RDAs (rebuildable dripper atomizer) and RDTAs (rebuildable drip tank atomizers) are for the hobbiest vaper who loves rebuilding and getting a tasty, warm, more customized vape.


Best RDAs and RDTAs in 2017

Keep in mind that new RDAs are coming out on a daily basis and this guide will be updated regularly. 

Rebuildable Drip Atomizers and Drip Tank Atomizers

Dripping is for the true vaping hobbiest

comparison  of two post (velocity), three post and clamp style decks for RDA

velocity, three post and clamp style decks

RDAs have a long history with the mechanical style of vaping and have held over in the new world of regulated vaping since they provide benefits and fill a niche in the vape community.

Some of the benefits of an RDA:

  • cost effective and simple
  • build your own coils for savings and customization of your vape
  • amazing flavor and huge cloud potential
  • no glass to break and replace!
  • variety of designs for airflow, posts, well and chamber with different characteristics for different vapers
  • come in tons of sizes, shapes and colors - something for everyone

Since they take more type and energy to use, the appeal for the RDA is for a certain type of vaper:

  • hobbiest vaper who likes building coils
  • adventurous spirits, tinkerers, and tweakers who like to fine tune performance
  • budget vaper
  • vape connoisseur
  • someone who like aesthetics and visual appeal 

As you can see in the deck comparison photo, there are a lot of different designs out there and these are just the stand outs for post style.  The juice well size also varies widely.

Having built on a lot of different types of decks, the easiest for simple builds is definitely the two post velocity style deck on the left.  Two post decks prove the most room for your coils inside of the RDA chamber.  

Three post isn't bad but it takes up space and the coils don't remain evenly spaced as easily.

The clamp style is for exotic flat builds like you would see with a fused clapton coil.

Best RDA for Flavor Chasing

Superior Taste is the Primary Goal

When selecting a good flavor RDA there are a few qualities to look for:

  • good build deck for the coil types you will be using. Easy pick is two post velocity deck.
  • you want the the chamber to be a little more compact 
  • good airflow control (as airflow goes down, flavor goes up)
  • an included adapter or ability to take different drip tips

The juice well is kind of a free pick. I personally like a deeper juice well so the wick soaks up the juice instead of absorbing through the coil.  Some folks don't mind re-dripping right on the coil so a shallow well isn't a problem for them.

Premium Flavor RDA

A Flavor chasing favorite

Goon Rda Rating: 10/10

Goon RDA with Deck
Price: varies around $60

528 customs brings the Goon RDA which has quickly become on of the most favored RDAs on the market thanks to great flavor and a clamp style build deck.


  • Short Chamber that delivers amazing flavor!
  • Clamp Style build deck making exotic coil builds easier to accomplish
  • great, smooth, controllable airflow for dual or single coil builds
  • Flat top cap to limit spit back
  • 24mm


  • Slight Con - brass top clamps are prone to slight bending on thicker coil builds. Flip top plate over on next build to restraighten.
  • Different build versions are slightly different prices, black or brass a bit more than the copper and stainless steel versions

Affordable Flavor RDA

Flavor chase and get some savings

Wotofo Lush Plus Rating: 9/10

Wotofo Lush Plus RDA

The completely redesigned Lush Plus from Wotofo is their new flavor chasing RDA and it is a big hit.  The Lush is a 24mm topper that is designed to be super simple to use and be ready to go right out of the box. The kennedy-style airflow utilizes two bottom airflow channels on each side.  The posts now feature a y-shaped two post deck that makes building pretty easy even with more exotic coils.


  • huge flavor at a great price!
  • all airflow is set - no more trying to find the sweet spot
  • easy to build, even when using wider builds such as fused claptons
  • offset, wide post holes - the phillips top screws work well here
  • chimney is shaped for easy removal for adding more juice


  • wide bore drip tip is a proprietary size
  • bottom airflow takes space that would normally be used for juice

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Best RDA for Cloud Chasing

huge clouds bro

When looking for a cloud chasing RDA you are looking for a few stand out features.

Most important to a huge cloud, outside of VG, is lots of air. The RDA needs to have a design that allows the air to come in fast and move over the coil rapidly on its way to your lungs.

The build deck needs to be well suited to housing a coil that will probably be bigger, both in width of the actual wire and space the coil take up in the chamber.  The chamber also needs to be bigger to house the larger coils without touching the sides, causing a short.

Since the coils need to heat up faster, the RDA needs to be able to handle higher temperatures without having any failures due to build quality.

Deep juice well comes in handy for cloud chasing; big clouds need a lot of e-juice. Rule of thumb here is max VG for max clouds.

The tip needs to be pretty wide bore to get the most air, so look for a chuff cap or ability to take a competition cap.

Wotofo Troll V2 Rating: 8/10


  • Huge Vapor Production for dense clouds
  • great airflow and air control options
  • easy to control airflow for good flavor
  • deep juice well
  • easy to build and use


o-rings and fit can be tight (can counter by lubing with a bit of juice)

Best Beginner RDA

Good Entry Level Option for RDAS

For vapers looking to pick up their first RDA, a design that includes an easy to use build deck is probably the primary factor in selection.  

Other features to look for:

  • deep juice well to prevent dry hits and flooding. 
  • good airflow control options
  • easy to refill
  • drip tip adaptor for wide and standard delrin tips
  • affordable

Wotofo Freakshow V2 Rating: 8/10

Wotofo Freakshow V2 - front side deck

Wotofo keeps killing it and this is a fantastic, affordable flavor RDA that is also capable of producing some clouds.  This is a very versatile RDA that makes it an easy choice for the vaper that only wants one RDA that can do it all or the vaper that is looking to get a first RDA.


  • Affordable!
  • Awesome bottom airflow ports that is reminiscent of the Kennedy
  • Great Flavor from just bottom airflow, open up side airflow a bit for more vapor production
  • Controllable top (side) airflow, bottom airflow is so good side airflow isn't necessary unless you want some clouds


Side airflow can give huge cloud production but it can wash out the flavor at the wide open setting. This RDA performs well with the side flow shut off or partially open.

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What is the Best RDTA?

options are not as varied as with other tanks and rdas

An Rebuildable Drip Tank Atomizer (RDTA) is the fusion of the RDA and the clearomizer.  A hybrid with the deck, chamber, and airflow design of the RDA on top and instead of a well for the wicks to rest in, they plunge down into a tank below the deck.

The RDTA has the hobby building and performance characteristic of an RDA minus the major drawback; having to reach over and drip more juice on the coils frequently.  Having to drip every few drags is probably the most frequent complaint about an RDA.

Since the RDTA is a relatively new design idea, there aren't hundreds of options out there quite yet but we still have a few really strong picks.

Geekvape Avocado 24mm Rating: 8/10


  • Dual or Single Coil Options
  • Plenty of air flow
  • Nice, wide Drip tip included
  • clear or frosted glass, replacement glass is cheap


the wicking system works best with the single coil mode

Pharaoh Dripper Tank Rating: 9/10

pharaoh rdta with deck

A well designed (RipTrippers), builder favorite RDA that performs well and provides an easy build experience provides a great overall experience.


  • Single or dual coil with spring loaded clamps makes exotic builds super easy. Similar to the Goon RDA.
  • Smooth, controllable bottom airflow, design prevents leaking and flooding as long as it stays upright
  • 25mm with 2ml capacity
  • Great Flavor, good vapor production
  • built by Digiflavor based on RiPTrippers design


Slight Con - has a bottom tank similar to an RDTA, so you have to refill bottom tank instead of just dripping through the top cap as with most other RDAs. Holds 2mls so not a big deal

Ijoy Limitless Two-Post Rtda Rating: 8/10

IJoy Limitless RDTA
Price: around $35

This is a fantastic, enjoyable, easy to build two-post RDTA from IJOY.


Great flavor, easy to control side airflow

  • Easy to build velocity style deck with single coil build option with adapter
  • easy side fill 
  • 6.3ml capacity 
  • 11mm wide bore tip
  • adjustable 510 (gold-plated 510 pin)

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Full Reviews

Wotofo Troll v2

Wotofo has made some significant upgrades to the Troll for version 2 making it one of the best, affordable RDAs.  Significant airflow, deep well, and deck improvements provide a mix of great flavor and huge clouds.

GeekVape Avocado 24mm RDTA

This is an interesting offering from GeekVape. This single/dual coil RDTA, is a little different but provides great flavor and plenty of vapor.

Wotofo Freakshow Mini

The Freakshow Mini is a nice little RDA that provides great flavor and easy use with a suprisingly deep juice well.

Wotofo Sapor

The sapor is a great favor RDA that comes with a few cap options, including a nice wide bore tip, and an easy classic build deck.