charge level is clearly indicated by the tri-color lighting around the fire button. 

The default tip is an ergonomic lip shape and is perfect for the mouth to lung style vaping provided by this kit.

This kit provides a great mouth to lung vape experience, good flavor and a familiar draw. Thanks to its simplicity, this kit is a perfect fit for new vapers, ex-smokers and those looking for a portable mouth to lung kit.


  • great flavor 
  • excellent mouth to lung experience
  • perfect for new vapers and ex-smokers - makes a great gift!
  • erogonomic lip shaped drip tip (also includes a cone shaped tip)
  • simple to use single fire button
  • top fill with twist off cap
  • capable of high VG juice liquid
  • tri-color battery indicator
  • comes is a variety a colors

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Augvape Lyfe Pod Vape
Augvape Lyfe Pod Vape


The Augvape Lyfe Pod is a convenient, draw activated,  refillable pod style all in one starter kit that provides nicotine salt based flavor chasing with a familiar, tight mouth to lung draw.


  • great flavor - uses nic salt vape juice
  • enjoyable, tight mouth to lung draw - draw activated firing
  • easy to use (simple to refill and charge lasts all day)
  • refillable pod cartridges
  • perfect for recent or ex-smokers looking for a strong analog

Aspire Breeze 2 AIO collage
Aspire Breeze 2 AIO collage


The Aspire Breeze 2 is an all in one type of system that has a pod so it is kind of a hybrid between the two types of starter kits.

The Breeze 2 is a compact device that is a rectangular shape with rounded edges compared to other all in one vapes that are more of a traditional tube or pen shape.

This shape and size the device lets it slip into pockets or bags easily. There is even a snap on lid to protect the device from any debris or lint getting in the tip, which is a plus.

Dual airflows, which are a series of five holes on each side of the mouth piece, are revealed upon removing the lid. Adjusting the airflow is done by rotating the ring around the chimney section that is found underneath the mouth piece.

The mouth piece is a contoured shape that fits the mouth quite comfortably but is a little hard to pop off.

To replace the coils, simply unscrew the chimney section under the mouth piece to pull out the coil.

3ml of juice is held inside of the pod and the fill port is hidden on the underside of the pod. 

The whole pod can be removed by simultaneously depressing the buttons that are on each side of the device and pulling up on the pod. 

As expected, the coils are easily replaced but so are the pods which is pretty nice, particularly for those vapers that like changing flavors through out the day.

The Breeze 2 includes two different coil types. One coil is a 1.0 ohm coil head with a narrow airflow for mouth to lung vaping and is well suited to thinner liquids with the best performance with a 50/50 VG/PG mix. 

The other coil is 0.6 ohms and has a wider air flow for a more direct lung style of vaping. The 0.6ohm coil also comes with bigger wicking ports for thicker liquids (but not max VG).

Firing the device is comfortable with the thumb and the button is easy to find thanks to the pattern of concentric circles on the face of the button.

Built in LEDs will light the device when fired indicating the charge level, however the lights are hard to see due to the tinted pod particularly when outside. This device will fire while charging as well which is good.

Overall, the Breeze 2 is a very convenient pod system. While it may be wider than other pod systems it has great performance, is capable of both mouth to lung as well as a restricted direct lung, has 3ml of tank capacity and the coil heads are replaceable.


  • great for on the go vaping, new vapers, and ex-smokers
  • allows for restricted direct lung or mouth to lung draws
  • simple to use
  • compact travel size that easily fits small spaces
  • has lots of features for an AIO system including two coil choices, adjustable airflow
  • 3ml capacity is large for this style
  • 0.6 ohm coils for standard vape juice and 1.0 ohm for use with nicotine salt based juice
  • dual firing activation including a large button on the front
  • 1000mah battery - direct voltage depends on charge level - tri-color led battery indicator

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Endura T18
Endura T18


This offering from Innokin is an affordable kit with awesome mouth to lung vape which is perfect for those wishing to switch from smoking to vaping.  

  • Perfect for a new vaper or ex-smoker. It makes a great gift!
  • Fantastic assortment of tip styles included. Something for everybody!
  • easy filling and charging
  • sturdy design

Direct Lung Sub-Ohm Tube Style Vape Starter Kit

Easy Clouds on the Go

Uwell Nunchaku 80W TC starter kit collage
Uwell Nunchaku 80W TC starter kit collage


The Uwell Nunchaku is an awesome looking tube mech mod inspired, single 18650, 80W temperature control starter kit. 

It comes in a wide array of of vibrant metallic colors and has a dynamic appeal for vapers looking for something different from big box mods.

The Nunchaku is takes a single 18650 battery and is able to fit in a control board inside its compact tube. 

Having the replaceable battery allows makes this an all the time kit and is has the same feature set as bigger regulated mods, included wattage and temperature control, even bypass mode.

The shape of the mod has a ergonomic shape that really feels like more of a handle than just a straight pipe shape that lends it a comfortable hand feel and easy firing.

The mod does have a spring loaded 510 pin and is able to take alternate tanks, with 25mm tanks looking the best.

The starter kit comes with a color matching, aggressive looking sub-tank that really makes this kit look cool.

The Nunchaku uses a plug and pull coil system like other recent Uwell sub-ohm tanks. The coils produce great flavor and plenty of dense clouds.

This is an awesome little single battery sub-ohm starter kit for vapers looking for a change of pace from big box mods without sacrificing any of vape experience.


  • strong flavor and vapor production
  • looks awesome!  - comes in lots of color options
  • travels well
  • 5ml capacity with classic threaded top fill
  • bottom loading 18650 for all day vaping with a quick change
  • ergonomic shape with comfortable hand feel and easy firing
  • tank has a condensation holder to limit seepage
  • easy change plug style coils

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Smok Stick Prince Starter Kit - Collage
Smok Stick Prince Starter Kit - Collage


The Smok Stick Prince sub-ohm starter kit is the latest edition of the Stick series that features an updated tube style mod and the TFV12 Prince sub-ohm tank.

Smok really gave this kit a striking appearance with the bright, metallic look along with how the knurled look the bottom of the tube matches the knurling at the bottom of the tank and the very stylish snake skin drip tip. 

Having a smaller form factor makes this kit fairly portable for such a big sub-ohm tank.

Tube style mods are a classic design in the mechanical world but this mod is just mechanical styled as it is spring loaded and has a built chip that provides standard regulated mod safety features which is a huge plus. 

It even has a built in 3000mah battery which is pretty good for such a small form factor. While the battery is 3000mah, it is powering a cloud chucker so it may not last a full day.

On the mod is a diamond shape fire button that protrudes from the housing and gives a satisfying feel when pressed. On the opposite side from the button is the micro USB charging port.

This tube style starter kit comes with the new Prince sub-ohm tank which is probably one of their best so far. 

Pre-installed on the tank is a high capacity bubble glass that enables the tank to hold 8ml of juice. 

Filling the tank is easy using the hinged top fill system is very similar to the Smok Beast tanks except it has a button locking mechanism.

The Prince tank comes with two M4 (0.17 ohm) coils that are designed to work in the same wattage range as the the Stick which has a 45W max.

This setup gives pretty good flavor and plenty of clouds

Overall, this sub-ohm kit is a great tube-style sub-ohm kit that provides direct lung cloud chasing on the go at a great price.


  • easy to fill tank using a hinge system
  • includes two M4 coils for use with this mod
  • uses a smart mechanical fire system - operates like a mech mod but has safety protections such as low resistance and short circuit protections - nice!
  • the Stick Prince has a high capacity (3000mah) integrated battery for long life
  • lots of metallic colors to pick from with a matching cobra skin style drip tip
  • great for people looking for a different form factor than a box mod

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Box Mod Vape Kits

kits with box mods and tanks

comparison photo showing box mod and pen style vape kits

box mod vs pen style starter kits

The box mod style kits is what would be recommended for vapers that plan on vaping for a while.  This style of mod has a lot more features and is more upgradable than the tube style mods.   

Box mod style kits are great for the type of person who:

  • is willing to invest more in a better experience down the road and can foresee upgrading some parts (tank or coils) in the future or start seeing it as a hobby 
  • is planning on switching to vaping or are planning to vape for an extended period of time.
  • only wants one rig.  Replaceable batteries are a must have so you can just drop in fresh batteries instead of plugging in your rig and waiting.
  • have tried vaping and like it or plan on switching regardless.

Box mods as you can see in the photo have a display screen which indicates that the mod is able to have adjustable settings such as variable voltage / wattage settings and more than likely able to utilize newer coil types for use with Temperature Control.

The box mods are also designed more for sub-ohm vaping and are more powerful than its tube style counter parts.  These mods are able to handle upgrading the tank later on and are far superior when it comes to diversity of coils that are available to use in the tank. 

The entry point on these style mods is also usually a little higher as they usually don't come with the necessary 18650 batteries or charger to power the device.  

If you are looking for a kit that you can use for a long period of time in your vape career, definitely start with a box mod style kit.

Best Sub-Ohm Box Mod Kits (Two Battery)

These two battery mods are paired with a great all around sub-ohm tank.

Sometimes these tanks that come with these kits will come with a rebuildable deck section (RBA) making them more like an RTA.

Innokin Proton Scion 2 sub ohm starter kit collage
Innokin Proton Scion 2 sub ohm starter kit collage


The Innokin Proton 235W TC box mod is very reminescent of the Alien, an all time classic mod, thanks to its overall size, shape and fire mechanism. 

It has a fire bar, meaning the device is squeezed to fire, that has a very satisfying click when engaged. Also located on the fire bar is a cool looking proton logo. 

This mod will fire fast! The chip that Innokin used in the Proton is pretty good. This mod has tons of options that can all be controlled. The mod is capable of all the latest temperature control options, including curves, TCR and even can do bypass. The TC even calibrates for optimal presets. 

Innokin selected a huge, bright, color screen (TFT display) with well designed menu system. 

The Proton uses a joystick control that actually works pretty well. The joystick can be held to the right or left to begin changing the wattage or pressed a few times to access the menu system.

The spring loaded 510 pin is offset on top of the mod in a way that will accommodate up to a 30mm tank.

The updated Scion tank, the Scion 2, uses a slide top fill system that works well and holds a 3.5ml of juice that can be expanded with the included, good looking, bubble glass.

This tank uses the new Innokin Plexus coils, which are pretty good. The kit includes the standard quad coil pre-installed but the spare mesh coil is where it is at however. 

The Plexus mesh coils have amazing flavor and are long lasting. 

The Proton starter kit comes in a few color choices, which are accent colors to the main matte black color, all of which look pretty good.

Overall the mod is very attractive, has a great form factor and works like a champ. The Scion 2 sub-ohm tank is pretty awesome with the new Plexus coils, particulary the mesh coils.

If you are looking for a great dual 18650 sub-ohm starter kit , this is a seriously good choice!


  • long lasting Mesh Coils with huge flavor! Dense, Warm Clouds!
  • fast firing! Great Chipset!
  • love the squeeze to fire - the fire bar is great
  • big, gorgeous color screen with good menu system - custom menu color
  • easy to navigate menu with joystick - lots of settings and controls - pretty much everything can be controlled
  • temperature control works well and the chip will calibrate for the wire type
  • compact size for dual 18650
  • the spare bubble glass looks pretty good
  • comes with two coils - one 0.15 ohm mesh coil, one 0.36 ohm quad coil
  • 810 Delrin drip tip
  • comes in a few colors but mostly black

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Augvape VX200 Vape Starter Kit
Augvape VX200 Vape Starter Kit


The Augvape VX200 is a small form factor, high powered dual 18650 box mod constructed from durable ABS and PC plastics that may be one of the lightest mods on the market. 

Augvape paired the VX200 mod with three disposable Jewel kanthal mesh subohm tanks, which perform quite well, making this a high performing, lightweight and resilient vape kit. 


  • Affordable! 
  • great flavor and vapor production from the disposable mesh tanks
  • easy to use kit and enjoyable vape experience with comfortable hand feel
  • light weight, sturdy and resilient to abuse
  • *clicky* side firing button (auto on and fast firing)
  • well designed display and it's color customizable!
  • easy to use menu system with lots of options, and firmware upgradable
  • centrally located 510 that can situate atomizers up to 28mm with no overhang

Wotofo Flux Kit (Flow Pro mesh sub-ohm tank) collage
Wotofo Flux Kit (Flow Pro mesh sub-ohm tank) collage


The Wotofo x RigMod Flux two battery vape starter kit is a simple to use but powerful, well rounded direct wattage sub-ohm kit. 

It features an easy to read display and simple menu without an endless amount of settings to figure out. A pretty much a set the wattage and vape away type of sub-ohm kit.

The Flux is a wattage only mod that adjusts in single watts only, which is great. The mod comes with a tinted color screen and customizable vertical LED lighting under that lights up when fired.

This mod has a very fast startup and automatically turns on after a battery change, which is just a huge quality of life improvement. Upon squeezing the satisfying, clicky fire bar, the mod fires very fast and has pre-boost settings for even quicker hits.

Wotofo and RigMod have produced a well designed mod and kit with great aesthetics, readable color screen, nice paint and strong performance.

The mesh coil sub-ohm tank has huge cloud production with good flavor and can take the very common baby beast coils from Smok in addition to the standard mesh Flow coil.

This is a really great starter kit that is perfect for beginners and vapers that just want their stuff to just work right away!


  • Look GREAT! Well designed, powerful, direct wattage kit that is easy to use!
  • LOTS of vapor with good flavor
  • very fast start up - instantly on after battery change!
  • can use Wotofo Pro Coils AND Smok Baby Beast coils
  • comfortable hand feel with satisfying *clicky* squeeze fire bar 
  • wattage moves in full increments watts only (no TC/TCR to mess with)
  • simple, readable color display with wattage, battery levels, ohms and voltage
  • customizable LED fire lighting looks pretty cool and can be changed or disabled easily
  • straight forward menu system with easy to use three button control interface
  • lots of color options available

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Geekvape Aegis Legend kit collage
Geekvape Aegis Legend kit collage


The Aegis Legend takes all the best features of the original Aegis and adds some new tricks. Combine this beast of a mod with a high performing sub-ohm tank and you have a real winner.

The mod is ultra durable, shock proof, dust proof and water proof (rated for 30 minutes at a 1m depth).

This mod is very sturdy and constructed from high quality materials. The main housing is a high grade stainless steel, surrounded by a LSR silicone for water tightness and secured with an aluminum alloy. 

The hand wrap is a stitched, padded leather.  Even the fire button is made from a zinc alloy.

It has a comfortable hand feel and a well placed front fire button.

On, the bottom is a spring loaded battery door for easy battery swaps. The mod is water proof but there is a specially designed battery vent system for safety.

The spring loaded 510 pin is centrally located on the flat top of the device enabling it to hold a tank up to 30mm in diameter! 

This device features a dimmable color screen that does look pretty good and has an easy to navigate menu. The menu color is changeable but with only 3 choices.

The chipset on the Aegis Legend is pretty darn good. It is fast firing (seems instant), powerful and feature loaded. It has all the temperature control options any one could want.

GeekVape decided to include the Mesh version of the Aero tank which is a huge plus. The bubble glass and mesh coil comes pre-installed but this tank can take the standard Aero coils of which one is included.

Flavor on this tank is really on point, particularly with the mesh coils, which also last a long time. The vapor is warm, dense and plentiful. 

The Aegis Legend dual battery sub-ohm starter kit is a real bruiser. It can take a beating and keep performing great. The Aero Mesh tank puts out really great flavor with its long lasting mesh coil, has lots of vapor production and high capacity


Aegis Legend Mod:

  • super durable and high build quality
  • shock proof! dust proof! water proof!
  • uses new AS chipset which is fast firing, accurate and powerful
  • comfortable hand feel
  • spring loaded battery door for easy battery swapping
  • central located 510 pin (GeekVape says it is the best ever produced)
  • neatly arranged information on display screen
  • brightness adjustment
  • sealed usb port for firmware updates
  • multiple color choices and each looks pretty good (most come with black tank)

GeekVape Aero Tank:

  • lots of flavor! dense vapor production
  • more vapor and flavor with the MESH coil 
  • mesh coil also lasts a long time
  • comes with two coils (one Mesh X1 and one quad coil)
  • uses a quarter turn top fill 
  • 5ml with the bubble glass - preinstalled

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Smok X-Priv 225w TC With TFV12 Prince Starter Kit
Smok X-Priv 225w TC With TFV12 Prince Starter Kit


The Smok X-Priv 225W TC stater kit comes with the new X-Priv mod and the workhorse TFV12 Prince sub-ohm tank.

The X-Priv has the a lot same features as most recent two battery TC box mods and echoes a familiar menu system that is seen on other Smok color screen devices but it has a more aesthetic, sleek appeal than the rest. 

On the face of the X-Priv is a HUGE, vibrant color screen covered by a curved glass that seems to take up most of the front side. The color menu can be matched to the color of the kit to tie the appearance together.

As with the screen, the fire bar is quite large, curved and blends right into the side of the mod. Triggering the bar gives a satisfying click.

Changing the settings is pretty easy using the fire bar and the up/down buttons that are tucked into the bottom corner.

A snake skin design adorns the battery door on the back, which is secured by four magnets. Removing the door reveals that the battery sled is wired for series but looks like it is parallel, which is strange but easy to use as both batteries will be aligned in the same direction. 

Every thing is flat and flush on the top and the spring loaded 510 pin is offset from the center. Due to the design curves of the mod, tanks with a diameter over 25mm will have some slight overhang.

This kit includes the workhorse of the Smok family the TFV12 Prince tank. This a pretty good tank that looks great and performs very well. 

The tip has a snake skin pattern that calls back to the battery cover and is also color matching with the paint. For extra grip there is knurling on the top and bottom but it doesn't take away from the overall appearance. 

Capacity of the tank is surprising with such a big coil, coming in at 5ml for standard glass and tremendous 8ml with the bubble glass. 

The dual bottom airflow slots let in a lot of air, which helps the tank produce some big, thick clouds. Flavor is also very saturated and right on target. 

The coil break in period is pretty short to non-existent thanks to some quality cotton.

Coils for this tank are available in a wide range of options and they are available pretty much every where, which is always a plus. Mesh coils are becoming available for this tank, which makes it even better.

Overall, this kit is great. This dual 18650 device is powerful and versatile, it is well built with no rattles and the fire bar is comfortable to trigger. Everything looks great from the smooth curves of the design to the huge, bright screen and matching, well performing sub-ohm tank.



  • HUGE dynamic color screen
  • easy to use and easy to read!
  • sleek design
  • good fire bar
  • familiar Smok menu and feature set

TFV12 Prince Tank:

  • pretty good flavor and huge clouds!
  • Lots of airflow for lots of clouds
  • Looks great with matching paint and drip tip
  • high capacity - 8ml with bubble glass
  • locking swivel top fill
  • the tank has a wide range of coil options - comes with a T-10 and a Q-4
  • mesh coil heads are coming out and RBA base is available
  • the coils are available everywhere

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IJoy Avenger 270 starter kit collage
IJoy Avenger 270 starter kit collage


IJoy hails the new Avenger 270 (234W) box mod as their first ever "A.I" vape mod. The design cues, lights and voice commands scream Iron Man.

It has a wide range of available voice commands including on/off, power/watt, locking, light related commands and more. 

The commands are initiated by saying "Hello, iJoy" similar to A.I. digital assistants, but the mod only responds to the pre-programmed commands.

It is powered by dual 20700 batteries or dual 18650s with the included adapter, loaded through the bottom hinge battery door.

On the front of the of the mod is a large color OLED screen and two color controllable LED ambient lights which pull double duty as the up and down buttons. 

The lights have have several modes, including a music mode that responds to sound.

The mod is squeeze fired using a very easy to trigger fire bar.

Paired with the Avenger mod is the Avenger tank, a 25mm diameter sub-ohm tank. The design reminds me of a cross between the Smok Prince and the Horizontech Falcon sub-ohm tanks. It looks kind of like a Prince and uses coils that are similar to the Falcon.

Like the Falcon, the Avenger sub-ohm tank uses a mix of wood pulp and organic cotton as its wicking material, which works quite well, better than just plain cotton. It has fairly fast wicking and the flavor stays sharp.

There are two included sub-ohm coils, one mesh and one traditional. The traditional coil performs pretty well and the mesh coils have top-notch performance as far as flavor production and life span goes.

This device is very convenient particularly once the commands are memorized but may be awkward in public.

Overall, this starter kit is pretty cool. It looks good, is easy to use, has plenty of features and provides a excellent vape experience with on point flavor and plenty of clouds.


  • voice commands are convenient particulary when it is unsafe to adjust the device such as driving
  • the lights and voice commands can be turned off and it is still a good kit
  • great sub-ohm vaping experience with plenty of flavor and clouds
  • awesome coils with the wood pulp and organic cotton wicking 
  • mesh coil is a favorite
  • spring loaded 510 placement can accomodate up to 30mm atomizers
  • plenty of color combinations available

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GeekVape Blade 235W Vape Starter Kit - collage
GeekVape Blade 235W Vape Starter Kit - collage


The GeekVape Blade vape kit is a quality two battery box mod kit paired with the new Aero sub-ohm tank. The Blade features the versatile and fast firing AS chipset.

The body of the Blade is made from an aircraft grade polymer (PPS), giving the mod durability, a lighter weight and an interesting tactile sensation that isn't slippery.

The 510 platform has a 25mm diameter and the pin is spring loaded. The mod has rounded edges with a curved top and bottom on the front. This curve gives it the mod an interesting look but limits the diameter of atomizer to 25mm without overhang.

On the back side, the battery door has prominent, stylized venting and is secured by four strong magnets with no rattle or looseness. 

This mod is able to use 3 types of batteries for lots of choice on power: 18650, 20700 and 21700. The sled is prefit for 20700/21700 with a secure fit on both. To use 18650s, GeekVape includes a tray that adapts the battery sled to size.

The 25mm Aero sub-ohm tank has a straight forward design with a quarter turn top fill system.

The Aero uses the IM coil system and the kit comes with two coils: one IM1 (0.4ohm single coil) and one IM4 (0.15ohm quad coil) and is also compatible with the newest edition to the IM family, the Mesh coils. The included coils provide a pretty good vape experience and using the new, but separate, mesh which kick things up a notch. 

The included coils produce good flavor as well as vapor and have 4 wide juice channels for fast wicking. 

The kit is a pretty good deal. Getting the Aero and two coils for around $15 bucks more than the mod alone is a no brainer.

Overall, the GeekVape Blade kit is comfortable, performant mod that is fast firing and easy to use with a slew of battery options. 


  • mod has a comfortable hand feel and button position
  • AS chipset is fast firing, accurate and powerful
  • battery sled handles 20700, 21700 batteries by default (18650 with tray insert)
  • 25mm diameter tank with quarter turn top fill
  • tank has good performance with including coils
  • great price point for what is included
  • the mod made from a durable, lightweight aircraft grade polymer (PPS)
  • comes in a bright color blend but also available in standard matte black and a blue

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Best Mouth to Lung Box Mod Starter Kit

Perfect for Flavor Chasers and Recent Smokers

These little mouth to lung kits provide the draw and feel that smokers are used to.  

A good beginner kit should have:

  • a good price
  • great mouth to lung (MTL) draw
  • built in battery a plus
  • (everything but juice)

Innokin Kroma-A with Zenith Subohm starter kit
Innokin Kroma-A with Zenith Subohm starter kit


The Innokin Kroma-A vape starter kit comes with the awesome mouth to lung sub-ohm tank the Innokin Zenith, designed by Phil Busardo and the Vaping Greek.

The Kroma-A is updated from the original mod but still features its 2000mah integrated battery and 75W output but also its temperature control ability.  It has a three button interface and has a side mounted OLED screen.

The Innokin Zenith sub-ohm tank paired with the Kroma-A is a fantastic sub-ohm tank for those looking for a versatile tank that excels at mouth to lung vaping but is also able to provide a restricted lung hit

This tank is the perfect fit for current or recent ex-smokers. When paired with a higher nicotine content tobacco flavored e-liquid, shut the air down to one air hole and this tank could really make a change in someone's life.

This is a great kit for new vapers, ex-smokers and vapers looking for a batteries included kit and a smooth mouth to lung flavor chasing experience.

  • FANTASTIC for New Vapers (Recent/Ex-Smokers)
  • Mouth to lung flavor chasing! 
  • pretty good airflow control allowing a single hole to be left open all the way to all five
  • airflow is easily gripped with adjustment stops on either side
  • twist to fill system is great and even closes off the wicking channels on the coils
  • the coils use a plug style insertion system which is great
  • includes two pretty good Delrin 510 drip tips; one regular and one contoured
  • box mod is 75W with integrated 2000mah battery
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All Time Classic Two Battery Starter Kit

Smok Alien Kit
Smok Alien Kit


The Smok Alien 225W Baby Beast starter kit is one of the best selling two battery vape starter kits of all time and for good reason.

It includes the highly regarded Smok Alien mod and a TFV8 Baby Beast sub-ohm tank. 

The Smok Alienis a high powered two battery mod that is a squeeze to fire that has a comfortable hand feel. Firing the mod feels very natural.

The Alien is loaded by opening a hinged bottom door at the base of the mod. 

It has pretty much every feature you could ask for in a modern box mod including all the safety features in addition to the wide array of firing modes that include direct wattage and temperature control that supports Ni200, titanium and stainless steel wires.

The display is well organized, large and bright.

The Baby Beast tank has a variety of coils that it can take each with a different configuration and includes two different option included with the tank.

Each coil typically provides warm, dense clouds that have a wet, saturated flavor.

Overall, this a classic vape starter kit is a safe bet for anyone that is new to vaping. The mod has lots of options that can grow with new tanks and the baby beast performs quite well with coils available pretty much everywhere.


Smok Alien 220w mod with:

  • an amazing display with a lot of information
  •  easily upgradable firmware
  •  Ni/Ti/SS TC modes
  •  TCR mode

Baby Beast Tank which is a fantastic little sub-ohm tank with great vapor production, swivel top-fill and V8  baby coil heads. 

dense, wet, flavorful clouds

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Best Single Battery Box Mod Starter Kit

Smok AL-85 vape starter kit
Smok AL-85 vape starter kit


SMOK announced they were creating a smaller version of the insanely popular Alien mod, and the vape community went bananas in anticipation. Whatever type of vaper can use the SMOK Alien AL85 Kit it does not matter if you are a new vaper or a novice.  AL85 Kit consists of AL85 mod and TFV8 Baby tank.


  • small, compact design with a comfortable hand feel
  • easy to use, squeeze fire
  • the screen has lots of data and is easy to read
  • secure single battery compartment
  • sub-ohm tank (Baby Beast) is a strong performer with widely available coils packs

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