GeekVape Loop BF RDA collage
GeekVape Loop BF RDA collage


What Could Be Better

  • The postless build deck layout requires an awkward lead insertion and lead trimming


  • huge vapor production without turbulent airflow
  • classic RDA flavor profile
  • Good build quality with innovative design at an affordable price point
  • easy adjustable airflow with smooth intake
  • Notched top cap to lock cap
  • Bottom airflow for max flavor and vapor
  • W shaped (something new!) build deck splits juice for even distribution of juice
  • Squonk Ready 510 pin included
  • 810 drip tip with 510 adapter 
  • uses thick flat head screws

Quick Look at GeekVape Loop BF RDA

GeekVape continues to innovate with the release of the Loop RDA. The GeekVape Loop is a bottom airflow, squonk ready, beast RDA that has an interesting W-shaped build deck. The W shape is something new and pretty cool.

GeekVape designed the deck of the Loop to maximize the airflow hitting the coils from the bottom of the coil but fed from the sides. The airflow is very smooth for having such as weird shape, but it is coming in from the sides hitting the coils and going up. 

This thing produces a lot of dense vapor and it has a smooth draw! Some other huge cloud chucker RDAs really wash out the flavor but this RDA still has pretty good flavor.

When you look at the build deck, you can see that the leads from the two coils will cross if they are left too long, so this makes trimming the leads a little more difficult than with other postless decks. The fact that there isn't a base to lead insertion terminal makes trimming the coils a bit of a guessing game. This isn't a problem for experienced RDA users but could be strange for a beginner RDA user.

Try to get one lead just about right by placing the lead at the correct height clamping down to get a mark on it, then clip a bit longer than the mark, then match the other coil leads. 

GeekVape did decide to go with some beefy flat head screws on this on the deck which could be a pro or con depending on the vaper.

Another big plus for this deck is easy wicking. The Loop has those really wide half moon shaped wicking ports which are fantastic to use with a looser cotton. All that is required is a bit of fluffing, followed a quick snip and tuck. (Insert joke here)

This RDA is good for traditional drippers and squonkers alike. The deck has this center ramp that allows juice dripped from the top to hit the center part of the W deck get evenly distributed to each side of the RDA, but you need to drip it with the RDA held in a straight up and down position and not an angle. 

Squonkers obviously just give a couple of good squeezes, but this RDA performs a bit better with classic dripping.

This RDA provides a pretty good vape experience in general with flavor similar to other RDAs, it provides lots of vapor with a smooth draw, easily adjustable airflow with a locking top cap and to top it all off it looks pretty damn good.

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