Mint Ziip Pods are always able to deliver cool, mint flavor just like your favorite mint gum.

Ziip Pods - Mint (JUUL Compatible)

A Quick Look

Ziip Pods - Mint (JUUL Compatible)
Ziip Pods - Mint (JUUL Compatible)


Quick Look at Mint - Ziip Pods (JUUL Compatible)

Mint Zip Pods hit you with a sweet mint flavor followed by a light, icy cooling sensation. This flavor formulation is very reminescent of Eclipse Gum tabs.


  • Sweet mint flavor with light, icy menthol cooling sensation
  • Candy mint aroma on exhale
  • Light throat hit
  • 1ml capacity - 1.8 | 3.0% | 5.0% Strengths (Nicotine Salts Based)

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