Vaporesso Gen 220W / Skrr-s Subohm Starter Kit
Vaporesso Gen 220W / Skrr-s Subohm Starter Kit


What Could Be Better

  • Needs 810 drip tips with o-rings


  • Great flavor and Enormous Clouds! (Excellent airflow control)
  • Awesome Coils - new QF coil (Flax Fiber) family - super saturated, fast wicking, great flavor/vapor
  • Huge coil selection! Can use the GT coil line (even able to use select compatible coils such as Hellbeast or Smok)
  • High capacity tank (up to 8ml with bubble glass) 
  • Awesome Mod! Very capable, fast firing, 220W mod with an simple and advanced feature set (new AXON chipset)
  • Smart settings based on a coil in simple mode OR DIY mode with lots of controls and options
  • Pulse mode for improved Temperature Control
  • ECO mode for longer battery life
  • Very readable, bright display
  • Ultra light weight with a pleasant feeling rubberized coating that prevents scratches and fingerprints
  • Well placed, **clicky** fire button and three button navigation system


Vaporesso Gen 220w - dual 18650 with magnetic battery door
Vaporesso Gen 220W Box mod and SKRR subohm tank with bubble glass
Vaporesso Gen 220W box mod and SKRR-S subohm tank starter kit
Vaporesso Gen (220w box mod / SKRR-S Mesh Tank) - dual 18650 battery and magnetic door

About the Vaporesso SKRR-S Mesh Subohm Tank

contents of the Vaporesso Gen 200W starter kit - mod, vape tank, spare coil and a USB cable

Vaporesso Gen 220W Starter Kit Contents

Don't let the weird name throw you off. This tank is pretty impressive. It has a lot of cool stuff going for it and a couple of minor drawbacks.

Starting at the top, the included drip tip is a fairly tall, slightly sloping 810 that is comfortable to use. The drawback is that the o-rings that hold the drip tip in place are on the bottom of drip tip like a 510 and not on the inside of the top cap on the tank, so the only drip tips you can swap to are similar designs.

The SKRR-S is a threaded top fill tank with a wide fill port which is capable of be filled by the widest glass dripper. Filling could have been made a bit more convenient with a quick release or sliding top but it works.

With the bubble glass installed, the tank holds an impressive 8ml of vape juice. The bubble glass has a straight wall design so it looks good for a high capacity glass. We recommend using your favorite 3mg (or 0mg) traditional vape juice that isn't too sweet for best results.

This tank has a high volume, smooth adjusting, triple airflow control design. The airflow control ring stays in place but doesn't get stuck and is easy to grip thanks to the milled polygon shape design. There is plenty of airflow for the hugest clouds.

The heart of any subohm tank is the coil system. Vaporesso ships this kit with two of the new killer QF coil family - one traditional mesh and one QF strip that is more like a net style mesh. These coils are very impressive

At first glance this coil family seems very large. The coils look like they have a very wide diameter when compared to other coils but the tank is actually compatible with Vaporesso's world famous GT coil line. In fact, the tank is also compatible with several other sub ohm coils lines that are of similar size.

Each coil has a double stack of wide wicking ports to feed the thick flax fiber wicking material. Thanks to the absorbent flax fiber and the fast wicking, these coils stay saturated -- even through huge chain vaping sessions

There is plenty of thick vapor and flavor being produced by these coils. The traditional mesh coil does a bit better with saturating the clouds but the strip is able to handle sweeter, dark juices better. 

Each coil has fantastic flavor -- bright and clean following the small break in period. For the best flavor, cutting the airflow down to around half will give a warm, delicious vape.

About The Vaporesso Gen 220W Dual 18650 Mod

a Black colored Vaporesso Gen 200W vape box mod with large gold colored button

Huge Button - Easy Read - Rubberized Coating (Gen 220W mod)

The Vaporesso Gen 220W is a very capable, advanced yet user friendly dual 18650 mod. 

On the outside, the mod has retains a box mod shape but has a  slightly curving width for easier grip and rounded edges for aesthetics. 

Vaporesso coated the mod with 4 layers of a "soft touch" material that gives the interesting tactile sensation but is mainly protects the mod from scratches, gouges, fingerprints and is heat resistant. 

Without batteries installed, the mod is ultra light weight. To install the batteries, use a finger nail to pop off the perfect fitting magnetic battery door. Inside the blacked out battery tray are spring loaded battery contacts that keep everything nice and snug with zero battery movement.

At the top of the mod is a centrally located, spring loaded 510 pin with a inset stainless steel plate. The mod can accommodate tanks up to 26mm with zero overhang.

The bright OLED display measures in at 0.91", which is compact but remains easily readable. The only drawback is there is only enough space for a combined battery indicator which shows an overall battery life with percentage life remaining. 

On the face of the mod are low profile buttons flanking either side of the display. The fire button is very large with a soft press click. There is a small three button group that includeds up and down buttons with a menu select button in the middle. This third button makes navigating the menu as simple as it gets. 

Three presses on the fire button with lock the adjustments but will still be capable of firing with five clicks turning off the device. Three clicks to the mode button will drop the user into the simple to navigate menu system.

With out an easy to use menu system, the AXON chipset may have been a bit too advanced for the vaper that likes to keep things simple. Everyone can take full advantage of the power of this device.

The brains of the Gen is the new AXON chipset from Vaporesso which has some cool upgrades over the OMNI chipset, of which we are fans. AXON is just as fast firing and responsive as we have come to expect but there is a new pulse mode, ECO mode and smart settings capability. 

ECO mode is a smart firing mode that is designed for extending battery life as long as possible. 

The Pulse mode will continue to ramp up the power in 0.2 second intervals to compensate for the natural battery sag that follows the initial firing. This feature is pretty nice, particularly for temperature control vapers.

Smart settings will seemingly scan your coil or build and then automatically adjust the mod to use the best settings which is pretty cool. This feature has been around for a little bit now, but before the feature was really just setting the wattage based on the ohm reading but this chipset makes it available even for TC.

Advanced vapers that like to fiddle and fine tune all the settings will like the DIY mode where Vaporesso makes all the settings and traditional firing modes available. No settings are overlooked here. Every firing mode and fine tuning is possible here. If you go overboard with you can even reset the device to default settings.

Below the buttons is a USB charging slot that is capable of 2.5a charging that can charge drained batteries very quickly, in as little as one hour. In our vape battery safety guide, we recommend charging in a separate battery charger at 0.5a (slowest mode) to extended the overall life span and durability of the batteries while remaining as safe as possible.

This is hands down an awesome, full sized, dual 18650 box mod - easily one of the best mods of the year. It is very powerful, user friendly, looks cool and feels cool.

Final Thoughts on the Vaporesso Gen Vape Starter Kit

We really love this kit! Overall, this kit is pretty incredible for sub ohm vaping. 

The QF coil family line is just incredible, perhaps exceeding the Horizontech Falcon flax fiber coil lines in performance. The flavor is great, the clouds are thick and the wicking is fast enough to keep up with enthusiastic chain vaping.

The Gen is hands down a killer box mod, perhaps the most impressive mod released by Vaporesso yet, which is saying something. 

Pairing the SKRR-S tank up with the GEN mod makes this one of the best full sized vape starter kits on the market right now.

Do yourself a favor and pick up one of these kits as soon as you can!

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