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Nu-X CBD Vape Juice (Rainier) - Nu-X Full Spectrum CBD Tincture (Gaia)
Nu-X CBD Vape Juice and Full Spectrum CBD Tincture [Review]

We take a look at Nu-X CBD vape juices (Rainier) and Full Spectrum CBD tinctures (GAIA) in 1000mg of CBD per 30ml. 

Nu-X CBD Vape Juice - Rainier
Nu-X Rainier CBD Vape Juice (Peach)

NU-X Rainier is a peach and dragonfruit flavored CBD isolate vape juice with 1000mg of CBD per 30ml bottle.

Nu-X Full Spectrum CBD tincture - Gaia (pina colada)
Nu-X Full Spectrum CBD Tincture - GAIA (Pina Colada)

Nu-X GAIA is a pina colada flavored full spectrum CBD tincture designed for easy dosing for maximum relief.

Best Disposable E-cig and Disposable Vape Pen - sq bnner
Best Disposable E-Cigs and CBD Vape Pens

Sometimes you just need a one time vape to carry around for a few days. Disposable vapes are great for traveling, at work and are super simple -- Just start using it! Disposables make great gifts to smokers.