Wotofo STNG - Single Coil MTL RDA
Wotofo STNG - Single Coil MTL RDA


What Could Be Better

  • heavy squonk presses can cause some leakage


  • Awesome flavor of course!
  • Easy to build and use - beginner friendly
  • interesting airflow design - draw ranges from restricted DL, medium mtl and super tight mtl
  • Clamp style dual post build deck with spring loaded clamps (big plus)
  • high build quality
  • deep juice well with well designed wicking channels
  • lots of extras - two drip tips, two coils, tools and extra parts
  • squonk capable with even juice distribution


Wotofo STNG (MTL RDA) - small rda on a small mod
Wotofo STNG (MTL RDA) - bell shaped cap and single clamp style deck
Wotofo STNG (MTL RDA) - single coil clamp style deck
Wotofo STNG (MTL RDA) - single coil build deck
wotofo STNG mtl RDA with contoured 510 drip tip and single airflow inlet

Wotofo STNG - Droplet AFC

The Wotofo STNG is a 22mm mouth to lung (MTL), single coil RDA that is the result of a collaboration with a Russian Youtuber named Uncle Stas. 

As with all Wotofo products, there are some goodies included. This time included is:

  •  a screw driver and an allen (hex) key 
  • two small diameter n80 flavor chasing coils and some organic cotton
  • a pre-installed lip contoured 510 drip tip 
  • a similar design drip tip with a wider diameter
  • spare parts, o-rings and a squonk pin

It has some pretty cool features that are always nice to see in a flavor chasing RDA:

  • 22mm diameter with a restricted chamber size
  • bell shaped inner top cap and locking cap design
  • easy to use build deck 
  • deep juice wells with double sided juice flow for squonking and double o-ring retention
  • excellent wicking channels
  • bottom airflow

And that is just the normal stuff. Wotofo made this MTL RDA with some pretty interesting features.

The biggest feature that makes this RDA good is the build deck. It has a spring loaded dual post clamp style deck that works regardless of which direction you wrap your coils (under or overhand).  This deck is just plain easy to use even for beginners or "efficient" (lazy haha!) vapers.

Included with the RDA is two of Wotofo's pre-built N80 coils which each have a small diameter and fit easily under the clamps.

wotofo STNG RDA with single coil build deck

Easy to Build Clamp Deck

Even fairly thick flat claptons (shown in the photo) fit well with no problems. We went with a 3mm diameter and had no problems with space.  Clip the leads close to the deck and there won't be any shorts thanks to the extra little bit of milling around the back of the clamps.

Using a 3mm coil with 3mm Wotofo agleted cotton strips (highly recommended) is perfect with this deck. Snip the cottons just above the bottom of the RDA when draped over the side of the deck for the perfect fit. The wicks feel like they almost pop into place and just touch the bottom of the well. 

At the bottom of the wicking channels on each side of the airflow are flow ports for even squonk distribution. Using this RDA with a squonk mod works well with a light press but heavy, overflow inducing presses have the opportunity to leak down into the airflow hole under the coils. 

Personally with this RDA, taking off the cap and dripping old school style has been the most enjoyable.

On the side of the RDA, in the picture above, you can see the single 2mm air inlet with a droplet styled adjustment. 

The air flows into the deck through the inlet and up through the bottom of the deck via two holes that hit the bottom of the coils.

At wide open the draw is a very loose MTL, closer to a restricted direct lung draw. At wide open, the draw is quite good for restricted DL flavor chasing but switch drip tips.

The included 510 drip tips are heavily contoured and are awesome for MTL draws but feel weird with the air at wide open. The thinner one that comes pre-installed seems best with tighter draws and the thicker one for medium to loose MTL draws.

Cutting down the airflow to half of the droplet or even less, really dials in the draw and boosts the flavor as well as warmth. The draw is more of a medium draw -- not loose but not tight either. The air can be a tad loud but never whistles.

Closing the air off completely takes the RDA to super tight draw territory but still works. 

This RDA and airflow control mechanism seems to be perfectly capable of restricted direct lung draws but the STNG really shines at medium to loose MTL flavor chasing.

Final Thoughts

With the airflow half to a quarter open provides an enjoyable, warm, mouth to lung flavor chasing vape experience.

This flavor chasing RDA is very simple to use. The spring loaded clamp style deck really makes this a fast building RDA that even a less experienced builder can get started using and is a good choice for flavor chasers.

Overall, the Wotofo STNG is a pretty good MTL RDA. It has great flavor and a good MTL draw (restricted DL possible). The best part is that it is super easy to build!

Get direct from Wotofo (in California)