Wotofo Recurve Dual - Dual Coil RDA (Squonk)
Wotofo Recurve Dual - Dual Coil RDA (Squonk)


What Could Be Better

  • top cap needs to be put on straight up and down
  • coils sit high for flavor and airflow reasons - Don't try to squonk up to the coils as it will leak


  • Great Flavor! 
  • Smooth Airflow - Restricted Direct Lung Draw!
  • Makes a good squonker as well as dripper
  • two high quality drip tips included - one acrylic and one comfortable lip contoured
  • straight forward build process - single builds possible
  • fantastic lead trimming tool included


Wotofo Recurve Dual RDA - with accessories
Wotofo Recurve Dual RDA - Build Deck
Wotofo Recurve Dual RDA - side airflow
Wotofo Recurve Dual RDA - deck and Alternative Drip Tip
wotofo recurve dual RDA BF squonk

Wotofo Recurve Dual RDA (BF)

Wotofo and MikeVapes updates the fantastic Recurve, a single coil RDA, with the Recurve Dual RDA.

Lots of extras are included with the RDA by Wotofo:

  • probably the best lead trimming tool out there
  • a set of comp Ni80 coils
  • a set of shoelace style organic cottons (no hassle wicking)
  • two 810 drip tips (fat one pre-installed) and comfortable lip contoured tip
  • squonk pin, spare parts and o-rings

The Recurve Dual lost its concave exterior but kept the strong performance, airflow and deck style. Designers opted instead for a standard, straight sided cap with a concave edge around the top edge. 

That heavy curve on the single coil edition was quite handy for taking off the top for dripping and was even adopted to some degree by the Augvape x Twisted Messes Occula RDA

The tolerances on the top cap seem pretty tight, making the cap need to basically straight up and down to seat properly when trying to put back in place. Make sure to lube up the double o-rings. 

Air comes in the side through six air inlet holes configured in two rows of three on each side. These inlets line up with angled jets drilled into the tall curved sides surrounding the deck. 

The air is forced downwards, right towards the bottom of the coils, give full coverage to the coil and boosting flavor. This airflow design seems to work quite well with the air inlets all open. The air is naturally restricted some what and is not turbulent.

The gaps between the high walls around the deck pull double duty as stops, preventing the cap from spinning in place.

As with the majority of build decks these days, Wotofo went with a quad terminal postless build deck. The terminals are big enough to secure a fairly sizable lead. Single coil builds are possible but the RDA is designed for two.

The juice well is pretty deep at 8mm and is sectioned in a way for even distribution of juice with the bottom feed (BF or squonk) pin installed. 

Some people like to really squeeze a ton of juice when squonking, almost flooding the whole coil. These coils sit quite high, even with the air inlets. Soaking the coil will flood the tank but a couple of hefty squeezes should be fine with the deep juice well and high sides. 

Wotofo ships the Recurve Dual with fat, color matching, acrylic resin style 810 and also includes a curved, lip contoured tip. Both are comfortable to use but the contoured tip feels better with the draw style.

Wotofo Recurve Dual - Lead Measuring Tool
Wotofo Recurve Dual RDA - build tool
Wotofo Recurve Dual RDA - dual coil build
Wotofo Recurve Dual RDA - dual coil build with cotton

Building the quad terminal post-less build deck is straight forward. Postless decks really are the norm for last year or two and are probably familiar to most RDA and RTA enthusiasts.

For the best results, wrap the coils using the 3mm section on the coiling rod and trim the leads at 7mm using the included lead trimming tool.

Wotofo always includes lots of extras like the Wotofo agleted (shoelace style) organic cotton strips, extra parts, tools and even coils. The best accessory with the Recurve Dual RDA is hands down the coil lead trimming tool. 

Coil leads are suggested to be trimmed at 7mm, which seems tall but is the right size for the airflow on this RDA.

All the steps are just like any other postless build. Use a coiling rod to place and align each coil before securing. Wick and soak with some great vape juice, then vape.

Single coil builds are possible but two coils give the best results.

Final Thoughts

The build process is quick and easy thanks to the trimming tool and a comfortable amount of deck space.

Performance characteristics of the Recurve Dual:

  • fantastic, full flavored, warm vape
  • dense clouds
  • restricted direct lung draw
  • smooth airflow, best at wide open 
  • great dripper or squonker
  • contoured tip is more comfortable than the fat acrylic tip

It's quite the enjoyable RDA.

Overall, the Wotofo Recurve Dual RDA is quite good for vapers looking for a squonk capable, aesthetic RDA with an easy postless build deck for dual coils (primarily) and an enjoyable restricted direct lung draw with great flavor.

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