VaporDNA is having some promotion on select vape juice and has some of your favorites at clearance prices!

VaporDNA E-Juice Deals and Clearance Sale

About the Deal

VaporDNA has several promotions on select juices and brands right now.

  • All Essence E-juices are $10.99
  • Okami E-Liquids are $10.99
  • Use code SALTY* to get a Stay Salty E-Juice for just 99 cents when you make a $15 purchase

Here are a few of the best clearance juices:

  • FRYD E-Liquid Banana 60ml for $12.99
  • Bombshell Lucille 60ml (Pina Colada) for $9.99
  • Chroma Drip Peach Gummy 60mm for $7.99
  • 12 Monkeys Hakuna (Fuji / Granny Smith Blend) - $9.99
  • Mama's E-liquid Blueberry Cheesecake 60ml for $7.99
  • Shark Gummies Blue 60ml for $9.99
  • Elysian Labs Nana Flakes 60ml for $12.99

Stock up now while you can!