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Best Vape Kits

Table of Contents
  1. Best Vape Starter Kits
    What is the best vape starter kit?
  2. Why Vape Starter Kits?
    The Best Way to Get Started Vaping
  3. Best Vape Mod Starter Kits
    Vape Kits with Single/Two Battery Box Mods and Sub-Ohm Tanks
  4. Best Single Battery Box Mod Starter Kit
  5. Best Vape Box Mod Kits (Two Battery)
  6. Break the Habit with Vape Starter Kits
  7. Vape Starter Kits for Beginners and F.A.Q

Keep in mind that new starter kits are coming out on a daily basis and this guide will be updated regularly. 

Best Vape Starter Kits

What is the best vape starter kit?
Best Vape Starter Kits 2020

Vaporesso Gen S Kit

Vaporesso Gen S Kit

The Vaporesso Gen S is a performance based kit featuring the Gen S mod and the NRG-S mesh subohm tank.

  • The dual 18650 mod has an intelligent near instant heating, no sag firing mode called Pulse that delivers consistent, always good vape performance.
  • other modes are available, such as ECO mode for extended battery life, smart TC and the usual modes including custom curves.
  • resilient coating on the mod in variety of vibrant colors
  • NRG-S tank uses GT mesh coils as well as other compatible sizes such as TFV8 and others

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Smok Scar-18 and TFV9 Kit

Smok Scar-18 kit

Smok updates it flagship kit with a new super tough body and latest version of the dependable tank design with the TFV9.

  • updated Smok mod with the new IQ-X chipset, with super fast firing VW with four fire modes and TC capability
  • can use the included (2) TFV9 coils or can draw on the super plentiful TFV8 (big baby) coils and huge number of compatible sized coils
  • High quality color display 
  • mod is IP67 rated for shock, dust and water resistance

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Geekvape Aegis Legend 200W Kit 

Geekvape Aegis Legend kit

This is the kit that started it all! 

  • It comes with the Aegis Legend dual 18650 mod that sets the standard for super durable mods with top of the line shock protection.
  • Paired with the Zeus tank that is basically leak proof thanks to top airflow. 
  • It uses Geekvape super mesh coils for excellent flavor.

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Vaporesso Forz TX80 Kit

Vaporesso FORZ TX80 Kit - front view

The Vaporesso FORZ TX80 kit comes with a super tough little single 18650 mod and a ruggedized 4.5ml mesh tank (FORZ Tank 25). 

  • This kit is perfect for active people or vapers that need a more durability in their equipment
  • Both mod and tank are shock resistant - not just the mod

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Smok Mag Grip Starter Kit

Smok Mag Grip / Baby V2 Subohm Vape Starter Kit

The Smok Mag Grip may be the most ergonomic mod ever made.

  • Very easy to hold on to for extended periods of time. Hard to drop directly from your hand.
  • Comfortable squeeze firing trigger.
  • Uses a single high amperage 21700 battery (or 18650 with adapter)
  • Comes with Smok Baby V2 (mesh coil, high capacity, easy fill)

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Why Vape Starter Kits?

The Best Way to Get Started Vaping

For a new vaper, with no supplies at all, getting started can be a bit intimidating.  To get started with vaping you need several items:

  • an atomizer (tank) and mouth piece (drip tip)
  • vape mod (device providing the power mechanism to heat the coil in the atomizer)
  • battery and charger
  • e-liquid

Unless you buy a vape starter kit these are all sold separately; with a kit you can get most of these in one package and with cost savings.  Buying a vape starter kit is definitely the most budget friendly option for new vapers.

The starter kits shown on this page are full size mods and tanks that are well suited to the vaper looking for a direct lung draw and a 3mg vape juice (or similar).

Best Vape Mod Starter Kits

Vape Kits with Single/Two Battery Box Mods and Sub-Ohm Tanks

Best Single Battery Box Mod Starter Kit

Vaporesso FORZ TX80 Kit - collage with FORZ tank 25

Vaporesso Forz Tx80

The Vaporesso FORZ TX80 kit is a super tough single 18650 mod that comes with the FORZ 25, a ruggedized 4.5ml mesh tank.

More About This Item

The Vaporesso FORZ TX80 kit comes with a super tough little single 18650 mod and a ruggedized 4.5ml mesh tank (FORZ Tank 25). 

This kit is perfect for active people or vapers that need a more durability in their equipment but don't want to sacrifice any flavor.


  • Rugged, tough design (water proof, shock proof, dust proof)
  • TX80 mod and FORZ tank 25 both designed to handle drops and abuse no problems
  • No hassle pluggable coil system (GTR)
  • Looks cool and feel good - matte black rubberized finish with brushed nickel and leather accents
  • New AXON chipset - new F(t) mode for heat speed boost and control for more true flavor experience
  • battery bay is sealed to prevent any possible water exposure
  • Excellent buttons! High build quality

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Smok Mag Grip / Baby V2 Subohm Vape Starter Kit

Smok Mag Grip / Baby V2 Starter Kit

The Smok Mag Grip subohm starter kit features highly ergonomic single battery vape mods and is paired with the new Smok Baby V2 mesh subohm vape tank.

More About This Item

The Smok Mag Grip may be the most ergonomic vape mod out there and the starter kit comes with the Baby V2 mesh subohm tank. 

The shape of the mod makes it easy to hold on to for significant periods of time and is great for people who drop things. The Mag Grip has a comfortable squeeze firing trigger and battery release button

Using a 21700 battery gives it plenty of life and power while keeping the profile small and portable.

The Smok Baby V2 is the newly updated version of the Baby tank with an upgraded profile, airflow control, hinge fill, larger capacity and a new mesh centered subohm coil family. 

The Smok Mag Grip subohm starter kit is a joy to use, performs great and is a good pick for vapers looking for a versatile single battery mod that uses the 21700 battery option.


  • extremely ergonomic mod -- feels very comfortable in the hand 
  • easy to hang on to for extended periods of time - tail prevents slippage
  • Can handle large diameter tanks
  • trigger provides easy squeeze fire
  • secure magazine style battery loading with quick release button
  • single 21700 battery (18650 compatible with included adapter)
  • bright screen with controllable contrast and simple menu
  • Baby V2 is a high performing subohm tank with included mesh coils
  • saturated flavor and is great even at wide open air flow

Best Vape Box Mod Kits (Two Battery)

These two battery mods are paired with a great all around sub-ohm tank.

Sometimes these tanks that come with these kits will come with a rebuildable deck section (RBA) or have deck sections available as a separate purchase, making them more like an RTA (rebuildable tank atomizer).

Vaporesso Gen S Kit

Vaporesso Gen S Kit

The updated Vaporesso Gen S starter kit comes with the Gen S mod and NRG-S tank, also an update to a solid workhorse tank.

More About This Item

The updated Vaporesso Gen S starter kit is a high performance combo that comes with the Gen S mod and NRG-S tank. 

The NRG-S is a 8ml capacity, slide top fill tank that uses the widely available GT mesh coils to give rich, saturated, dense vapor. 

Use the pulse mode (default) for consistent, no sag firing with near instant heating. Eco mode for longer battery life as well as more advanced modes like smart TC and DIY modes.

This kit is available in a wide range of unique, tasteful color selections.


  • High performance mod and tank combo
  • 8ml juice capacity tank with slide top fill system
  • two GT mesh coils included -  a GT mesh for huge saturated clouds and GT-4 a lower wattage dual mesh coil
  • Excellent flavor - saturated, dense vapor production
  • Pulse firing mode performance is great - consistent, fast and powerful
  • ECO mode for longer life / DIY mode for the standard VW settings / Smart TC 
  • Wide array of vibrant color selections - All color choices are unique; some with smooth gradient pairings
  • Protective coating with soft, velvet feel

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Smok Scar-18 kit

Smok Scar-18 (230w) Starter Kit

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Smok Scar-T18 is the latest incarnation of dual battery vape mod with the newest Smok vape tank the TFV9.


  • tank uses TFV9 coils and compatible with TON of coils including TFV8 (big baby) and more
  • Excellent performance from tank and good wattage mode
  • TFT color screen
  • Nice firing button placement
  • Rubberized with leather backplate and metal accents
  • IP67 rating - shock, dust, water resistance

Geekvape Aegis Legend kit

Geekvape Aegis Legend Vape Starter Kit

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The GeekVape Aegis Legend is the long awaited two battery mod (military grade shock proof, waterproof and dust proof) and paired with the new mesh version of the Aero tank. This kit is very durable and the tank performs admirably.

More About This Item

The Aegis Legend dual battery sub-ohm starter kit is a real bruiser. It can take a beating and keep performing great. The Aero Mesh tank puts out really great flavor with its long lasting mesh coil, has lots of vapor production and high capacity


Aegis Legend Mod:

  • super durable and high build quality
  • shock proof! dust proof! water proof!
  • uses new AS chipset which is fast firing, accurate and powerful
  • comfortable hand feel
  • spring loaded battery door for easy battery swapping
  • central located 510 pin (GeekVape says it is the best ever produced)
  • neatly arranged information on display screen
  • brightness adjustment
  • sealed usb port for firmware updates
  • multiple color choices and each looks pretty good (most come with black tank)

GeekVape Aero Tank:

  • lots of flavor! dense vapor production
  • more vapor and flavor with the MESH coil 
  • mesh coil also lasts a long time
  • comes with two coils (one Mesh X1 and one quad coil)
  • uses a quarter turn top fill 
  • 5ml with the bubble glass - preinstalled

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Best Mouth to Lung Starter Kit

Perfect for Flavor Chasers and Recent Smokers

It is actually a bit tough to find a pure MTL starter kit these days. Most people go with a good vape pen or pod mod as perfect stand in for a pack.

These little mouth to lung kits provide the draw and feel that smokers need for a satisfying experience. 

Vape Starter Kits Make it Simple to Switch From Smoking

We aren't allowed to say Quitting!

The best e-cig kits for new vapers and vapers on the go looking for a simple device that just plain works are well served by vape pen style starter kits, pod systems or all-in-ones (AIOs).  

These are easy to assemble, don't have many parts, only have one setting (on or off) and simple to use. Vape pens, pods and AIOs are really great for several situations:

  • a travel vape for taking in the car or using at work
  • someone giving a vaping a test run to figure out if they like vaping
  • a gift for a current smoker
  • making switching from smoking as easy as possible 
  • perfect for people that aren't interested in technology (it just needs to work)
  • lower starting cost

All-in-ones and similar kits are pretty nice for a few reasons.  They usually come with built in battery and charging capabilities which will help save on the startup cost and keep things as simple as possible  

This style of kit doesn't have any settings to fuss with or adjust, everything is pre-configured and pretty simple to get started using immediately. 

Break the Habit with Vape Starter Kits

Innokin Endura T18 kit on white background

MTL Vape Pen Starter Kit

Every smoker knows there are a few positives to smoking and lots of drawbacks.  The positives are all side effects of using nicotine such as increased focus or anxiety reduction.  The healthiest thing you can do is to just quit smoking but everyone who has been addicted knows that is easier said than done.

How exactly does one go about quitting smoking?  Some go cold turkey with mixed results; others just try to replace their nicotine then ween themselves off slowly overtime.  Patches, gum, or pills?  All of these methods don't replace the hand to mouth, oral fixation habits of smoking.

The simplest, most effective alternative to smoking in my opinion is to get nicotine from from vaping.  You get the nicotine your body requires plus the oral aspect of smoking with out the unhealthy combustion of plant materials.

A study from the U.K., studying data from the U.S. has found the same thing:

A report published by the British Medical Journal (BMJ) claims that e-cigarette users are more likely than non-users to successfully quit smoking - for at least three months. E-cigarette users were also much more likely than non-[e-cig]users to try to quit smoking in the first place. The report, which surveyed 161,054 people in the US across almost 15 years, also found that substantially more people in the States are using e-cigarettes, and that this was linked to a "statistically significant increase in the smoking cessation rate at the population level".
-- Sian Bradley, writing for Wired UK

Here is the article from Wired UK and here is the study from the British Medical Journal (BMJ).

Another BMJ study concerning the safety of vaping with regard to carcinogens, assuming safe operating conditions, concluded:

The aerosols form a spectrum of cancer potencies spanning five orders of magnitude from uncontaminated air to tobacco smoke. E-cigarette emissions span most of this range with the preponderance of products having potencies <1% of tobacco smoke and falling within two orders of magnitude of a medicinal nicotine inhaler;
-- William E. Stephens, author of study

What is the best vape to quit smoking?

The best vape to switch from smoking to vaping is most commonly going to be a device that provides a mouth to lung draw, simulating the draw from a cigarette, along with a higher nicotine content vape juice that can be lowered over time matching the goals of the individual.

All-in-one (AIO) vape devices, vape pods, and vape pens which provide a MTL draw and are able to use high nicotine or nic salt vape liquid typically provide the most success to new vapers. The best selections for these devices are available at the top of this page.

Vape Starter Kits for Beginners and F.A.Q

a box mod style sub-ohm kit next to a tube style sub-ohm kit

box mods vs tube mod subohm kits

The box mod style kits is what would be recommended for vapers that plan on vaping for a while.  This style of mod has a lot more features and is more upgradable than the tube style mods.   

Box mod style kits are great for the type of person who:

  • is willing to invest more in a better experience down the road and can foresee upgrading some parts (tank or coils) in the future or start seeing it as a hobby 
  • is planning on switching to vaping or are planning to vape for an extended period of time.
  • only wants one rig.  Replaceable batteries are a must have so you can just drop in fresh batteries instead of plugging in your rig and waiting.
  • have tried vaping and like it or plan on switching regardless.

Box mods as you can see in the photo have a display screen which indicates that the mod is able to have adjustable settings such as variable voltage / wattage settings and more than likely able to utilize newer coil types for use with Temperature Control.

The box mods are also designed more for sub-ohm vaping and are more powerful than its tube style counter parts.  These mods are able to handle upgrading the tank later on and are far superior when it comes to diversity of coils that are available to use in the tank. 

The entry point on these style mods is also usually a little higher as they usually don't come with the necessary 18650 batteries or charger to power the device.  

If you are looking for a kit that you can use for a long period of time in your vape career, definitely start with a box mod style kit.

What is mouth to lung vaping?

Mouth to lung vaping or MTL vaping refers to the type of draw provided by the vape device, in this case the vaper draws the vapor first into the mouth before being inhaling into the lungs. The MTL draw more closely simulates the experience provided by analog tobacco like cigarettes or pipes. MTL vaping typically uses more compact vape kits and higher levels of nicotine. 

What are vape pods?

Vape pods are very compact, rectangle shaped, all in one vape kits typically the size of big pack of gum that are designed to use a vape juice with higher levels of nicotine such as those found in nic salt liquids. Pod vapes are designed for high portability, ease of use and a satisfactory level of nicotine.

What is pod vaping?

Pod vaping is designed to use highly portable, sometimes stealth vape devices that the user can use to replace cigarettes as a method to get satisfying nicotine levels without the harm of combustible tobacco.

What is the best vape pod?

There are two styles of vape pod systems, each with merits. 

Open pod systems allow the vaper to refill the pod with their own nic salt juice, making each pod has a higher life span as well as lower cost of use overall. At the end of coil life, smaller systems need  the entire pod replaced and the larger systems have replaceable coils that fit into the pod.

Closed pod system devices use pre-filled pods that are made by the manufacturer for ease of use but the pods are not reusable or easily refilled in addition to having a more limited flavor selection. Pre-filled pods are not typically usable across systems from different manufacturers. 

Selections for each vape pod type are available at the top of this page.

What does AIO stand for in vaping?

AIO in vape terms stands for All-in-One, which means that the vape device comes with everything (except juice) to get started with device immediately.

What is an AIO vape?

An AIO vape, or all-in-one vape is usually a compact, highly portable vape device or vape pen that has an internal battery, under 3ml refillable juice capacity and replaceable coils. AIO vape devices usually provide a mouth to lung style draw and are designed to provide a easy to use, satisfying vape experience while maintaining a compact size.

What is the best starter kit?

The best starter kit is different for every vaper depending on how well it matches the needs of the individual person.

For current and ex-smokers as well as vaping away from home, an all-in-one vape kit or vape pod system that provides a mouth to lung draw and satisfying levels of nicotine are usually the best fit.

For a direct lung draw and huge cloud style of vaping, a vape mod starter kit that includes a sub-ohm tank is usually the best pick. This page has the best suggestions for every type of vaper.

Do vape starter kits come with juice?

Typically closed pod system vapes, meaning pod vapes that are not refillable, will come with at least one pod containing vape juice or up to 5 pods with a variety of flavors offered for that particular pod system to allow for flavor sampling.

Occasionally vape starter kits will come with vape juice as a starter kit bundle, which may also come other items such as extra coils.