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DIY Vape Juice banner
DIY Vape Juice: How to make your own E-Juice (In Depth Guide)

Can't find the flavor vape juice you desire? Want to save money on vape juice? DIY: make your own e-liquid, get the flavor you crave, save money and get a new hobby.

Jackly JK6089-A - front
Jackly JK6089-A 45-in-1 Professional Screwdriver Set

This precision 45-in-1 screwdriver set makes like simpler for the rebuilder.  Instead of keeping up with all the various drivers just use this one set.

Master of Clouds wire - front
Master of Clouds Kanthal Wire

Master of Clouds wire provides some easy to work with wire at a great price.

Coilmaster - front
Coilmaster Coil Jig

This is a must have tool for any vaper that builds their own coils.  It makes building all sorts of common coils easy, fast and consistent.

heat gun - front
Jores HG-1500Y Heat Gun

This is a nice sub-20 dollar heat gun that is a must have safety item for every vaper who doesn't like replacing batteries just due to wrapper tears.

glass eye dripper - front
VivaPlex Amber Glass Eye Dropper Bottles

These amber glass eyedroppers are perfect for the home hobbiest. Whether you make your own vape juice, beard oil, essential oils, or other diy liquid, these dropper bottles are a must have.

Eleaf ECR head - Front
Eleaf ECR Head

These rebuildable heads for the Eleaf tanks, such as the Melo line, are sure to save plenty of money over the factory heads.

Cotton Bacon V2 wicking cotton
Cotton Bacon v2

Cotton Bacon V2 is a fantastic cotton for pretty much every build type. It is high quality, fast wicking and it provides a clean flavor profile.

Vevor 3L Ultrasonic Cleaner w Heating Element
Vevor Commercial Ultrasonic Cleaner with Digital Timer and Heater

A ultrasonic cleaner is a nice to have accessory item that allows you to get your new tanks, rdas, clapton wires clean of grit and machine oil. It can also be used to speed steep your vape juice to get the full flavor without the weeks of waiting.

Wotofo Profile Mesh RTA (Flavor)
Wotofo Profile Unity Mesh RTA (Flavor) [Review]

Wotofo x MrJustRight1 x TheVaporChronicles have released the RTA edition of the smash hit Profile that really is mesh rebuilding done right.