Vaporesso Target Mini 2 - mtl subohm vape kit
Vaporesso Target Mini 2 - mtl subohm vape kit


What Could Be Better

  • display is hard to read outside and some reading/details are in a small font


  • Great Flavor! (uses the EUC coil line - lots of options)
  • Super airflow control for the best draw! ranging from tight MTL to restricted Direct Lung Draw
  • CCell is great for higher nic or nic salt juices - even CBD juice - mesh is great for regular vape juice
  • Very compact yet surprisingly versatile mod - Perfect for high ohm / low wattage vaping
  • Ergonomic shape for easy grip and comfortable trigger firing mechanism
  • Tank has metal sleeve for extra durability
  • 2000mAh built in battery (comparable to a single 18650) with pass through charging


Vaporesso Target Mini v2 -  side view of the compact mtl kit
Vaporesso Target Mini v2 - bottom of 50W mod and target mini 2 mtl tank
Vaporesso Target Mini v2 - compact vape kit with disassembled mtl tank
Vaporesso Target Mini v2 -  trigger fired 50W mod with LED display

The Vaporesso Target Mini 2 is a compact subohm vape starter kit that packs one hell of a punch.  At first glance, the kit seems small and unassuming but the tank is perfect for subohm flavor chasing and the mod is surprisingly versatile.

About the VM Tank

The subohm tank is 22mm in diameter with a quick twist off top fill, pluggable coil, fantastic airflow control and comes with a decent 510 drip tip. The capacity is limited at 2ml but hey - this tiny tank is for subohm flavor chasing!

As with other MTL vape tanks, the glass is protected for the most part by a metal sleeve. An included key is needed for complete disassembly but swapping the pluggable coils is super easy, similar to the design we saw on the Uwell Crown 3 subohm tank.

Included with the kit are two coils but utilizes the pluggable EUC family of subohm coils which are marketed as ECO Univeral Coils and sometimes can be found as EUC CCell replacement coils. Each replacement coil pack comes in a pack of 5 and are relatively cheap per coil (around $2 or less) which is awesome.

Included with the kit is one CCell (ceramic) coil and one mesh coil. 

The EUC CCell coil: 

  • Wire and ceramic wicking - 1.0ohm
  • Best at 10-13W
  • Recommendations: use 25mg nic salts vape juice or thin mixed traditional vape juice (50/50 or 60/40), CBD vape juices

The mesh coil:

  • Square type mesh and cotton - 0.6ohm
  • Best at 16 to 22W
  • Recommendations: use traditional vape juice - 70/30 or 80/20 blends with 6mg (or higher) (or suitable nic level)

Both coils perform quite well. Each coil gives delicious, clean flavor and decent vapor production. Each coil has pretty low power requirements when paired with a light colored juice that isn't too sweet, each coil should last a significant period of time.

The airflow control on this tank is awesome! The AFC ring has a high tension but is smooth adjusting with a single air slot with air options that can range from just a single to five 1mm airholes, all the way to full open slot. The draw can go from super tight mouth to lung to a loose, restricted direct lung. There are lots of airflow options here.

The Target Mini 2 Mod

The updated Target Mini 2 mod is a power house in a small package.

Main features:

  •  a 2000mAh built in battery - comparable in capacity to a single 18650 battery
  • 0.03-5 ohms - wow! incredibly wide range but this mod will probably see mostly 0.5-1.5ohm builds
  • 2A built in charging capability which is pretty fast - about 1hr from empty to full
  • Smart VW - recommends ideal power based on ohm
  • TC (Ni200/Ti/SS) and TCR

The 0.66" OLED screen is easily readable for the most part. Older individuals may have a hard time seeing some of the details at the bottom, such as the ohm reading, which are in a smaller font. Indoors, the screen visibility is decent but out in the direct sunlight, the screen is hard to read. 

The menu system is easy to navigate using the 3 button cluster at the below the screen. The wattage adjustments are quick but the wattage doesn't round robin when it reaches 50W.

This mod has a huge amount of features and protections built in. Building around the OMNI 4.2 chip is like putting a V8 in a Cooper Mini. This is an awesome chip that can do pretty much any type of vaping but it seems like overkill for a small, low wattage flavor chasing kit. 

95% of the time this mod will just be on variable wattage mode mod between 12-25W but you never know. This mod is awesome with small diameter single coil flavor chasing RTAs and MTL RDAs as well.

Probably the best thing about this mod is the shape. It has an very aesthetic yet functional flow to the exterior that allows it to rest comfortably between your thumb and a few fingers. The trigger is easy to fire and the top can hold pretty much any 22mm tank and look good. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, this kit is pretty damn sweet.  The Vaporesso Target Mini 2 starter kit is the perfect setup for sub ohm flavor chasing, low wattage setups and MTL vapers are looking for very fine control over the airflow

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