Table of Contents
  1. Rebuildable Drip Atomizers and Drip Tank Atomizers (RDAs and RDTAs)
    Dripping is for the true vaping hobbiest
  2. Best Flavor RDA
    Superior Taste is the Primary Goal
  3. Best RDA for Cloud Chasing
    Clouds and All Around Dripping experience
  4. What is the Best RDTA?
    options are not as varied as with other tanks and rdas

Rebuildable Drip Atomizers and Drip Tank Atomizers (RDAs and RDTAs)

Dripping is for the true vaping hobbiest
comparison  of two post (velocity), three post and clamp style decks for RDA

velocity, three post and clamp style decks

RDAs have a long history with the mechanical style of vaping and have held over in the new world of regulated vaping since they provide benefits and fill a niche in the vape community.

Some of the benefits of an RDA:

  • cost effective and simple
  • build your own coils for savings and customization of your vape
  • amazing flavor and huge cloud potential
  • no glass to break and replace!
  • variety of designs for airflow, posts, well and chamber with different characteristics for different vapers
  • come in tons of sizes, shapes and colors - there is something for everyone

Since they take more time and energy to use, the appeal for the RDA is for a certain type of vaper:

  • hobbiest vaper who likes building coils
  • adventurous spirits, tinkerers, and tweakers who like to fine tune performance
  • budget vaper
  • vape connoisseur
  • someone who like aesthetics and visual appeal 

As you can see in the deck comparison photo, there are a lot of different designs out there and these are just the stand outs for post style.  The juice well size also varies widely.

Having built on a lot of different types of decks, the easiest for simple builds is definitely the two post four terminal decks and clamp style decks but postless build decks provide the option for dual coils or larger single coil builds. 

Look for wider terminals if you are planning on very wide clapton coils or clamps if you are planning on using flat clapton coils.

There is a lot of overlap between Flavor and Cloud RDAs

Most RDAs can get Clouds and Flavor - some are specialized

Most RDAs are capable of producing both thick clouds and generally have strong flavor. 

Some RDAs are better at producing flavor, some at producing giant airy clouds, and some are easy to build on. 

It all depends on the mix YOU are looking to get in your RDA experience.

For vapers looking to pick up their first RDA, a design that includes an easy to use build deck is probably the primary factor in selection.  Having an RDA that can produce both good flavor and some clouds is the sweet spot for most people.

Other features to look for:

  • easy to build and refill
  • ability to grow with advancing builds from simple to exotic
  • decent depth juice well to prevent dry hits and flooding. 
  • good airflow control options
  • capable of using 810 and perhaps include an adapter for 510 drip tips
  • affordable

Best Flavor RDA

Superior Taste is the Primary Goal

When selecting a good flavor RDA there are a few qualities to look for:

  • good build deck for the coil types you will be using. An easy pick is a four terminal two post or a postless build deck.
  • you want the the chamber to be a little more compact or have a bell shaped underside to the top cap 
  • good airflow control (as airflow goes down, flavor goes up)

The juice well is kind of a free pick. I personally like a deeper juice well but some folks don't mind re-dripping right on the coil so a shallow well isn't a problem for them. 

Most RDAs are quite capable of squonking these days and usually come with a bottom feed pin that is easily installed. Squonk mods house a juice bottle that allows juice to be fed from the mod into the juice well of the RDA, which is convenient.

Best RDAs for Flavor Chasing

Flavor chasing RDAs that are easily accessible
Wotofo Profile Mesh RDA Collage

Wotofo Profile Mesh Rda

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MrJustRight1 and Wotofo have released the first mesh RDA that showcases the best mesh has to offer to flavor chasing vapers, including single coil building. Crisp flavor, easy building and squonk ready!

More About This Item

Wotofo has teamed up with MrJustRight1 to release the Profile Mesh bottom feed RDA. 

The Profile is a mesh RDA done right thanks to high build quality and an excellent design that is particularly well suited for use with a squonk mod.

Using mesh on an RDA has never been easier or performed as well. 

If you aren't into mesh, the Profile RDA also makes for quite the single coil clamp style RDA to use with your favorite squonking rig.


  • really great flavor!
  • super easy mesh building
  • doubles as a fantastic clamp style single coil RDA
  • good airflow thanks to honeycomb ports and step down top cap
  • high build quality and a very well thought design
  • lots of extras including strips, organic cotton ready for mesh builds, a single frame stapled coil, complete toolset for this RDA, plus all the normal o-rings, screws etc.
  • included build tool that gives the perfect curve for your mesh coil or 3.5mm single coil builds
  • pre-configured (and designed) for use with squonk mods (bottom feed) 
  • center piece presses cotton against coil to prevent hot spots AND keep cotton saturated where it counts

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Wotofo STNG - Single Coil MTL RDA

Wotofo Stng (Mtl Rda)

The Wotofo STNG is a 22mm squonk capable mouth to lung RDA with a easy to use single coil clamp style build deck and single droplet shaped airflow inlet.

More About This Item

The Wotofo STNG is a 22mm mouth to lung, squonk capable RDA. 

It has amazing flavor, a good MTL draw and a pair of high quality contoured 510 drip tips.

The STNG has a fast to build, spring loaded clamp system for single coils builds

This deck is easy to use, good for beginners and efficient vapers.


  • Awesome flavor of course!
  • Easy to build and use - beginner friendly
  • interesting airflow design - draw ranges from restricted DL, medium mtl and super tight mtl
  • Clamp style dual post build deck with spring loaded clamps (big plus)
  • high build quality
  • deep juice well with well designed wicking channels
  • lots of extras - two drip tips, two coils, tools and extra parts
  • squonk capable with even juice distribution

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Digiflavor Drop 24mm RDA collage

Digiflavor Drop 24mm Rda

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A real piece of vape art has been released by Digiflavor and designed by YouTuber, The Vapor Chronicles. The Digiflavor Drop is an incredible flavor chasing RDA with amazing airflow control and an easy to use 4 terminal vertical build deck.

More About This Item

The Digiflavor Drop is a 24mm RDA, with a four post drop in build deck which simulates the way coils drop into a post-less deck but is way better.

After the coils are dropped in the corresponding terminals, adjusted and secured, the excess leads are easily clipped from the inside of the posts. This cut out post makes building the Drop a breeze.

The juice well is measured at 5mm but seems deeper with the amount of juice it holds. 

The bottom of the RDA has two sloped ridges with matching cut outs on the barrel which prevent the RDA from rotating when adjusting the airflow, keeping the air perfectly aligned with the coils.

Airflow on the Digiflavor Drop is amazing with a semi-grid style airflow is arranged in a T-Shape. The top cap is really genius in the way it is shaped in a step formation which can cut each of the airflow holes off one at a time, starting at the top. 

The top cap is easily rotated for smooth and accurate adjustment making the airflow control on this RDA simply unmatched.

With the airflow fully open, the Drop provides incredible flavor and lots of vapor production. Shutting off the top row of holes with give a restricted lung hit and a warm dense vapor.

While the airflow is two sided and can't be shut off completely on side, the air flow can be cut down to just one small airflow hole. The limited airflow, a single coil and a 510 drip tip will allow for pretty good mouth to lung RDA flavor chasing.

Digiflavor ships the Drop with a standard 510 protruding pin pre-installed but have included a raised bottom feed pin for those vapers that love squonking.

The flavor produced by the Drop is just delicious, saturated and bright. The draw is very smooth. 

Overall, the Digiflavor Drop is simply amazing, very versatile RDA that every RDA enthusiast should have in their arsenal.


  • Enormous Flavor! 
  • Incredible Air-Flow Control
  • versatile build deck that can take single or dual coil vertical builds
  • locking barrel with easy rotating top cap
  • squonk capable with easy install raised bottom feed pin
  • 810 drip tips
  • lots of color choices 

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Wotofo Recurve Dual - Dual Coil RDA (Squonk)

Wotofo Recurve Dual Rda

Wotofo and MikeVapes are back at it with the dual coil version of the Recurve, featuring a side airflow and deep juice well that makes a great dripper or squonker.


  • Great Flavor! 
  • Smooth Airflow - Restricted Direct Lung Draw!
  • Makes a good squonker as well as dripper
  • two high quality drip tips included - one acrylic and one comfortable lip contoured
  • straight forward build process - single builds possible
  • fantastic lead trimming tool included

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Augvape BTFC RDA collage

Augvape Btfc Rda (Squonk)

Save with: DNA10 for 10% off! Free 2 day shipping over $59!

Augvape and VapnFagn have released a collaboration RDA called the BTFC, a 25mm squonk capable rda with bottom and top airflow for a excellent mix of flavor and clouds.

More About This Item

Augvape and VapnFagn have released a collaboration RDA called the BTFC, which stands for Bottom Airflow, Top Airflow, Flavor Chasing, Cloud Chasing, an acronym that shows this RDAs goals.

The BTFC is a 25mm diameter, squonk (bottom feed) capable, RDA with an innovative build deck that supplies a customizable mix of bottom and top airflow for the flavor and cloud performance you are wanting in your vape experience. 

Want a restricted hit? Cut both top and bottom down half way. Want max flavor? Shut off the top airflow and reduce the wattage a bit. There are lots of airflow options here.

The deck is really easy to build with long diagonal slots built into the post section for fast building. This deck can take larger single coils but really performs best with two 3mm coils.

With an 11mm deep juice well and elevated bottom airflow, the BTFC can take a large amount of juice before experiencing any overflows.

Augvape and VapnFagn have produced a high quality, well designed RDA that is great for both flavor, clouds or both!

The BTFC is a versatile, fantastic performing RDA that is a strong pick for the vaper looking for a easy build and a well-tuned vape experience. 


  • lots of flavor
  • dense clouds
  • top AND bottom airflow
  • DEEP juice well
  • high build quality and well designed
  • great squonker with easy to install bottom feed pin
  • easy to use 4 post build deck with a sloped, slotted terminals
  • pre-built clapton coils work quite well with wide terminals
  • smooth, simple to tune airflow controls for a personalized vape
  • comes in black, stainless, metallic gray, metallic rainbow
  • two 810 drips included but will take other 810s

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Vandy Vape Bonza BF RDA collage

Vandy Vape Bonza Bf Rda

Save with: DNA10 for 10% off! Free 2 day shipping over $59!

The Bonza from Vandy Vape is a collaboration with youtuber, The Vaping Bogan and it is damn good. It has an easy to use yet versatile build deck, great flavor, smooth airflow, squonk capable and comes with three 810 drip tips.

More About This Item

While the Vandy Vape Bonza doesn't come up with any new innovations, what it does is combine a bunch of the best RDA features to form a super RDA, like the All-Star team or Voltron.

It has an easy to use yet versatile build deck capable of single coil but really shines with big dual coil builds. The Bonza has build deck that is very similar, but reverse positioning, to the OBS Cheetah II, which was also a pretty good RDA. 

The deck is a gold plated, dual post, quad terminal style build deck, which basically means it has one wide standard terminal and a clamp on each of the posts. This deck style makes it super easy and quick to build and it can accomodate fairly large exotic coils. The clamps have some texturing which will grip the coil and make sure they are secure.

While this RDA can handle single coil builds, the airflow can even be shut off on one side, it really shines with larger two coil builds.

This deck style makes this RDA a good fit for beginners all the way to advanced RDA enthusiasts.

Side airflow on this topper is very similar to the Digiflavor Drop. The airflow style really makes the Bonza perform amazingly well. 

The airflow consists of a grid pattern of 15 holes (3x5) on each side, which provides excellent control and smooth air flow from wide open all the way down to closed off. 

With the airflow wide open, the Bonza produces huge clouds while still giving good flavor, but for an extra flavor boost, try it at a little more than halfway open.

This RDA is optionally bottom fed (BF) thanks to the included 510 squonk pin. After installation the squonk pin will protrude about 1mm and since the juice well is pretty deep, you can really give the bottle a few good squeezes and not flood.

The build quality on this RDA is pretty high thanks to the 304 stainless steel, pleasing design, gold plating, quality engraving (particularly on the top) and matching resin 810 drip tip. If resin isn't for you,  Vandy Vape included an ULTEM and a traditional black Delrin 810 drip tip.

This RDA is a good fit for pretty much any vaper, including beginners and pros alike. The Vandy Vape Bonza brings the flavor, the clouds, looks good and is easy to use!


  • very easy to use build deck with terminals and clamps (good for beginners all the way to pros)
  • Great flavor and huge clouds
  • single coil or dual coil capable but is great for large dual coil builds
  • air can be shut off on one side if using single coil
  • Amazing air flow and air flow control (15 air holes per side for maximum tuning)
  • deep juice well
  • comes with three 810 drip tips (Resin, Ultem and Delrin)
  • stylish knurling at the top to allow some grip
  • big flat head screws on the deck

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Wotofo Elder Dragon Single Coil RDA Collage

Wotofo Elder Dragon Rda

Save with: DNA10 for 10% off! Free 2 day shipping over $59!

The Wotofo Ryujin Elder Dragon is a squonk capable single coil RDA with an unique design that tries to take the pain out of single coil flavor chasing.

More About This Item

The unique looking, Japanese inspired Elder Dragon RDA is a 22mm, single coil RDA with directed jet inlet airflow system and a curved bell shape that make this one a real flavor machine. 

It is easy to use and easy to build, making this a good option for single coil flavor chasing.


  • huge flavor and dense clouds! - A strong flavor chasing RDA
  • slightly restricted lung hit
  • pre-configured airflow and shaped for max flavor
  • easy to use and easy to build
  • perfect size for smaller or single battery mods
  • squonk ready - makes a great traditional dripper

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Vandy Vape Berserker MTL RDA

Vandy Vape Berserker Mtl Rda

Save with: DNA10 for 10% off! Free 2 day shipping over $59!

This is an interesting little squonk capable RDA from Vandy Vape. It is a MTL with a single coil build deck with one goal in mind, mouth to lung flavor chasing!

More About This Item

Vandy Vape releases the Berserker MTL (mouth to lung draw style) RDA, following the success of the Berserker RTA

The Berserker is an 18mm RDA as opposed to the regular 22mm or 24mm RDAs we are all accustomed to. Damn 18mm! This RDA is 18mm because it needs a small chamber and barrel section to boost the sweet vape flavor we all enjoy and restrict the air. 

But, if you think it looks too small, Vandy Vape included two styling rings, which each have a small lip, that the RDA secures when screwed into the mod. The styling rings, once installed, make the RDA look wider at the base but seems unnecessary. This RDA is a performance artist not a beauty contestant.

With any mouth to lung tank or RDA the airflow is one of the most important design features and this RDA has tons of airflow options to tune in the exact right draw.

There are several airflow options ranging from 0.5mm all the way up to 2mm on the outside of the barrel. This RDA also has internal interchangeable air slots, which are like little rods, that are inserted into the build deck to provide a nice bottom style air flow, coming in from the side and coming up under the coil. 

The inserts are varied, including options from 3.1mm by 0.5mm (slot), triple 1mm holes, and then single slots from 1.2mm up to 2mm. The easiest internal airflow to use is probably going to be the slot. These inserts can be changed with the build in place or left out completely.

The build deck is a fairly traditional two post design, similar to the Berserker RTA, single coil design with top mounted philips screws. Building is straight forward. Vandy Vape includes a pretty cool coiling tool, one side is 3mm and the opposite side is 2.5m. 

To build the deck, start with the coil leads pulled facing opposite directions leading away from the coil instead of pointing the same direction like with standard two coil deck builds. Slide one lead under one screw, adjust the coil placement to be perfectly centered with the coil facing up or down and then tighten the screw. Then secure the other lead in under the opposite screw, clip and wick. No surprises with this deck.

Another cool design feature is the 9mm deep juice well. It will end up holding a similar amount of juice as a larger RDA but since it is MTL it won't go through the juice as fast. 

Also if you are using a thicker juice, the air holes are so restricted that it won't really leak like other RDAs if you accidentally overfill.

Taking off the top cap is very easy when needing to drip and you can drip right down the center like normal or you can use the included squonk pin if you have a squonk mod. 

This is a pretty good squonking RDA. The positive post lead has a nice little notched design to help insure even distribution of your juice when squonking.

Since the barrel is so constricted, the tip area could get a bit hot so there is a heat sink that plugs into the 510 part of the top cap and 2 included drip tips that screw into the heat sink, one black, one ultem. If you don't like the heat sink top you can just plug in your own 510 drip tip.

Overall, if you are looking for a MTL RDA this is the one to get!


  • Huge flavor!
  • Awesome MTL RDA
  • lots of customizable air flow options for the perfect mouth to lung draw
  • This RDA is easy to use! Easy build, easy to wick, easy airflow adjustment
  • high build quality with a simple, straight forward design in multiple colors
  • squonk capable and is hard to make it leak with a thicker juice, squonks away
  • Nice philips screws that are slotted for flat heads

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Hellvape Dead Rabbit 24mm RDA collage

Hellvape Dead Rabbit 24mm Rda

Save with: DNA10 for 10% off! Free 2 day shipping over $59!

Hellvape and youtuber Heathen have collaborated to release the Dead Rabbit 24mm RDA. 

More About This Item

The Hellvape Dead Rabbit is a 24mm squonkable RDA. 

It is made from 304 stainless steel with a hatched texture knurling on the top cap which provides a pretty good grip. While some may not like the hatched look, it really plays well with the cool looking dead rabbit logo along with the colored resin 810 drip tip.

The Dead Rabbit RDA is built around a top terminal, four post build deck that simulates a post-less deck. 

The opposing positive and negative posts are different colors, with the positive terminals gold plated and the negative left stainless. This is a good feature that provides clarity for the builder.

With this build deck, it has space for you to cut any excess coil length off from underneath of the post which is easier than post-less as you don't run as much of a risk of ruining a coil due to cutting a lead to short. 

The terminals themselves are quite large, which can handle larger coils and are secured with either flat heads or hex screws.

As with most post-less build decks, you can build a single larger coil instead of dual coils, if desired.

There aren't any clear wicking channels, which means you can just cut them enough to tuck into the well and reach the bottom. 

The juice well isn't very deep, coming in a 5mm, but the side airflow is place fairly high on the barrel so it may be OK to over fill, just don't take the top off with the juice level higher than the well.

The barrel has a slotted top side airflow that is angled downwards. Placing the angle in the airflow slot allows the air to hit the coil at an angle before coming back up the the top cap and it really works out. 

The air is smooth and isn't too airy. It provides more of a restricted lung hit than just blasting vapor.  The airflow, shape of the top and the coil position combine to provide great flavor.

The Dead Rabbit also includes a squonking pin, with a matching allen key, and a specially designed pre-installed PEEK insulator that helps evenly distribute juice. 

Overall, this is a great flavor RDA with some pretty good easy to use build deck, smooth airflow and a enjoyable slightly restricted lung hit.


  • Great vape over all. Really good flavor and a smooth semi-restricted lung hit
  • the aesthetics of the Dead Rabbit are good with the resin drip tips and the logo looks cool too
  • 4 post build deck that simulates a post-less build deck and is actually easier to use that normal post-less decks
  • clear which post is positive and which is negative
  • protruding 510 pin, also includes squonking pin with directed juice flow
  • hatched knurling for airflow adjustments
  • comes with a pretty cool matching resin 810 drip tip, but does include a Delrin 810 and a 510 adapter
  • comes in the standard black or stainless steel (plus others) with a choices of green, red or purple resin 810 drip tip

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Vandy Vape Pulse 24 BF RDA collage

Vandy Vape Pulse 24 Bf Rda

Save with: DNA10 for 10% off! Free 2 day shipping over $59!

The Vandy Vape Pulse is a a 24mm side airflow, post-less, squonk capable RDA that is the designed by Tony B. This is a pretty good flavor chasing RDA and makes for a good squonker.

More About This Item

The Vandy Vape Pulse is a 24mm squonk ready flavor RDA designed by Tony B and Vandy Vape. The Pulse 24 is squonk ready out of the box but an adjustable 510 pin is included that needs to be assembled. 

It has a well designed post-less build deck capable of both dual coil and single coils builds. This RDA is a damn good squonker thanks to the build deck being designed to evenly split the juice right into the wicking channels. 

The airflow is interesting and fairly unique. It has two fixed airflow jets on each side coming in and angled down. This design forces the air to constrict and shoot at the bottom of the coils. 

The airflow jets are fixed in as they are attached to a locking midsection, which locks to the build deck with corresponding notches, but the airflow is controllable with a rotating top cap.

If the well is overfilled the juice will have a pretty good chance of staying in the RDA thanks to the angled airflow jets.

The wicking channels, large half moons on each side, are the deepest part of the juice well, so any juice squeezed in or dripped in will flow towards the wicks. This design help prevent dry hits and is a really great benefit to this build deck.

The Vandy Vape Pulse 24 is a really great post-less flavor RDA that really shines with a squonk mod but is still great as a standard RDA with the regular 510 pin installed. 

Overall, this RDA provides a great vape experience with lots of flavor and it looks good too.


  • Huge flavor!
  • thick, dense clouds!
  • high build quality
  • the build deck can take two smaller coils but is capable of handling a larger single coil build
  • smooth airflow with the angled jet design
  • great for squonking (capable of standard RDA usage as well)
  • two 810 drip tips included as well as a 510 adapter

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Wotofo Nudge 24mm RDA

Wotofo Nudge 24mm Rda

Save with: DNA10 for 10% off! Free 2 day shipping over $59!

The Wotofo Nudge is squonk capable, dual coil flavor RDA, resulting from a collaboration with SuckMyMod (SMM).

More About This Item

The Wotofo Nudge 24mm RDA is the result of between Wotofo and youtuber SuckMyMod.  Just by looking at it you can tell a lot of time when into designing this RDA.

The Nudge RDA has a pretty good build quality for an excellent price. Overall, the design is aesthetically pleasing, coming in several colors. There is a huge variety of colors outside of the normal black, stainless steel, gold and each RDA comes with a matching resin 810 drip tip. The engraving was all done after the barrel received the color coating, which is a nice touch.

The slight concave indention on the top (barrel section), instead of traditional knurling, makes it very easy to pull the top or adjust the airflow. 

The build deck is very unique and takes a little getting used to building on, so this RDA may not be beginner friendly.

The deck design makes it a little weird to build due with the way the coils need to be slid into notches on the side of the posts instead of just inserted into the posts as with most build decks. 

The posts take up space inside the RDA which in itself has pluses and minuses. The space restriction inside of the RDA will boost the flavor but the the coils being used will not be able to be huge. 

3mm flat or stapled claptons seem to be what the designers were expecting to be used in the RDA but standard wire will still work. 2.5mm coils might even be a better choice seeing as the deck space is limited.

When the coils are inserted they are aligned parallel to the center ramp of the deck. Placing the coils like this will expose the coil to the side airflow at an angle, which makes the air to hit the coil and swirl around the RDA before heading up the top.

The main benefit of the unique design to me seems to be that the RDA has a really nice center ramp that will aid in evenly distributing your juice. This little center ramp area also covers the PEEK insulator and 510 pin. 

Squonking with this RDA is pretty great thanks to the squonk pin included with the RDA. The squonking pin, once installed and used with a squonk box, will let juice out on both sides, again for even distribution of the juice.

Some people are the in the habit of over filling with some squonking RDAs, but with this one you really only need to squeeze once, wait a beat and then give one more easy squeeze. 

This a pretty good RDA that provides great flavor and lots of vapor production with fantastic squonking capability but would generally only recommend this for experienced RDA users.


  • outstanding flavor with huge vapor production
  • high build quality at a really good price point
  • looks cool and comes with a color matching 810 drip tip
  • squonking on this RDA is really good with the included squonk pin
  • squonk pin evenly distributes juice on both sides of the deck
  • center rail for even distribution of juice when dripping
  • interesting build deck
  • adjustable side airflow which hits to coils at an angle and then goes up
  • deep juice well
  • quality philips screws

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OBS Cheetah II - collage

Obs Cheetah V2

The OBS Cheetah V2 takes a classic RDA design and ups the ante with a really badass clamping type build deck.

More About This Item

The Cheetah V2 from OBS is the new version of their RDA brought by an innovative company probably best known for its home run RTA the OBS Engine.

Overall, this is quite a good RDA.  It has everything we have come to expect; great flavor, smooth side airflow, and looks good but it has something new.  An super awesome deck that can take pretty much any (dual coil) build.

OBS definitely had the builder in mind when they designed this sweet deck that is a dream to build on.  It is has wide ports for the top lead and very wide bottom clamps for the other lead, tightened down with top mounted post screws (phillips).

The Cheetah come with classic side slit-style airflow, which provides the best flavor at slightly more than half shut down but can get some decent clouds at a more open setting.

It comes with a pretty nice 810 ULTEM drip tip, which is compatible with goon tips.


  • awesome hybrid clamp style build deck
  • great flavor (@ half airflow for me)
  • smooth barrel top cap interaction
  • easily controlled side airflow and the port width is just the right size
  • knurled top cap with included goon style 810 drip tip

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IJoy Combo RDA Collage

Ijoy Combo Rda

Save with: DNA10 for 10% off! Free 2 day shipping over $59!

The IJoy Combo is a 25mm screwless two-post RDA that features spring loaded terminal posts and adjustable side airflow airflow that hits the coils from the bottom-side direction.

More About This Item

The IJOY Combo RDA is a well rounded performing RDA that has some classic features mixed with a new screwless, spring-loaded two post deck. It produces a very respectable amount of vapor with really good flavor. 

By twisting the top of the RDA, the side airflow is easily controlled. However, instead of the air slots at the same height as the coils, forcing the air to hit the coils right at the side, the combo has a new system that works pretty well. 

The airflow is notched into the side of the base at an angle. This allows the air to hit the coil bottom and side at an angle, letting more surface area of the coil be hit by the air intake, boosting the flavor. 

When machining the air flow slots, the corners weren't rounded off. It isn't sharp but it isn't pleasant to press against this area either. It isn't a reason to ignore this RDA but it is something to be aware of when building.

While the deck doesn't have two holes on each post like most people are used to, having one hole per post was very common a few years ago. Thankfully, since the posts accommodate a spring and cap system, the posts are surprisingly wide, allowing the use of a set of fairly large coils. 

Flat claptons are a good pick for using in this deck since the coil leads can stack on each other an still get enough pressure to not slide.

To insert the coils, just press down on the post tops using the included compression tool, to open both post holes. The tool is a shaped piece of thick plastic that allows even distribution of force on both posts.  With both holes open, slide the coils in one at a time, then push on each coil simultaneously with your thumb and index finger to get them positioned. This procedure is a little awkward the first time, but it is fairly easy once you figure out the trick.

Cotton wicking can be left fairly long if desired to take up more space in the pretty deep juice well. 

Another plus for this RDA is you can drip right through the top, thanks to the wide, goon style, 810 ULTEM drip tip. 

Combine the overall performance with an 810 drip tip and easy building to get a really good all around RDA which would be good for a vaper looking for an RDA that gives a good experience without breaking the bank.

  • easy to use, spring loaded (screw-less) two post build deck
  • deep juice well
  • good flavor 
  • great airflow that hits the coils from the bottom-side direction and is easily controllable
  • great price
  • comes with a great wide bore ULTEM 810 drip tip

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Best RDA for Cloud Chasing

Clouds and All Around Dripping experience

Be aware that most RDAs will produce a large amount of vapor, so RDAs that are targeting flavor can produce a large cloud. Some cloud RDAs can produce good flavor with the air flow constricted.

Some RDAs will have a looser air flow and will produce more vapor when the controls are wide open. These are the RDAs we have below.

When looking for a cloud chasing RDA you are looking for a few stand out features.

Most important to a huge cloud, outside of VG content in the vape juice, is lots of air. The RDA needs to have a design that allows the air to come in fast and move over the coil rapidly on its way out.

The build deck needs to be well suited to housing a coil that will probably be bigger, both in width of the actual wire and space the coils take up in the chamber.  Larger coils have more surface area in contact with the cotton which will produce more vapor, quicker.

24mm or larger diameter RDAs are great for clouds.

Since the coils need to heat up faster, the RDA should fit on and be powered by a strong two battery mod

Big clouds need a lot of e-juice and having a deep juice well or bottom feed pin for squonking are great for preventing dry hits.

Augvape Occula RDA - huge clouds

Augvape Occula Rda (Bf)

Augvape teams with Twisted Messes to release a clamp style RDA for some old school cloud chucking with updated features and more control than ever.

More About This Item

Augvape teams with Twisted Messes to release a clamp style RDA for some old school cloud chucking with updated features like big clamps, big screws, highly controllable airflow and more.


  • very well designed clamp style build deck - can handle single builds or huge dual coil builds
  • lots of airflow - enormous clouds at wide open
  • adjust airflow down for a restricted, more flavorful cloud (pretty good flavor)
  • a great traditional dripper for prebuilt coils like aliens
  • wonderful screws - big, tough - can use flat, phillips and can even fingers

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GeekVape Loop BF RDA collage

Geekvape Loop Bf Rda

Save with: DNA10 for 10% off! Free 2 day shipping over $59!

The GeekVape Loop is a fantastic RDA with bottom feed (BF) capability and an innovative build deck with an intriguing bottom airflow, provides an excellent vape experience. Full flavor and cloud chasing mode activated!

More About This Item

GeekVape continues to innovate with the release of the Loop RDA. The GeekVape Loop is a bottom airflow, squonk ready, beast RDA that has an interesting W-shaped build deck. The W shape is something new and pretty cool.

GeekVape designed the deck of the Loop to maximize the airflow hitting the coils from the bottom of the coil but fed from the sides. The airflow is very smooth for having such as weird shape, but it is coming in from the sides hitting the coils and going up. 

This thing produces a lot of dense vapor and it has a smooth draw! Some other huge cloud chucker RDAs really wash out the flavor but this RDA still has pretty good flavor.

When you look at the build deck, you can see that the leads from the two coils will cross if they are left too long, so this makes trimming the leads a little more difficult than with other postless decks. The fact that there isn't a base to lead insertion terminal makes trimming the coils a bit of a guessing game. This isn't a problem for experienced RDA users but could be strange for a beginner RDA user.

Try to get one lead just about right by placing the lead at the correct height clamping down to get a mark on it, then clip a bit longer than the mark, then match the other coil leads. 

GeekVape did decide to go with some beefy flat head screws on this on the deck which could be a pro or con depending on the vaper.

Another big plus for this deck is easy wicking. The Loop has those really wide half moon shaped wicking ports which are fantastic to use with a looser cotton. All that is required is a bit of fluffing, followed a quick snip and tuck. (Insert joke here)

This RDA is good for traditional drippers and squonkers alike. The deck has this center ramp that allows juice dripped from the top to hit the center part of the W deck get evenly distributed to each side of the RDA, but you need to drip it with the RDA held in a straight up and down position and not an angle. 

Squonkers obviously just give a couple of good squeezes, but this RDA performs a bit better with classic dripping.

This RDA provides a pretty good vape experience in general with flavor similar to other RDAs, it provides lots of vapor with a smooth draw, easily adjustable airflow with a locking top cap and to top it all off it looks pretty damn good.


  • huge vapor production without turbulent airflow
  • classic RDA flavor profile
  • Good build quality with innovative design at an affordable price point
  • easy adjustable airflow with smooth intake
  • Notched top cap to lock cap
  • Bottom airflow for max flavor and vapor
  • W shaped (something new!) build deck splits juice for even distribution of juice
  • Squonk Ready 510 pin included
  • 810 drip tip with 510 adapter 
  • uses thick flat head screws

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Vandy Vape Phobia 24 BF RDA collage

Vandy Vape Phobia 24 Bf Rda

Save with: DNA10 for 10% off! Free 2 day shipping over $59!

The Vandy Vape Phobia is a 24mm RDA that is a serious flavor chaser, cloud producer, it is easy to build and is is squonk capable (bottom feed). 

More About This Item

The Vandy Vape Phobia is a 24mm bottom airflow RDA that is designed by Alex from VapersMD (a popular Russian vaper), who has designed other hit products for Vandy Vape. This may be one of his best RDAs so far.

At first sight, the Phobia is striking in stainless steel with its two barrel sections in the packaging. It has one barrel section for use with a very large chuff cap that takes up the entire diameter of the barrel. 

The other included top section that is preinstalled is the traditional top that fits an ULTEM 810 drip tip but also includes a 510 drip tip adapter. 

Both tops work well, but the 810 is more for a mix of flavor and clouds, while the chuff is the reverse with more clouds than flavor.

Using the chuff cap top and the airflow wide open will produce quite a huge cloud.

The really stand out design decision on this RDA is the quad terminal postless build deck. It has big, beefy post screws milled right into the bottom of the RDA and base looks like it is milled from one solid piece (except for the PEEK insulator around two of the terminals of course!). 

In between the terminals, on opposing sides, are two sets of matching bottom airflow holes designed to hit the bottom and bottom-side of the coils for catching maximum flavor coming from the surface of the coils.

The airflow, bottom airflow slots placed right at the lower edge of the barrel, is easily controlled by twisting the top cap like normal. Twisting the barrel is smooth but is also a bit snug. 

Since the airflow holes on the deck are basically air jets for hitting the coil, the RDA can be a bit loud.

Building the RDA is very straight forward on this deck and is made easy with the large 3mm terminal openings which are capable of holding quite wide prebuilt coils. 

This deck design is capable of single or dual coil builds like any other postless deck but performs better with a two coil build installed due to the bottom airflow. With two coils, building closer to the air flows is easier, but a larger diameter single coil build will work.

The juice well is 5mm deep has a special raised cutout over the 510 for even distribution of juice when the bottom feed pin (squonk pin) is installed.

The Vandy Vape Phobia is a strong performing bottom airflow RDA that is easy to build and performs like a champ. It has great flavor, big billowy clouds, is great for squonking, has several unique features, high build quality, looks great and has a great price.


  • great flavor
  • high build quality and design
  • easy build postless deck
  • beefy post screws
  • bottom feed (squonk) pin included
  • squonk pin evenly distributes juice in the well
  • fantastic bottom airflow with plenty of air hitting the bottom and sides of the coils
  • comes in stainless steel, matte black, gold and rainbow

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Classic Cloud Chaser RDAs

Troll RDA in Box

Wotofo Troll V2

Wotofo has made some significant upgrades to the Troll for version 2 making it one of the best, affordable RDAs.  Significant airflow, deep well, and deck improvements provide a mix of great flavor and huge clouds.


  • Huge Vapor Production for dense clouds
  • great airflow and air control options
  • easy to control airflow for good flavor
  • deep juice well
  • easy to build and use

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What is the Best RDTA?

options are not as varied as with other tanks and rdas

A Rebuildable Drip Tank Atomizer (RDTA) is the fusion of the RDA and the RTA.  The RDTA is a hybrid with the deck, chamber, and airflow design of the RDA on top and instead of a well for the wicks to rest in, they plunge down into a tank below the deck.

RDTAs have the hobby building and performance characteristic of an RDA minus the major drawback; having to reach over and drip more juice on the coils frequently.

These days the RDTA market seems to be in a holding pattern with the surge in popularity that squonking is experiencing. There are still a few really awesome and convenient RTDAs we have below.

Vandy Vape Pyro 24mm Collage

Vandy Vape Pyro Rdta

Save with: DNA10 for 10% off! Free 2 day shipping over $59!

The Vandy Vape Pyro is a 24mm postless deck with a mixed side airflow.  Vandy Vape has combined straight forward design elements, easy usage with strong performance with the Pyro RDTA.

More About This Item

The Pyro RDTA from Vandy Vape is definitely one of the best RDTAs to date. It takes a similar build deck and wide wick ports that was used on the hit Kylin RTA (minus the bottom airflow), familiar adjustable side airflow and has a simple yet profound juice hole plug system built into the top cap.

Refilling the tank now is as simple as on most tanks and RDAs; pull the top, squeeze and recap.

The deck utilizes a post-less system making the coils vertical rather than horizontal. The deck is capable of housing two regular sized coils or one larger single coil if desired.  In single coil mode, the diameter of the coil needs to be wider to have enough cotton to fill the very wide wicking ports.

Building the deck is fairly straight forward, however, since it is post-less the coil leads need to be trimmed before you put them in place. Make sure the leads are too long rather than too short before putting them in place.

I love the performance of the Pyro RDTA, particularly in standard two coil setup. Lots of flavor with enough air to produce thick vapor clouds.


  • Strong flavor profile
  • enjoyable vape experience
  • very similar build deck to the well received Vandy Vape Kylin RTA
  • single or dual coil builds 
  • gold plated philips and allen (grub) screws included
  • very wide wicking ports help prevent dry hits
  • well controlled side airflow
  • 810 Drip tip default (1 ultem and 1 delrin included)
  • 510 adapter included

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Wotofo Faris BF RDTA RDA collage

Wotofo Faris Rdta

Save with: DNA10 for 10% off! Free 2 day shipping over $59!

The Wotofo Faris is very versatile, well performing, squonk capable atomizer that is both an RDTA and RDA.

More About This Item

The Wotofo Faris is a RDTA that is also an RDA, with a postless build deck and angled airflow with cyclops style controls.

It is quite the squonker in both modes and when using with the 3ml RDTA section, the Faris is easy mode flavor chasing.

This is very versatile atomizer that provides all the flavor and style of an RDA but can also have the convenience of an RDTA at a moments notice.  This is a strong all around choice for someone looking for a single item that can do everything.


  • fantastic flavor and plenty of vapor production
  • very versatile - squonkable RDA or RDTA 
  • great squonker  (bottom feed) functionality in both modes - hard to flood
  • easy to build - postless deck has plenty of space
  • 3ml capacity with RDTA section and deep well in RDA mode 
  • easy to switch between modes
  • really wide wicking channels

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GeekVape Avocado RDTA - Collage

Geekvape Avocado 24mm

This is an interesting offering from GeekVape. This single/dual coil RDTA, is a little different but provides great flavor and plenty of vapor.


  • Dual or Single Coil Options
  • Plenty of air flow
  • Nice, wide Drip tip included
  • clear or frosted glass, replacement glass is cheap

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