Smoant Charon 218 TS collage
Smoant Charon 218 TS collage


What Could Be Better

A bit heavy


  • Three Memory Mode
  • Display is amazing and almost like using a cell phone
  • Preheat capability
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • MicroUSB Port- firmware upgradeable


Smoant charon mod TS
Smoant charon mod TS unboxing
Smoant charon mod TS battery vents
Smoant charon mod TS battery door
Smoant Charon mod TS
Smoant charon mod TS with Valerian Tank

Smoant Charon 218w Touch Screen

2.4 inch Touch Screen

Smoant Charon 218w Ts

 Huge touch screen

This is the easiest mod I've ever used due to the size of display screen and the simplicity of navigating settings. You can switch from wattage to temperature control mode with ease, customize the settings and the variable wattage curve quickly. 

It's like using a brand new smart phone. The touch screen is not just attractive, but is also simple to use. 

I'm not exaggerating when I say its the best screen out of any mod I've used to date. 

Thanks to the size of the screen (2.4"), all the details of what is going on with the rig is easy to see at a glance. The screen brightness is adjustable and able to achieve high visibility in most normal conditions. 

The menu system is very well designed. Everything is intuitive to navigate and customize. No more three button clicking, holding and waiting.


Built for performance and ease of use, the Charon is very powerful; firing up to 218 watts with Smoant's advanced chip set.

This mod has comprehensive temperature control regulation with support for Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel heating elements while having Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) adjustments.

In order to use the temperature control feature, it requires use of nickel, titanium, or stainless steel coils and must be built with non-resistant wire. 

Firing the mod right of the box with a good sub-ohm tank is fast and seems pretty immediate. This mod is also capable of adjusting firing curves, making this mod capable of providing a customized vape to the individuals preference. Most users will find the default settings to be satisfactory.

There is a spring loaded 510 pin and every tank that attached made a good connection without having any weird gap issues.

The Charon TS has a contoured top that is designed to best fit tanks 25mm and under. Larger tanks may have some overhang.


The Charon Touch Screen 218 front fire button is well placed on the mod. The slightly textured fire button has a soft press and has a hollow, faint click sound. 

There is no button or battery rattle when given a fast hard shake.

The chassis of the device is soft contoured and made from a lightweight material.. I will say with my Valerian tank and batteries installed, it seems is a bit heavy. In the hand is a has a reminiscent hand feel with its medium blocky shape. I like to hold it with the bottom of the mod resting on my pinky with the my three fingers and thumb wrapping around the rest of the mod.

When in the hand, it has a comfortable feel and firing position. The quick toggle button is also conveniently placed near the fire button for quick display and menu access.

The Smoant Charon TS has a incredibly useful dedicated screen switch located above the firing bar which allows users to toggle or lock the display to maximize battery life during use. If you want to leave the screen on, you can lock the screen by holding the bar down.  

After I have my settings where I want them, I always turn my screen off. Otherwise, with the display constantly on, the mod will chew through batteries.

On the opposite side of mod from the screen, the glassy battery door looks identical to the touch screen when the display is off.  The battery door has 4 magnets on the battery door, which makes a seamless transition from the body of the mod to the door. This gives the mod a sleek, simulated one piece look. 

Swapping batteries is pretty painless. There is a small cutout near the bottom of the mod to help pop off the battery door, right above the generous battery vent slots. The battery sled, housing the standard two 18650 batteries, is high quality.  The sled gives a snug fit to batteries, but not so tight that it makes the batteries difficult to remove or tear the wrapping.

Would I buy again?

This is a definite yes. This is one of my favorite mods at the moment and I believe it is a must have device going into 2018 for users wanting an easy to use touchscreen mod. 

This one of the most convenient mods I've ever owned because it is easy to use. It also has plenty of power; it is fast firing and will go up to 218 watts.

 It is probably not the best for traveling due to it being risky to drop on concrete but if you vape a lot at home and want an attractive, sleek looking vape rig, this mod is made for you.

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