wax or herbs

Snoop Dogg G Pro

Snoop Dogg G Pro
Rating: 7/10

Snoop Dogg G Pro pen

Customizable vape experience

As technology has advanced, Grenco is keeping up. They now offer convection vaporization in the Snoop Dogg G pro herbal pen. This means there will now be a more consistent heating (no more shaking).  It features 3 varient temps allowing you a custom and pleasurable vape.

Being a Grenco product once again it's extremely durable. The internal structure is masterfully designed with a heavy duty stainless steel heating chamber. It only will release the active botanical ingredients, so you are not getting the detrimental and harmful by products or off gases. This reason alone is reason enough to buy.

Oh and the battery life just keeps going and going some more. This is the ultimate vape pen as it works with dry flowers, herbs, and wax. It's good looking to as Snoop himself helped with the design. Here is what Snoop had to say about it “ I'm excited to drop my newest G pen, the G Pro on my birthday. What better way to celebrate with me than to get lifted like a G”
  • Variable Temps
  • Durable
  • Huge Hits
  • Heavy Duty Chamber
  • Use Wax or Herbs
  • Tons of accesories